afternoon magic

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I was alone at home & our domestic worker was cleaning floor.I suddenely glanced at her &was shocked to see full view of her big breast as she was in sitting position.My cock instantly errect.She smiled & asked me do u want to taste.I shooked my head affirmitiveeely.She came nr,opened her blouse & inserted her nipple in my mouth.I sucked her nipple.It was milking.I sucked sweet milk ,understood reason of her big breast.I removed my chain,my cock was free.She took it in her hand & said it is double in size than her husbund.She licked it&started sucking.Meanwhile I made her naked.She asked me to fuck her wet pussy.I lowered her& bumped mmy cock in her pussy.While fucking I was enjoying milk too. Sommeone slapped on my ass,non other than my wife.She unlocked the door with her keys & entered the room quitely.She was hot.She tolllld domestic worker that she will punish her.My wife removed her clothes & asked domestic worker to lick her pussy.Istarted bumping pussy of DW & my wife was sitting on her face.I poured my y coming in DW while she was licking juice of my wife.I stood in front of my wife,she took my tool in her mouth,cleaned it with her tounge.She screamed ,She was coming in DWs mouth……..wait for further happening

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