My First Orgasm – Part 1

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This is NOT your typical story. I am warning you now. This is a TRUE story that happened to someone I know very well- ME. I hope you enjoy.


I was not able to achieve an orgasm. I tried to give myself one, failed. Someone else tried to give me one, failed yet again. I tried men and women, all different races, different techniques, but still I could not achieve an orgasm. I didn’t even get aroused. The only way I could get aroused was by reading dirty stories. I thought something was wrong with me.

One day I happened upon a woman in her early thirties whose dog would not stop chasing this squirrel. Being very good with animals much like wild deer, dogs, and my little sister, I calmed the dog down and brought him back to his owner. His owner, by the way, was none other than my eleventh grade teacher. In the eleventh grade I was twelve, having skipped many grades that were not challenging enough.

She was a very pretty woman with short blonde hair and a win-win attitude. She recognized me immediately and invited me to her home to meet her son and husband. I accepted the invitation and ten minutes later I was standing outside of her three story home. Her husband was this short, fat man with a big mustache and a hearty smile. He greeted my warmly and went back to his newspaper. I asked where the bathroom was and I went up to the third floor.

I couldn’t remember- was it the first left or right door? I decided on the left and walked in. I suddenly became red with embarrassment. I had walked in on her son- jacking off. He looked up in surprise and I covered my eyes with my hands, walking in the direction where I thought the door was. I was obviously wrong again- I bumped into the wall and fell down, tripping over his shoes and falling on his bed.

Oh dear. I heard the zip of jeans and he helped me up, bright red but smiling from ear to ear. He looked about four years older than me. He had black hair cropped at his chin and very intense brown eyes.

I muttered a sincere, barely audible apology and looked at the wall. Unfortunately, his bare chest was right next to the wall. And I was still sitting on his bed. Right in front of him. And he stooped down and looked into my eyes.

“Aren’t you that writer girl my mom’s always bragging about?” I blushed and looked at the floor, muttering about how my writing is not as wonderful as she says.

“What kind of writing do you do?”

“I don’t know… Basically anything anyone tells me to.”

He grinned again and whispered in my ear. “You owe me one for walking in on me.” When I asked him what he wanted my to write, he very embarrassingly told me to write a smut story about my first orgasm to him.

Oh, dear.

When I told him of my predicament, he flashed another one of those crazy grins and leaned closer. “Then you don’t owe me a story.” Upon seeing my relief, he straightened up. “You owe me one night.” He looked at my confused face.

“One night… to do anything I want to do to you.” My face paled and he said, “Or maybe, one day… Are your parents home?”

I said no, that I lived by myself. I could refuse- that could be counted as rape in my book. But there was something about him that made me want to let him. I smiled and he looked shocked. I guess he thought I’d refuse. I left my teacher’s house on the excuse that I left my sink running, and a moment later her son left on the excuse that he was going over to his friend’s house. We met up at my house and I quietly unlocked the door and stepped inside my apartment. He followed and shut the door. I shivered and he put his buff arms around me, pulling me to him. He slowly slid my shirt and bra off with one hand, all the while reaching down my pants with the other. He took off his shirt and pushed me over to my couch. He took his pants off rather quickly and moved his body on top of mine.

Check out part two now…

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