Kiss the Cook and more

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I woke up that morning just like every other morning. I was aroused and horny and definantly wanted to be fucked but when I looked over at my hausband I could see he was out cold. I got up and went to the bathroom and splashed some cold water on my face and got ready for the day. As I walked to the kitchen I could hear out son up getting ready. I went into his room and have him come eat breakfast and my husband was up as well making his way to the table. As usual I prepaired the toast and juice. Everyday was so routine. Just once I had wished there would be some excitement. As I looked at the clock I could see it was time to get our son to school and for me to tidy up. It was 9:00 by the time he was off for school and I was headed back to the kitchen for a sink full of dished waiting for me.

I looked at my husbands sweet kissable face as he sat at the table. He had a strange look on his face. I asked him what was on his mind but he just smiled and and drank his juice. I started to do the dishes and I felt him come behind me. He started to kiss my neck. It was nothing new to me since he had done it many times before, but this time I could feel his dick getting hard in his pants. I asked him what he was doing and he said…nothing. I smiled and enjoyed feeling his lips and tongue on me. I felt his hands slip under my arms and up my shirt. He gently started pinching my nipples and softly squeezing my tits. His kisses got deeper and more passionate. By now I could feel the wetness in my undies and I wanted him. I felt his dick against my ass and it was rock hard ready to be stuck inside me. I asked him if he wanted me but he said to take it slow and enjoy it. I let him pull my top off and I could feel the hot steam coming from the dish water and my nipples got harder and harder. I wanted his dick in me badly. I could feel my pussy and it was completely wet. I felt his hand on my ass rubbing it and grabbing while the other hand still played with my nipple. He licked my neck and sucked on my ear lobe. He slowly slid my pants down and whispered in my ear…I want you. I want to fuck you now. I told him I want you too…I want you to fuck me. Fuck my pussy..fuck me now.

He turned me around and I was standing there at the sink completly naked. I pulled his shirt over his head and kissed his chest. Licking his nipples and his neck. Kissing him hard and feeling his tongue deep in my mouth. I unzip his pants and put my hands inside to feel his dick how hard and big it is. Even after all the years of marriage I still wanted him like it was the first day we were togther. I start to stroke him feeling his dick in my hand. He takes his hand and rubs my pussy. Feeling my clit and rubbing it. Taking his finger and sliding it between the lips of my pussy feeling how wet I am and slowly sliding his middle finger inside my hot tight wet pussy. I moan out yessss and I want more I want you to fuck me…fuck me now. We go over to the kitchen table and I lay down. I feel him spread my legs open and he puts his head between my legs. First he licks slowly and softly starting at my inner thighs and moving to my pussy. Spreading my legs open wider. I feel how wet I am. I feel him spread my pussy wide open and softly lick my clit. Nibbling at it and suckin it. I moan out dont stop I want it…yes yes…He takes his tongue and plunges it in my pussy and I explode..I feel the hot wet juice squirt from my pussy.

I still feel his tongue in me licking me sucking up my juices. I am completly horny and craving his huge dick in me. He asks me …do you want it. I tell him yes, fuck me..I want it now. I want to feel your huge dick in me fucking me. He slides me down until my ass is hanging off the table and my legs are over his arms. He takes the tip of his dick and slowly massages my pussy, sticking it in only a bit. I feel my muscles tighten and I could cum again. I want it, I want it now I tell him…and then I feel it. He slides it in me slowly. My pussy starts to tighten and I breath heavy. He moves his hips and just the right place and I feel his long dick in me hitting the spot I like. I tell him to fuck me faster..I want to cum..I want to cum with his dick in me and keep fucking me. He moves faster and his dick goes deeper. I scream I am coming I am coming baby…yes..fuck me fuck me..He is fucking me faster now and he is breathing hard. I ask him…do you want to come in me, do you want to come in my pussy..he asks if I want it and I say yes, I want it. I want to feel you cum in me. I want to feel your dick get harder and feel your cum in my pussy. He grabs on to my hips and he fucks me fast and hard. I tell him I am cuming and he says he is cuming…I feel the wetness. Great wetness. It drips down to my ass and onto the table and floor. He kisses me. I feel his tongue deep in my mouth and on my neck.

He pulls his dick out of me and stands back from the table I get off the table and onto my knees. I take his still hard dick in my hands and start to play with it and lick it with my tongue. I put it in my mouth and feel his thighs tighten up…I suck it until it is completly down and stand back up. I tell him I want to take a shower now and he says he wants to join me…i know that I had a wonderful time in the kitchen and I know I will have an even better time in the bathroom…when the table and sink are good, I know the shower and washer will be even better!!!

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