Just Never Know, Part 2

Holy crappola folks!!! I’m on a roll. As stated in the foreword of Part 1, this is a long story over the course of this past summer. As usual it’s all true and limited in sexual description; I kind of designed it that way. I want you folks to let those imaginations play out as I set a foundation of what transpired. Hope you enjoy reading. As always, I love hearing from you people. You know the address…vk_logan@yahoo.com. For the moderators and staff of Fantasies.com, I want to say I welcome your input as well. Also, thank you for giving me a place to spill my dirt.
After ending my talks with Mark, I went out back and found my husband rummaging in the shed. He was sweaty, dirty, and God I wanted to fuck him right there. I didn’t care about the grime covering him; I wanted it. His back was turned and he didn’t notice me at first. I was leaning on the door and coughed. He turned and screamed at me to put some clothes on. I told him I wasn’t worried, no one could see through our fence. Not that I cared if they did. His face turned a beet red. He couldn’t believe what I was saying. I went on to tell him I wanted to fuck right there, that instant, I didn’t mind he just got finished with the yard. He continued with his protests. That is, until I went to the back gate and threatened to walk out into the alley. I told him I needed it, it had been too long. I wanted to be pressed against the tree and taken. If he didn’t, I would immediately go next door. I knew someone there would take it. (Remember my first story about Frederick?)

He couldn’t believe what I was saying. I slowly unlatched the gate and started to swing it open; that’s when he relented and came to close up our fence. As he did, I dropped down and sucked on him as he shimmied out of his clothes. Before that day, I have never felt his cock so rigid–it was almost like steel. My head, mouth, tongue and lips worked him to a frenzy. He yanked me up, bent me over, and rammed me; HARD!!! He then started questioning me about my threat of roaming the neighborhood nude. I figured I’d play along and go through some thoughts I had had in passing. I told him that I would have, that nudity doesn’t bother me, although most shy away from it. I went in detail on what might had happened, and as I did his thrusts got harder and his breathing deeper. I clenched my legs around him, and I was rewarded by a flood of his fluids. It was one of the most passionate and lustful sessions we have ever had. My legs were weak and trembling. We both were hot, sweaty, and spent. I suggested we go inside to cool off and grab a shower. After our respective baths, we opted for a nap; nothing better than a snooze after sex. What was to be a power nap ended up with us both sleeping for several hours. I woke up to a darkened room. I nudged and tried to wake him, but he was dead to the world. Thoughts of Mark began to dance in my mind. As I thought of my potential lover, I couldn’t help but to turn to my husband’s cock. Again, I devoured his penis, sucking feverishly while he slept. He eventually woke up, trying to pry my head off of him. I wouldn’t stop.

He exclaimed, “What’s gotten into you”? I kept sucking; I know when he’s about to climax, so when he was at the cusp, I stopped.
Wrapping my hand around his girth, I asked him, “Why are you complaining”?

He told me he has never seen this side of me. I played it off and told him something to the effect that I got tired of waiting for him to take charge, figured I needed to. So he begins to question if I really would fuck someone else. I felt a shock as he said that. I was worried that he has found out about all my prior exploits. Worse yet, what my intentions were with Mark. I had to know what he knew. I questioned him about what would he do if I did have an affair. If he caught another man with me? What if it was a woman? As I inquired about any possible extra marital affair, I noticed he was getting more aroused. I had to play this out. I needed to see how far “the rabbit hole” went. Tossing out all sorts of crazy scenarios, he would reply whether he was interested or hated the idea. It became a game with us for days after. We called it, “What if I fucked……..?” Though I tossed out more names than he did, I realized he began to loosen up. I intentionally side-stepped Mark’s name. I didn’t want to give him any insight on my plans. He did however, throw out that name. I gave an “EH” face and shrugged it off. So I retaliated with Elizabeth’s name. He emphatically said yes. Something un-explainable happened next. I was jealous. I got mad. Yes I’m calling the kettle black. I never thought about Rob’s feelings as I had my trysts; it was all about me. But when he said he would do Liz, I felt slighted. Yeah I was hurt. I began to regret everything. I hated myself and the things I had done. I stopped returning calls, emails, and texts. I had to identify why I felt this way, knowing what I had done prior. Elizabeth can be best compared to Lori Loughlin. The woman from the television show Full House. Tall, thin, gorgeous and radiant. All the things I’m not; and that’s a hard pill for me to swallow. Call it attention deficit or maybe my ego was over-inflated, but I like being the center of everything. I came to the realization that all this was mere fantasy talk and nothing would happen. In my stupor I became more self aware and a lot more confident. Thank you jealousy!!!!!!!

I decided that if I would stray anymore, that Rob would get the same consideration. Not too long after, Liz and Mark asked us out on another double date. This time I wasn’t that thrilled about it, but my husband really wanted to. How could I tell him no? He and Liz set things up and we met again–this time it was a more formal occasion. All of us “dressed to the nines,” we met at the playhouse to enjoy a nice evening. After the show, we met again at one of those mortgage-the-house-and-go-into-deep-debt restaurants–the sort of place where everything on the menu was in excess of $50 per entree.  As I sat there, I still had feelings of inadequacy. Looking at my husband to the left, and the couple flanking me, I just wasn’t in the mood. I then excused myself and went to the lady’s room. I remember my eyes tearing up and here comes Elizabeth. She questioned why they hadn’t heard back from me. So I told her everything. Making her promise not to tell, I confided in her my feelings. I did leave the part of the phone sex with her husband out. She was shocked but then giggled. She too had the same feelings. Mark had told her how he couldn’t wait to fuck me, how since we met I was the primary topic of discussion. They had fought recently over his obsession with me.  We rejoined the boys at our table, but promised to talk more in depth later. Our evening came to a close, and obligatory hugs followed. This time Mark’s hug was more rigid, more robotic. Was he losing interest or was it a show for his wife?

That following Tuesday, Elizabeth invited me to meet for lunch; I suggested we brown bag it and meet at a local park. We indeed had a lot to discuss, and the solitude of a park setting would make us more at ease. I had arrived a bit earlier to scope out a table for us. Walking back towards my car, I saw her approaching. We hugged and found the table, sat and talked. We discussed everything that had happened between us and our respective spouses. It was, for me, cathartic. I managed to uncover a vulnerable side to her, as she did for me; we both had the same worries and concerns. We decided that we would go through with our original plan. Our honesty had brought us closer together and we felt more at ease with each other. Upon leaving, our hug was more intimate than normal. Our hands lingered on each others bodies. My lips quivered as I made the move to kiss her. A quick trial kiss turned into a wanton, passionate, sapphic kiss. All good things having to end, we broke our embrace but promised much more later.


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    nie cant wait to read what happens next.

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