4some planned

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We are a mixed couple he is australian and she is a sexy Chinese
We had a couple visiting for holiday and they were a middle aged couple who liked the idea of swinging but never had the right meeting
The couple were Chinese and the wife (Lee) was unusual for a Chinese in that she had a large bust and liked to show her cleavage

After a night of drinking and bar crawling we went home and told them we had 4some videos of Asian with Europeans
This turned on Lee and her hubby (Peter) would like to see the videos and would follow Lees advice

The video was the usual swapping and girls taking it in both the mouth and pussy, the end was super sexy with 1 guy losing cum all over a pussy with the other guys cock still penetrating the pussy
While the video was on my wife and I started heavy petting as we were sure this would help Lee and Peter lose their inhibitions
I took my petite chinses wifes leather skirt off amnd her black lacey panties, then proceeded to lick her tight pussy

Lee and Peter soon followed and we then changed places as I licked lees pussy and she squeezed her thighs around my head
My wife was already moaning as Peter started fingering her
I moved up and licked Lees hard dark nipples
This I did for quite a while then watched as Peter gave my wife a hard fuck and left his cum dripping out of her pussy. I quickly entered my wifes cum filled pussy while Lee went underneath to lick my wifes pussy and my cock as I gained speeed and rythm
As I lost Lee quickly licked clean my wifes pussy and insisted in kissing all of us with her cum filled mouth

We rested and played and as Peter fucked Lee I shot cum over his cock and her wet open pussy

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  1. knocker

    good story but should have been longer

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