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Casper’s blue eyes met Kat’s darker blue orbs. Almost without thinking, they leaned forward in unison and kissed each other. Casper slowly slid his hands under Kat’s tank top. She shivered at the feeling of his large hands on her waist. He took off her tank top. She took off his oversized tee shirt and ran her hands over his chest, feeling the faintly defined muscles. As she explored his chest, he easily unclasped Kat’s bra. Casper bent to gently suck on her petite breasts. He flicked his tongue over her rosy pink nipples. She ran her hands through his curly brown hair.

Even though her breasts weren’t that sensitive, she let him play with them because she knew he enjoyed it. He kissed each breast softly before working his way down to the waistband of Kat’s grey jeans. Casper pulled off her jeans and then her black panties. Then he stood up and Kat pulled off his blue basketball shorts and black boxers. They pressed against each other’s bodies. Kat pulled her lover closer and Casper ground his cock against her. She loved feeling his┬áhard, hot cock sliding against her wetness. He nuzzled her neck and picked her up, carrying her the short distance from the middle of the bedroom to Kat’s bed.

He set her down on the edge of the bed and laid down on his back; he preferred her to be on top. Kat straddled him and guided his cock inside her. Both of them shivered. Even after many times, Kat thought the feeling of Caper’s cock sliding into her was amazing. And Casper loved feeling Kat around him. She lifted herself up and slowly let herself sink down onto Casper’s cock. The brunette girl set an almost teasing pace. She made eye contact with her lover and saw his eyes reflecting the same love and lust Kat knew were in her blue orbs. Kat reached out and took Casper’s right hand in her left and laced her fingers with his. They moved against each other, filling the room with their muffled moans.

Kat loved that she felt close to Casper, like there she could feel how much he loved her. It enhanced her senses, and she was getting close to orgasm sooner than usual. Casper felt her starting to tighten around him, so he held her hips with his free hand to guide her up and down on his cock. Then he pulled her close to him, their chests touching. With one last thrust, Casper came. Kat looked into his eyes as he did. Feeling him spill his hot cum inside of her, she came seconds later. Breathless and shaky, Kat laid down beside her lover. He pulled her close.

“Love you,” he whispered. Kat was still too stunned to register what Casper had said.

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