china love doll

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I first noticed her about a month ago. My apartment is about two floors higher than hers and across the street. I saw her one night as I was about to go to bed, and turned out all the lights, and hers were the only ones on in the her building. She was Asian, buck naked with porcelain skin, small but perky breasts, short brown hair with blond streaks though it and full red lips and a shaved pussy. The man she was with did not sink in but this beautiful china doll did. He spun her around and put her in the frisk position on the wall and proceeded to fuck her. He did not last very long and left as soon as he came, I watched her take a shower and go to bed. I loved to watch her after she showered. She put on body lotion and dressed slowly putting on a show unknowingly for only me.
On five or six occasions she has brought other men home too, since she lives on the sixth floor she never thinks to close her drapes and always has a light on, where as I leave my light off and masturbate watching this spicy oriental dish be devoured. One night I even paid a prostitute to suck me off while I watched her fuck some guy she probably met on a street corner.
I finally got the chance to ask her out yesterday, I saw her at the market and asked her if she wanted to take me home and let me eat her like sushi. She acted offended and walked away. That was a laugh her offended, I watched her eat pussy while getting fucked by a black man!
So I had had enough, I waited to see her light on, she had brought home another lover as usual. I waited for him to leave, grabbed a knife and walked across the road to her apartment, there was no security door and I walked up the back staircase. I got to her door and put on a goalie mask I had and knocked on her door. She opened the door slowly. As I forced my way in she was still half naked wearing only a white shirt unbuttoned down the front and leather thong panties.
“what the fuck is this, who are you!” she demanded. I grabbed her by the throat and forced her over to the wall where I first saw her and pinned her to the wall.
“shut up slut!” I barked. ” I am here to fuck you” I slid the knife point down her chest and stomach. “so the less you struggle the better and more pleasant it will be for you.” I cut one side of her thong string with my knife, then the other and watched it fall to the floor. I looked in her face and saw terror there she knew she was about to get what she deserved.
“please m m mister, I “
“shut up whore or I will hurt you, I do not want to but if you scream” I applied pressure to the knife just under her breast. ” I will hurt you…….maybe even kill you, just relax and enjoy” I spun her around into the frisk position. Leaned over to whisper in her ear “I know you like it you fucking tramp so relax and as my cock enters you!”
I unzipped my fly and my rock herd penis sprang out and pointed right at her already used slit, which was still wet from the lover who left twenty minutes ago. I grabbed the back of her neck with one hand and her hip with the other and slowly slid into her one centimeter at a time. She heaved wit fear as I began pumping in and almost all the way out. I could hear her sobbing as I pounded her but it just made it all the sweeter. I took my hand off her neck and began kneading her tits and pinching her nipples, she squirmed trying not to like it. I was now furiously banging her now. So hard in fact her head was beginning to hit the wall, so I slowed down enough so she could brace herself against the wall. Then it started that familiar feeling as I am apt to get just before exploding. So pulled out and gave it a couple of jerks and came all over her legs. I caught my breath as my spray trickled down her leg. I let her stand up and then spun her around. “that was almost acceptable my little Asian slut” I pulled her over to the center of the room by her coffee table and forced her to her knees, she resisted a little until I flashed the knife again.
“now what do you want you bastard!?”
“bastard! Now that’s not a good way to use those lips baby, now!…. Suck me hard again!” She did as she was told as I held her hair and forced her to give it more enthusiasm. I could feel her tears as they ran down her face over my cock. “its okay fuck doll I am almost done with you, so don’t cry, just pretend I am one of the thousands you meet in bars and on street corners.” I was now as hard as ever and ready for round two. So I grabbed her hair and spun her around face down on her coffee table with her arms outstretched grabbing the edge of the table. I rested the knife on her back and knelt behind her. I guided my cock back to her slit and started to enter, but at the last second pulled out and drove my cock into her hot tight ass, she screamed in pain as I drove her rectum hard. I put my hands on her shoulders again driving her face into the glass till it squeaked. “oh yeah, that’s the stuff baby, you ass is so hot and tight” it sounded good too our bodies slapping together. I decided to apply more pressure and got to a crouch and fucked her even harder, so hard in fact the table legs were rising then banging on the floor. I went at her for a good half hour until I felt the rising again and decided to just come deep in her ass, so I did I came like thunder and came forever it seemed like.
When I pulled out realizing I probably should get out in case the noise raised a red flag.
“now wasn’t that fun slut?” she just laid in a lump on the floor covered in and full of come.
“just go please, you did what you needed to, now go and leave me alone” she sobbed.
“okay bitch, but remember I knelt in front of her putting my cock away and zipping up my pants. I grabbed her hair again “tell anyone and I kill you, then rape you again”
I grabbed the knife and ran out going in the opposite way I came and circled the block and entered my building from the back entrance, and snuck up the back stairs to my place. I left the lights off and sat down in front of the window in time to see her coming out of the bathroom with wet hair, and in a towel. She dried herself off and climbed into her satin sheets naked, and cried herself to sleep. Her restless tossing caused the sheets to slip exposing her hot body, so I jerked off looking at her and went to bed.

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