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Me And My True Love

This is about my true love and an evening of love.It was a hot day in may.Me and my lover kimmy had nothing to do.So we decided to go to my house eat and watch an movie.Well she is a fantastic cook and she was making spaghetti. She starts making the food and i decide to help set the table. Well we eat and sit down for a romantic night.She is wearing a see through nightie and black lacey panties and no bra.I am wearing just my boxers. She is sitting in my arms and i am exploring her beautiful body. She turns to me and says “i love when u play with my body”
Well thats my key i start kissing her passionately and i reach down and raise her nightie up over her head.Igo straight for her big beautiful dd tits. I start sucking her nipples both at the same time she is moaning lightly. By this time i am hard. She sees this and goes straight for my cock. She starts playing with it then puts it in her mouth she starts sucking it real hard and i am moaning i start ramming it down her throat. I tell her i am about to come well she quickens her pace until I explode shooting hot cum deep in her throat. Then she says ” now its your turn to make me cum” I go straight for her juicy pussy i start off slow just teasing her a bit. Then i go faster working her pussy with my toungue while playing with her clit with my hand I do this for like an hour until i hear her scream out in ecstacy then she starts cumming.I then lay her on the couch and slowly slide my 9″ inch dick in her wet pussy.I start pounding her pussy real hard until she cums again and again. Then i turn her over and give it to her doggy style.We fuck like this until we pass out in each other arms.Then i softly whisper i love u and we go to sleep.The End….

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