a gurl name Risha

A yo wad up peoplez, my name is Kareem and im 19 years old and from Brooklyn New York. The story im about to tell took place 3 years ago in high school when I was a sophomore. Spring had started and the winter break was over. As usual, me and my 2 homies roamed the campus before school started just chit chatting about the things we got fo x-mas and who got the biggest booty. ” Hey Kareem!” a familiar voice called from behind. All three of us turned around to see Rishell aka Risha. Risha was 15, 5’3, big titties, a nice ass and was also a sophomore. She could also break yo jaw if you were to bring her to that point, but wit me every thing was all good. She would have had a lot of boyfriends too, but her mouth and her attitude would surely scare them off. ” Yea that’s right bitch turn around fo yo pimp.” she said, making her group of friends laugh and giggle. ” Damn Rish, what the fuck you want?”

Ok, most people when they greet each other they say “hello” or “wad up” and even just a simple handshake, Risha and I are different. We either give a nice jab to the arm or a verbal assault. We have a special friendship that only herself and I would find humorous. Well anyway, we sat there and talked which to others might of appeared like we were arguing, when the bell rang. As we headed to our classes Risha called me again. ” Oh yea bitch another thing,” I turned around to see what she wanted. ” Ha, I knew you’d turn around.” she said as she giggled. I held up my middle finger and replied, ” Suck my fat black dick Risha!” I said, grinning as I received praises from passerby’s. Risha grinned as we both went our separate ways.

The day went fast, an before I knew it it was last period which was P.E and Risha was wit me. On the way to the track Risha came up from behind me. ” Wad up bitch.” she said resting herself on my shoulder. ” So, you thought that was funny telling me to suck your dick in front of all them people this morning, huh?” I nodded and smiled. ” Told me to suck your fat black dick. If I heard correctly.” I nodded again. ” Yea you must of thought you were the shit saying that huh? Well you know I wouldn’t suck yo dick even if yo broke ass paid me.” I shrugged and laughed. ” Muthafucka I aint ask you. And besides, my dick wouldn’t fit in yo mouth anyways.” I chuckled at my own joke. Risha smiled, ” Pleez Kareem, don’t front like you don’t wanna hit this. I be seeing the way you stare at me, you just dieing to fuck me.” I turned and looked at her with a disgusted look but said nothing. ” You wanna drill me wit yo cock while you squeeze on my tits, right?” While she talked she cupped her breast and squeezed them. ” Then you wanna make me shake and cum as you nut all up inside me, correct?” I could feel my bottom half starting to awaken. ” Gurl aint nobody thinking bout you.” I said as I tried to keep my bonner at bay. I could see the outline of my cock pressing against my gym shorts, and it was sure to attract Risha’s attention if it didn’t already.

” Kareem whats that?” Fuck, I thought to myself. ” Whats what?” ” That, what’s that?” she pointed to my shorts but I ignored her. ” huh, whats what.” she then smiled slyly. ” THIS!” then wit the quickness she grabbed my dick with a nice firm grip. ” Fucker!” I shouted as she ran off with me chasing close behind her. ” Kareem god damn it!” I could hear coach’s voice from the distance. ” I’m tired of you goofing off in this class all the time!” I saw that Risha was no where in sight leaving me alone in the open. ” Kareem, I want you to stay in the locker room for the rest of the period.” and that’s where I stayed. I sat there all alone in that musky locker room with a raging bonner that showed no signs of relief. I decided to lay myself on a bench to catch some Z’s. I then heard the locker room door open but thought nothing of it, I just covered my face wit my shirt and closed my eyes.

Then suddenly I felt a hand feeling up my inner leg. ” What the fu-” it was Risha! For a minute I just looked at her trying to figure out what the hell was going on, but once her hand reached up my pant leg it was all to clear. She slowly started to stroke up and down my shaft. As I got in a more comfortable position Risha reached in my pants and took out my hard cock. ” You wanted me to suck your dick right?” she said smiling up at me. Then took me in her mouth and started bobbing up and down, awww and how good it felt, watching her glide up in down on my cock hardened me even more. She then started to deep throat it, taking in my whole 7 ½ inches in her mouth. And yes people I was 7 ½ inches when I was 16. I closed my eyes as I enjoyed her dick to mouth exercise. Then feeling climax approaching I stood up and leaned over her face, fucking her mouth. She moaned softly as I continued to pick up speed. ” Ho-ly shiii” my whole body tensed up as I released my load in her mouth. She drunk up what she could and licked up the rest on her cheek. I was in complete ecstasy.

Risha then got up and dusted her knees off. ” Aight bitch, I hooked you up.” she said stepping out of her gym shorts. ” Now its my turn.” I removed my gym shorts and approached her with dick in hand. She turned around for me giving me a good view of her nice ass and pussy. I then guided myself into her slowly entering. Risha squealed as I thrust myself into her wet cunt, first fast then slow. I griped on to her waist to give me more access. ” Fuck.” Risha moaned as I pounded her pussy from the back. I then reached up wit my right hand and got a hold of one of her breast. Risha was literally getting fucked crazy as I pounded her like a jack hammer on jello. I could feel her pussy start to tighten around my cock as I slid out slowly then slammed hard on re-entry. Her moans then became light held back screams as she cursed under her breath. She held herself up by leaning against one of the lockers, and if it wasn’t for them lockers she would have surely collapsed cuz I was just putting a beating on that pussy. ” Fuck yea Kareem! Fuck my pussy! Make me cum boy, make me cum all over your cock!” what a motivational speaker, huh. And pleas believe I fucked that shit out of her.

Once she started making those, ” Oh god im cumming” sounds I reached over and took her swolen clit in between my two fingers and massaged it. ” OH FUUUUCK!” she howled as she began to shake and quiver. She went limp under my touch breathing very heavily as I continued to pound at her dripping pussy. I felt proud making this gurl climax the way she did, but knew mine was soon to come. I then gripped on her ass and slammed hard into her. Her ass cheeks jiggled each time our bodies made contact sending *tap* *tap* noises threw the locker room. I could then feel it approaching. I pulled out and began to stroke my moistened dick and blew a beautiful nut all on her ass and back. Both exhausted we both began to laugh but knew that class would be almost out.

From that moment on every once an a while we would hook up during or after school, still till this day we join up with each other and reenact our times in high school…..

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  1. Dissapointed

    Tasteless. When you write, at least try to write understandably please. And add more detail. That’d help your stories a bit.

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  2. Impressed

    I had a great mental picture during the whole story. Did this really happen?

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