Black and big!!

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Dad hired him one day while I was at school. My brother had left the farm about two weeks earlier for college and I was working my ass off trying to do all the chores he and I did together. Big John, as Dad called him was about 35 and as big a man as I had ever seen and as black as the darkest night at midnight. He was as nice as they come and as good looking as any man, black or white, that I had ever saw. He was always smiling and his teeth were as white as the brightest day except for one small gold tooth in the bottom row. He wasn’t there long before he felt like part of the family. He eat with us in our home but had a nice room out in the barn where he slept and showered and spent his spare time..

It was on a Saturday morning and Mom and Dad had gone to town. I normally went with them but today I had to wash my horse and get him ready for a show that night. I wanted him to look good and shine like new!! Big John, I thought, was gone also. As I led my horse inside the barn to wash him it was already getting hot. I turned on the hose and wet my horse down real good, splashing water all over me and everything else. I turned off the hose and started to soap him down…he stood real still and really loved my hands running all over his big body…As I washed his underside and between his back legs the head of his cock started to drop down and swing from side to side.. This had never happened before and I naturally wondered if he would get hard as I rubbed around his cock..I dropped the washing mit off my right hand and started washing him bare handed.. Damn, his cock was so big and getting bigger and the more I rubbed the more excited I got.. I thought what the hell, no one was around so I rinsed my hands and srtipped off all my clothes.. I soaped my hands good and reached under him and grabbed his cock with both hands and started washing it.. His cock got so big and so long that I could pull it out from under him and rub his big head all over my stomach!! I stood close and run his cock between my legs and held it there as I moved my hot wet pussy back and forth over it.. I had never been so excited and was almost ready to cum as my clit rode over the top of his cock as I was trying to figure a way to get it in me knowing that I never could cause it was so big…that was when I felt this hot body press against mine from behind..I screamed and tried to turn around to see who it was but these big black arms wrapped around me and held me tight!! I then felt this big cock pressing against me from behind…my horse side stepped away from me and I was forced across the barn and bent over two bales of hay that was stacked there..It was then Big John Told me that he had been watching me and wanted me more then I wanted that horse’s cock. He had come home early and seen me trying to fuck my horse. He was buck naked and his big black cock ran between my legs and stuck out the front like I had a big black cock myself..I thought he’s as big as my horse..As he forced me to bend over the bales of hay I felt him pull his cock back and felt the head of it pressing against my wet pussy…he used his feet to spread my legs apart and I felt him forcing the head into my pussy…it started in and hurt like nothing I had ever felt before.. I screamed ans cried and tried to get out from under him but he was to big and his cock was in me about three inches and ripping me apart!!! He slowed a little and just pumped his big cock in and out of me..he raised his body up and placed his hands on my hips and spread my ass cheeks apart and spit down on his cock to make it slicker and to help it go in easier!!! It worked because it wasn’t long before the rhythm of my ass matched the stroking of his big cock and I was begging him to make it last longer… I know I didn’t get all his cock in me that afternoon but I cum like I had never cum before. We ended up trying several more times to get all of it in, but never made it that afternoon!!!..My horse didn’t get washed, didn’t win the show and I was sore for days..Before the month was over I was taking him all in me and loving it!!! I went through it all again as he took me in the ass but that’s another story……

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