Stamina Of Two Kinds

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As soon as Alex finished the race, Cassie shoved her way towards her boyfriend. Even after an ungodly number of miles of running, she still thought he looked cute. She hugged him and congratulated him on winning. He tilted her chin up and quickly kissed her. They held hands and walked to their blue Mini Cooper. Alex drove out of the parking lot. Soon, he turned down a side street. Cassie eyed her blonde boyfriend questioningly. Alex parked and pulled her into his lap so she faced him. He nuzzled her neck.

“Remember how I told you working out makes me horny?” he whispered against her neck.

Cassie smirked. She ground against his growing arousal and she felt Alex buck his hips in response. As he leant forward to kiss and bite her neck, she slid her hands under his tee shirt, running them over his well defined abs. Each time Alex bit her neck, she ground against him. Alex leaned back to admire his work, the mark he left. Then he slid her tank top over her head and struggled to unhook her black bra. She giggled at his attempts and helped him to free her small breasts. Then he took off his shirt. They took a moment to appreciate each others bodies and lust dilated eyes before their lips met in a passionate kiss. They simultaneously decided that they were wearing too many clothes.

Awkwardly, they shifted around in the limited space, ridding each other of pants and panties and boxers. They had climbed over into the other seat in the process to have more room. To tease her boyfriend, Cassie wrapped her hand around his cock, rubbing it against her clit and her wet folds. She could sense he was suppressingĀ a groan; she was determined to hear that incredibly hot noise. She guided just the head of his five and a half inches into her tight heat. As soon as she did so, Alex grabbed her hips and pulled her down completely onto his cock. The brunette gasped loudly at the sensation of being stretched. He set a brisk pace. His hands remained on her hips, guiding her up and down while he thrust his hips up to meet her.

The car was soon filled with the sound of Alex’s grunts and Cassie’s gasps and moans. Cassie couldn’t figure out where to put her hands. Sometimes she ran them through Alex’s blonde hair. Sometimes she clawed at his back. He gripped her hips tighter, thrust deeper, and leant forward to bite her neck again. She was getting close, partially because they didn’t have to stop to give Alex time to recover. He sensed that she was close.

“I’m close too,” he whispered.

Then he reached down to rub her clit. When she tightened around him, he finally came. The feel of his hot cum spurting inside her and Alex rubbing her clit made her cum. Alex groaned as she pulsed around his still hard cock. Cassie arched her back and moaned. The couple rode out their orgasms together. Cassie rested her head on Alex’s shoulder while they recovered. She could feel his heart still beating fast. She smiled. They put their clothes back on. Cassie noticed that Alex’s cock was already growing hard and forming a tent in his pants again.

“How about we head home so we can take care of that,” Cassie suggested with a smirk. They got home in record time.


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