All Grown Up 2

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I woke up around 5:30 the next morning, as i found Janis’s legs intertwinded with mine reminding me of the litle romp we had the night before. I slowly untangled my legs from her and got out of bed, i went out to the main hall and grabbed my board and the bag next to it and headed to the beach, seeing as high tide was around 7 o clock i had a bit of a wait. So i decided to check out some news first. I sat in front of the tv for about an hour it was 6:45 when i walked out the door, i got down to the beach, and it was good to have the ocean all to myself for once. I pulled on my wetsuit and i started to see the big swells starting to form, i surfed for about an hour and then ran back to the house. It was about 8 when i got back, and the sun was up. I left my board on the porch along with my wetsuit and i walked into the house. it seemed to be empty so i took a shower and got out, to see my cousin standing there smiling at me. I asked her “wat do u want?” and she said “i was thinking about last night, and i wanted u all to myself” so i moved closer to her and kissed her and ran my fingers through her hair. She said “i need u to fill me right now, im so horny!” So i pushed her onto the bed and riped off her button down night shirt and placed on of her perfect pink nipples in my mouth and started to lick and flick her nipple in my mouth thats when she started to moan, and when i slipped my middle finger into her love hole she was screamind, ” OH YEAH JUST LIKE THAT BABY!” I continued this a little longer when she said ” I want your dick to fill my pussy with your hot sticky cum again” so i didnt let her down, i guided my cock into her pussy and got into a rythm and she immedeatley started to moan with pleasure, then i flipped her so she was on top then i started to lift and drop her onto my cock. She started to moan and i flet the walls of her pussy starting to contract around my shaft thats when i playfully threw her off and i said, “not yet i dont want u to come just yet” she looked puzzled then i told her to get into the doggy style, and she asked why, and i told her”i want to fill your ass with my cum” and she said “ok watever” so i said ok then got out the tube of KY i kept in the drawer in the nightstand. I rubbed a little on her asshole and i pushed the head of my cock agaisnt her puckered asshole and saw my head slip in, and she gasped. I asked her if it hurt and she told me it wasnt the first time. So i doubled back and started to pound my dick into her asshole as she fingered herself furiously. Thats when she let out a loud moan and let her juices squirt out all over the bed sheets, her moans drove me to my climax and i filled her pussy with about 3 huge loads of cum. When i pulled out her ass looked like an overfilled cream pastry. And she looked up at me and smiled and said “hey u knoe i used to hate u but now i can see that i would love for u to come over to my house a lot more when we get back.” With that we went back into the front room and sat there and watched tv together like nothing happened. But that night i got a suprise visit from her frend teresa that had come late. But thats another story. E mail me with your comments and wat u would like to hear more of in the next story.

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