Coming to Britain

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“Danny,this is Olu..he has just moved here from Africa,make him feel welcome and show him around the school” The principal looked like an actor i knew but i couldnt really remmember who.i hate it when that happens,like this one time i saw this fly shortie and i was all like “yo,you look like somebody i know” and she gave me that look like “yeah right”,see she thought i was just running game but she actually did look like somebody i knew.

“Danny will take care of you make sure you know where everything is,but if you run into any problems at all,you know where my office is feel free to pop in”

“Thank you sir” I smiled. see back home principals or Headmasters as we call em never tell you to “pop” in if you run into any problems.headmasters back home are complete assholes on a power trip. Me and Danny (red hair,lots of spots,really tall) walked out the office.

“so is this your first time in london?” he asked.

I nodded.

“its a shithole innit?”

I laughed.

“you play football?”

“Yes”…I dont know why i said that,maybe i was tryna sound cool.truth is id played a little bit of football when i was like 10 or 11 but hadnt played since on the account that i sucked.

“sweet,well at lunch time me and boys play a ltittle footie in the field”

Danny proceeded to ask me which team i supported and went on expressing his undying love for a team id never heard of called Barnet.he walked me to my first lesson,which is where i first met rebecca.i sat next to her and that was the first time id been that close to a white girl before,i remember looking at her arm and imaginging how soft her skin would feel.The desk was right at the back of the class and id sat there only because it was the only seat available.The lesson was History and the teacher Mrs Harrisson had the most boring voice i have ever heard in my life,half way through the lesson there were about 5 people in the class sleeping( i know coz i counted them)that didnt seem to stop her though she mumbled on.scribbling shit on the board.It was about that time that Rabecca wrote something on her notepad and then slid it over to me.

IS IT TRUE WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT BLACK GUYS? I looked at her and then after some slight hesitation wrote back: WHAT DO THEY SAY?

she scribbled back underneath my writting. IS IT TRUE THAT BLACK GUYS HAVE HUGE DICKS?

I was a bit shocked at how straightforwad this chic was being but to b honest with you it was so refreshing coz back home all the chics are super stuck up so yeah it was exciting to be confronted by such a situation,i wasnt gonna back down.

i wrote…I GUESS SOME DO .

she wrote… do YOU have a huge dick?

at this point i was getting so turned on that i could feel my hard-on pressing up underneath the desk. I wrote..MAYBE AFTER SCHOOL YOU CAN JUDGE FOR YOURSELF

she wrote…WHY NOT NOW?

this bitch is crazy i thought but there was no denying the effect she was having on me.I could see her clear blue eyes glancing down at my bulge.There was a hunger in her eyes.I looked round the classroom just to make sure no one was looking at us but it seemed everone was in their own world.I was bubbling up with excitement at this point and i took a risk,I reached out and grabbed her left arm,i guided her hand underneath the desk and rested it right on top of my bulge.Her eyes looked like they were gonna pop out of their sockets and she went bright red.I dont think she was expecting me to take it this far,now she was the one looking around the classroom to make sure noone was looking.i moved my hand on top of hers so that she was cupping the bulge,she started rubbing my dick through my pants.all whilst mrs harrisson rumbled on and on.she didnt need to unzip me,the zipper had already slid half way down coz my dick was throbbing and pumping. she whispered in my ear “am sooo fucking wet”


rabecca’s hand left my crotch. “i was just …telling the new guy more about our school’s heritage..”

“Is that true Mr Banda?”

i was thinkin hey how she know my sirname? “erm yeah” i said,trying to sound as convincing as possible,

just then the Bell rung. “meet me in the canteen at lunch time”Rabecca said as she got up.

everyone was rushing out the classroom so i got up to join em but before i was out the door… “Mr Banda…can i see you for a moment”

“sure madam” i said.

she pointed at the chair facing her desk.I walked over and sat down. “How did you find the lesson?” she asked.

“it was good.” I said.

“really? it seemed to me you were too pre-ocuppied with Miss Walsh to even pay attention to any of the lesson.”

I didnt say anything.

“from where i stand in front of the classroom i get a clear view of everything that my students are up to” she emphasized the EVERYTHING bit in her sentence so i immediately knew she had seen me and rabecca .my first thought was “shit Mom’s gonna kill me.”

“Your first day in school and you are alredy engaging in inappropriate behaviour in class? i dont know what its like back in your country but i assure you…”

“Am sorry.” i said intterupting her.”i wasnt thinking straight,everythings new to me,you country,new dad,new school,am just tryna adapt.”

“thats not an excuse” she said sharply.

“please” i said “it wont happen again can we just pretend it never did”

“am afraid it doesnt quite work that way”

“look am sorry…ill do anything.”

I saw her eyes light up a bit.” what do yo mean by that…you’ll do anything?”

“surely there must be something i can do to show how sorry iam” the minute i uttered these words i actually noticed that Mrs Harrisson wasnt too bad looking at all. she wore ugly plain cloths but you could tell she had some massive titties under all that,her lips were full and lusious,just looking at em gave me images of her sucking my dick,

“you think this is some sort of cheesy porn movie where i get to please you that it?” she asked reading my mind.

“No maam” i said. “i wasnt thinking of you pleasing me,i was thinking of me pleasing you.”

she was blushing as she went “young man iam a married woman..”

“does your husband eat your pussy?”

she looked genuinly shocked.but there was also a hint of excitment in her expression.I stood up and walked around the desk.

“would you like me to eat your pussy mrs Harrison?”

she stared at me in disbelief.I got on my knees in front of her,i place my hands on her thighs and parted her legs.

“say it” i said

“this…this is wrong…someone might..”

“tell me you want me to eat that pussy”

she looked down at me as i ran my hands round her thighs pushing the material of her dress higher exposing her panties.i could see the goosebumps on her thighs,i could see the heavy breathing,and the fluttering of her eye lids…she wanted me bad.


“say it” i whispered

“Oh God…EAT MY PUSSY.”her breathing was heavy.

I pulled her panties to the side roughly and buried my face in those lips,my tongue parted the lips as i pressed it flat and run it up and down like a dog hungrilly lapping up some water she held on to the desk and rocked her hips to the rhythem and speed of my licking.i parted her lips with my fingers and made lil circles with my tongue around her clit,this drove her even madder i carried on doing this till she finally pushed me away with force,got up walked to the door locked it then walked back and got on both knees in front of me,i stood up tall and went…

“You wanna suck my dick mrs Harrison?”

she nodded and reached for my belt buckle.

“i wanna hear you say it.”

“I want it.Oh God i fucking want it in my mouth” the desperation in her voice was such a turn on.

My dick was already super hard and the minute she un did my pants my huge erect dick plopped out.Her eyes bulged with genuine shock and amazement.for a few minutes she didn’t move she just stared at it.then she ran her fingers along the bulging veins along the girth and the 10 1/2 inches length,she ran the tip of her fingers along the head,her index rubbing the pre-cum that was already glistening at the tip.her mouth was already slightly open in amazement so i grabbed my dick and shoved the tip in between her lips,she opened up and sucked it in.she closed her eyes in ecstasy and wrapped her lips round the head.i looked at the contrast of my black dick and her red lipstick and pale white skin and shoved my dick deeper into her mouth,the warmth crept through my body.My first blowjob from a white chic ,it was a new experience for me and that added to the intensity of how turned on i was.She looked up at me as her head bobbed on my dick.we locked eyes and i could see the desire in her eyes.I pulled my dick out and she genuinally looked dissapointed to have it out of her mouth I grabbed her by the arms and lifted her to her feet and turned her around so she was facing the board.she placed her arms on the board and pressed her face against it.

I pulled her dress up and pulled her soaking wet panties down.she stuck her ass out for me.I bent my back a bit to adjust myself,I placed the tip of my dick near her pussy and rubbed it back and forwads getting her juices all over it.

“Stop teasing me and give me that black cock.” she purred.

That was all the motivation i needed I Shoved the entire length of my dick deep into her wet pussy.she had to bite down on her lip to not scream too hard.I grabbed her hips and pulled back and then slammed into her again,rocking her entire body and smashing her against the board.I started speeding up my thrusts.Her pussy was soooooo good.with just a few deep thrusts i was close to cumming…

“Oh God am gonna cum” I groaned

“Fucking cum in me,feel me up with your fucking black seed.” she said in between gritted teeth.

I felt my whole body shake as i shot my load in her and just as i was cumming she had an intense orgasm,one so fierce it had her whole body shaking.

I pulled myself together and as i made my way out the room I looked back at her and she looked at me with a look that suggested that I was really going to enjoy being at that school.

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