Blond Meat for Bangkok 2

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Continued -2-
Hello, Mr Vu, and welcome! We are going to start in a minute, please take a seat!

Blondy was ushered into the room, just dressed in red bra and thong; just behind her was a mean-looking fellow with a whip.
Are you ready, gentlemen? The mean man asked the master and his guest, Mr Vu.
Yes, ready for a quick show, master replied.

OK then, slave, greet your master , mean man ordered.
Blondy obliged.
Now get naked, bitch. And put on a good show !
Blondy stood there a few moments , then undid her bra, kept it a moment in front of her tits with one hand
WHIP the mean guy wipped Blondy right up front and the bra flew away with the whip
Hands over your head, whipmaster ordered, and keep them there until I tell you different.
Blondy did not even try to disobey, so she put het hands behind her head, thus fully exposing this gorgeous pair of ripe tits.
WHIP mean guy lightly wipped and brushed both nipples with the tip of the wip
Blondy instinctively put her hands down to cover her tits
YOU BITCH I told you hands behind your head !! WHIP WHIP on her ass
Blondy complained “but you hurt me” , as she put 1 hand on her ass cheeks to rub the pain away
WHIP WHIP again 1 on her chest, 1 on the ass : in doing so the whipmaster hit both hands and forearms,
cause Blondy was still trying to cover her weak spots.
I REPEAT HANDS BEHIND YOUR HEAD AND NOW !!!! The whipmaster sounded angry, so Blondy obeyed.
WHIP on the tits, WHIP on the ass cheeks
“Please that hurts” Blondy sobbed
I SAID NAKED , you bitch ! Take off that thong ! Blondy obeyed instantly.
That’s better, whipmaster said. Turn around, now .
WHIP WHIP WHIP he hit her 3 times in a row, so fast Blondy could not cover all angles: tits, thighs and ass cheeks.
WHIP WHIP she tried her best to avoid the whip as much as possible, but the mean guy deserved his title as whipmaster.
With a few more whips he hit Blondy everywhere, forcing her to wiggle in all directions to try to escape.
Blondie pleaded “oh please, don’t whip me anymore, I’ll be good, I promise”, she was crying like a babe
Mr Vu seemed to like it so far, this blonde with beautiful tits was a pleasure to watch.

At that moment whipmaster called out “stool”
Blondy was now placed on her belly on a medium high stool, her head and legs dangling to the front and the back off the stool,
her wrists being cuffed and tied to 2 posts on both sides of her.
Blondy realized that in this position she was completely helpless, and wondered what was next.
2 men walked into the room, both in their 30’s, a white and a black man. The White man slapped his dick in Sandy’s face, then pulled her head up by the hair.
OPEN YOUR MOUTH BITCH, stick out your tongue he ordered, and he put his dick in her mouth.
Mr Black just took a look at Blondys long legs dangling in the air, he positioned himself between the legs, pulling them wide apart at the knees,
and saw her pretty shaved white pussy: it looked like so inviting! Fortunately for Sandy she was now wet , Mr Black just pulled the pussy lips open
to have a good look; he then positioned his giant cock at the entrance, with a first push he entered the head:
Blondy let out a sharp scream, had tears in her eyes and tried to say « oh no « but immediately Mr White filled her mouth and throat with his long dick,
and Mr Black pushed his cock deep inside her with a wild thrust . – That white pussy is real tight, Mr Black laughed;
Yes, a bit tight the white bitch, but pretty soon she will get used to it.

Both Mr White and Mr Black were pumping full speed now, Blondy couldn’t help it, she had her first orgasm and howled like
a bitch in heat. With a few more pumps Mr White unloaded his cock first « be sure to swallow it all, you slut » he said
Blondy did her best, but there was so much cum that a few drops leaked out of her mouth.
Mr Black kept pumping hard . Blondy was short of breath as she reached her second orgasm,
at the same time Mr Black got ready and shot wave after wave of hot cum inside Blondy; he rested a few seconds, then removed
his cock making a plopping sound. He walked over to Blondy’s mouth and said loud « better make a good job of cleaning
my tool, white slut » of course Sandy obeyed.
Camera now took a close-up of Sandy’s cunt, it was gaping and cum came dripping out. So with Sandy licking Mr Black clean, another man walked
up behind her, a great dane on a leash; the large dog sniffed the leaking pussy and started lapping with his rough tongue.
Sandy first did not she was being licked by a dog.
But she sure realized she was being mounted when she fell the claws of the great dane on her back when he climbed on top of her and entered her;
it was too late when she cried “no, oh no, please” when the large dog had its knot in her cunt: no way to get away now, baby !
Blondy howled like she was in a continuous orgasm.
Mr Vu was impressed; he had observed his new white blonde bith being whipped and being mated with a large dog.

At the same time, mean whipmaster and Mr Black and Mr White were standing and cheering around Blondy being mounted
by the great dane « here here , the bitch is doing great »,
Blondie’s master now turned to his guest and client, Mr Vu
“See you, I told you she’s worth every dollar I ask”;
Mr Vu had a big smile and simply replied « fine; she’ll be ready for the donkey by the time we reach Bangkok !

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