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My wife stood in front of me.I kissed her & tasted remains of my juice from her tongue.She said dont be under wrong impression tht i forgive u.She asked DW tostand up& suck my cock to make me ready to fuck my wife.I told wife that tits of DW are milky,taste them.She eexclaimed really?She took boob of DW in her mouth,started sucking milk.I took other boob in my mouth.DW was screaming with joy.My wife was rubbing my tool with her hand but it was loose like small prawn.She sopped milk drinking&ordered DW to suck my cock. DW took my tool in her mouth,started sucking it.Wife inserted her boob in my mouth.Istarted teasing her nipple with tounge.My cock again become like hot steel rod.I asked wife to take doggy position,inserted my tool in her pussy like dog.I asked DW to lick my asshole.I bumped wife for about five min,we both came together.It was wonerful afternoon we enjoyed ,what about readers?

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