All Grown Up

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It all started when my cousin invited me on a summer trip with her and her frends, she told me that i would be the only guy there, most guys would be ecstatic but i knew that i wouldnt get any action from her frends i knew them all and they thought of me as their little brother. So i accpeted thinking anything would be better than three weeks at home. She asked me to bring my truck so that we could use it for the luggage. I arrived at her house around noon the day of the trip. My hair was spiked and i was wearing my tank top and boeard shorts. To tell the truth i thought i was a pretty good looking guy i stood about 6’1inches tall i had the typical california surfer build. Well i honked and my cousins and her frends started to come out one by one. I notices Janis right off the bat because she is the one i have had a crush on since i was 15. She was wearing a blue flower bikini top and the board shorts i had bought her the summer before. Her breasts werent large but they were round and perky. She was about 5’6 she had long black hair with blonde highlights abotu 34b size breasts and her ass was nice. Her other frend was Tiff and she was really bitchy so i didnt care about her. I greeted Janis with a hug and she hugged me and kissed me on the cheek which she had never done before. I was kind of taken aback but hid it well. After about and hour of driving we arrived at the beach house. It was a nice house it was a really cozy beach house settled in a private cove with a small private beach and a hot tub in the back. The house had two rooms and i tired to be gentleman by saying “I can take the couch and u gurls can fight for the rooms, we all shared a short laugh and janis said dont be silly ill share the room with u and hannah and Tiff can share a room. My cousin hannah said “That’s a good idea cuz u and tiff will be at eachother’s throats.” The room was small had it own bathroom with shower and one kind sized bed. I told Janis that i could sleep on the floor and she said “no its ok u can sleep in the bed with me. plus it will be warmer that way.” Well at night we both said out goodnights and went back to our rooms. And got into bed, i couldnt get to sleep because the bed felt weird and i was in the same bed with the gurl i have had a crush on for 4 years. In the middle of the night i heard some rustling and though janis was getting out of bed, but i started to roll over when i felt her hands sliding my boxers down, and kissing the head of my cock. I just layed there feeling her lps and her tongue doing a magical job of arousing me. After about 5 minutes she came back up and said “Brian you’re all grown up now i cant beleive that u have such a big penis!!!, its almost 8 inches long!” I smiled and rolled on top of her and started to kiss her and then gave her kisses all the way down her body. I spread her legs and went ahead and kissed her pussy lips and slid my tongie in. She gave a short gasp, and i started to twirl my tongue she let out loud moans that filled the room. I came back up and started to suck and lick on one of her nipples and i pinched and tugged on the other. Thats when my cousin walked in. She asked “What are u guys doing in here, you are so loud tiff had earplugs but i dont!!” Janis just answered “I am having sex with your little cousin gurl and u should see his cock!!!” So my cousin turned on the light closed and locked the door and walked over the the bed. She then threw the covers aside and then stood there staring at my cock. Then she just jumped on ym cock and started to lick and suck in hungrily, and i was suprised but soon i placed my hand on the back of her head and pushed her head further and further down on my cock. Janis then pulled me back onto the bed and told me to lay back, and told my cousin to get naked. I was suprised to see that my cousin had a very nice tight body, her breasts her larger than Janis but her ass was slightly smaller. Then janis and my cousin shared a smile and janis lowered her self onto my cock and my cousin lowered her pussy into my face, i just grabbed her thighs and started to eat my cousins sweet pussy as janis rode my cock, then janis go off and her and couisn got into the 69 position, and i slowly guided my dick into my cousins pussy. She was dripping wet and it was easier to slide my dick into her tight pussy. She started to moan into Janis’s pussy as i slammed her small asian pussy with my 8 inch monster. AFter a while they switched and i started to fucj janis, my dream of fuckin two asian gurls at the same time hade come true. Janis i kept slamming janis while my cousin was lickin the top of my cock and it slid in and out of janis. When it slipped out my cousin took it into her mouth and started to suck my cock again then janis managed to slide out from under her and sat on the floor and started to suck and lick my sack. I couldnt hold in any longer and i gave my coudin a few big squirts of my cum and she swallowed it all and then she spit my dick out and i released about 5 more spurts of my hot cum all over Janis’s face and tits. They just smiled. Janis got washed up and hannah went back to her room, I was about to fall asleep when janis came out and started to suck me again, an this time she said “hey tommorow night u me and tiff can have some hot action”…but i ended up sleeping with my cousin the next night but that a whole different story for nest time.

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