Coming to Britain,Part 2

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The biggest difference between schools in Britain and schools back home is the Lunch time. Back Home lunch time meant everyone walked to the nearest store and picked up a snack and found a place to sit and eat usually whilst discussing a new rap song they’d heard, some of the kids myself included who didn’t come from wealthy families couldn’t afford a trip to the store everyday so we came with ready packed lunch…usually an egg sandwich and bottled iced tea (Which couldn’t really be called “iced” tea thanks to the scorching African sun)

Lunch time In Britain…was a little more exciting. There was a massive field behind the science block and it was filled with people playing football, chasing each other around, Lying around reading, Having snacks and as many People as they were out in the field so they were in the canteen.Id been directed to the canteen by one of the teachers who obviously must have noticed my fish out of water expression as I lingered around the corridor. The minute I stepped into the canteen, I knew fitting in wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought. It was like a cheesy American high school movie were all the tables have different “Cliques” or “crews” the only difference was everyone was wearing uniform (For the guys, black trousers, White shirts, Red and black stripped tie, Black blazer with the school crest on it, For the girls either black plaid skirt, White shirt, red and black stripped tie and a more feminine version of the blazer) But even with the uniforms it wasn’t hard to spot who belonged to what group.

The Goths had their table in the far right corner, even in uniforms they’d found ways to push their identities through, Their hair, Their piercings, the way they interacted with eachother,I wasn’t sure if joining their table would go down very well.

Then you had the Indians and Pakistanis who were so many that they had quite a few tables all next to eachother.Judging by the look one of the girls gave me I figured it was best to skip that table.

Next, there were the ‘Hip Hop’ guys. Now naturally this is the table I would have gone for coz back home I grew up on Hip hop and one of my favourite songs of all time is ‘Juicy” By Biggie but the guys on that table scared me they didn’t look like they were having a good time at all, none of them was smiling, they seemed to be arguing about something and the girls looked even scarier. So I walked on.

I walked past the “Somalians”, The “Emos”, the “Scene kids”, the “Rastas”, the “Orientals”, The “Hippies” and I finally found my table…

“The Geeks”

Now I know what you are thinking, am 6 foot tall Ive got an alright body thanks to all the work I put in on grandma’s farm,Ive got white sparkling teeth that lighten up my face when I smile, am very friendly and outgoing, why on earth would I wanna hang out with the geeks? Well, they are the only ones that seemed friendly enough and also they actually looked like they were having a good time.

“Mind if I join you guys?” I asked.

They all stopped talking and looked up at me as if it was the first time anyone had asked to sit at their table. One of the guys nodded and the rest all agreed at once and made room for me. It was a bit awkward at first because I think they didn’t feel comfortable around me but after a little while I was convinced id picked the right table. They were all genuinely interested in me and asked me loads of questions about back home. I told them about the sun, about the smell of the earth when it rained, about the dances we had in the open at night, about the people, I told them about everything…well everything except for how id ended up in Britain…that’s something I I had sworn I would never tell anyone. I got to know a lot about them as well. There were 9 of them in total and they were around my age. The oldest was Joanna who was 18, my age, and was in 6th form. and the youngest was little Harry who was only in year 7. I guess we all had different classes coz so far I hadn’t seen none of them and I would have noticed. Especially Kerry I would have noticed her. She was definitely the sweetest girl id ever met. Even when the whole crew were laughing and throwing random facts at me, she just sort of sat there looking directly at me and then looking away when I caught her eye. She was a redhead (I later found out in England that is seen as an unattractive thing which I still don’t get coz redheads rock), She had the cutest freckles id ever seen on her nose, She wore glasses, and she tried to not smile fully coz she didn’t want people to see here braces but I thought they made her look very cute. She was sitting right opposite me, on the other side of the table and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. When someone said something I’d look at them and listen but then my gaze would always go back to Kerry.

The conversation on the table somehow found its way to sex as most conversations am involved in tend to do. What can I say; I bring out the dirty side in people. Jake (Lanky, obssessed with Harry Potter, funny as hell) randomly asked me if it’s true all the black girls in Africa loved white guys.

“Jake.” Joanna scolded. ‘That’s Racist.”

I laughed.

“Don’t mind Jake. Every family has got an idiot…Jake is ours.” Brian chipped in. (Brian was obsessed with videogames and he was the biggest of the group)

“Nah.I doesn’t think that’s racist at all.” I said. “In the village I grew up in we didn’t get to see a lot of white folks so when one happened to come through they got a lot of action. There was this one volunteer teacher…I think his name was Mr. Todd or something, He damn near fucked every chic in the village.”

Everyone laughed.

“Wow. I need to go to your Village.” Jake said. “I’ve got a bit of a black fetish; those arses are just soooo round and juicy”

I laughed then looked at Kerry who shyly looked down at the table. I was beginning to sense that she had a little thing for me. There was a chance that I was wrong but I was willing to take that risk, I moved closer to the table so that my stomach was pressing up against the edge.

“You are nasty.” Joanna told Jake amidst the laughter.

I stretched my leg underneath the table, my foot found kerry’s.I moved my foot up her ankle and then caught her eye. She pulled her foot away. The group were now discussing black sex symbols and I joined in to talk about Beyonce, as I was declaring my undying love of Beyonce’s booty, I felt Kerry’s foot sliding up my right leg. She’d somehow removed the shoe and I could feel her socked foot rubbing up my trouser leg. I paused for a bit and then carried on talking as normal. Her foot crawled up my thigh. I spread my legs open. I felt her toes on my now massive bulge. I looked up at her and we locked eyes for a second, there was this intense hunger in those pretty green eyes. She moved her foot, rubbing against my hard dick.I was so involved in what was going on that I didn’t notice that everyone had stopped talking and were looking behind me. Kerry looked behind me as well and suddenly pulled her foot back. I turned round and standing behind me was rabecca, the Girl id met earlier on in class that day. She was standing there with two of her friends.

“New kid, what are you doing sitting in the loser section?” Rebecca asked

Her two friends laughed.

The whole table was silent. I found it strange because back home you never let anyone shame you in public. All a man had was his pride. So I spoke up on behalf of the group.

“Fuck you.”

“What?” she looked taken aback.

I looked around and saw the shocked expressions on everyone on the table, especially Jake (he looked like a goldfish, mouth all open and shit)

“You heard me.”I said. “Don’t you ever come up here and call my friends losers.”

Rebecca was silent for a bit then she went “Whatever. I just wanted you to come show me that thing we talked about earlier.”

“Am not going anywhere till you apologise to my friends.” I said without turning round.

“Whatever.look, you know how many guys would die to be seen with me?” She blurted

“Am not like them guys.” I said calmly. “Now you say sorry to my friends right now or you’ll never find out just how different I am.”

Rebecca sighed and rolled her eyes. “Fine. Sorry for calling you losers.”

“There. That wasn’t so hard was it?” I said as I stood up.

“See you later dude.” Jake called out.

And the rest of the group said their goodbyes. I winked at Kerry and followed the 3 girls. I walked a step behind the girls so I got a good view of their asses as they walked.Rabceca was hot that goes without saying but her two friends were also extremely attractive. Amber was also blonde and her skirt was the shortest. She had thick thighs that made you wanna grab them, she had luscious pink lips that seemed to glow from all the lip-gloss she’d smeared on them. Her eyes were light blue and had a ditzy air about her. Janice was brunette and her hair was the straightest id seen. She was very petite, and everything about her was tiny, her little button nose, Her beady green eyes, Her pouty lips, Her short little fingers, the only thing not small about her were her tits and by the way she walked you could tell she was proud of them.

The girls led me to a little alleyway type passage that led to behind the Gym class Block. There were trees and shrubs and it was totally deserted. As soon as we got there.Rabecca pushed me against the building wall and kissed me passionatly, her tongue swimming in my mouth, then she pulled back.

“Show us that African dick” She said

“What’s in it for me?” I grinned.

Rebecca looked at the other girls and then said “What do you want?”

I smiled “show me your tits.”

The girls didn’t hesitate. They unbuttoned their shirts in front of me. Amber and Janice moved closer. The bras came off and I stared at the tits in front of me. I reached out to touch Rebecca’s lovely lumps and she slapped my hand.

“We had a deal.” She said shaking her head. “Now let’s see it.”

I looked at Janice who looked the most nervous of the girls “Take it out.”

Janice looked at the other girls and they nodded. She came closer. Her massive tits only inches way from me.She ran her hands all over my chest. I could feel her breathing getting faster. She ran her hands down, she unbuckled my belt then she put her hand underneath my boxer shorts, her fingers brushed past my dick and it twitched in responce.She reached down farther trying to get to the tip and when she had it she pulled my dick out. All 3 girls let out a gasp as they laid eyes on it for the first time. It was huge and fully erect and it looked even bigger with Janice’s tiny delicate white fingers wrapped around the width and she could barely get her fingers all around it. I looked at Rabecca,she was standing there staring at it, her mouth slightly open and without even realising her left hand was caressing her boob.I looked at Amber and she was licking her lips, staring at my dick with intense curiosity painted across her face. I could feel Janice’s hand trembling around my dick.

“It’s the first time you’ve held one this big huh?” I whispered in her ear.

She nodded. Her eyes glued on it.

“Dont worry baby.” I whispered in her ear and then gently bit her earlobe. “It wont bite.”

“Look at all those veins.” Rebecca said softly as she reached out and traced one of the bulging veins with her index finger.

“Stroke It, baby” I whispered In Janice’s ear.

She seemed to be in a trance, her eyes were fixed on my dick and her hand slowly moved up, pulling back a lot of my foreskin exposing the full head. I placed my hand on her back, just above her ass and pulled her closer, she gasped. I moved in and kissed her fully on the lips, she kissed back with so much passion it took my breath away. Her grip tightened on my dick.I bit down on her lower lip, as my hand caressed her ass and lifted her skirt up so I could feel her buttcheeks.Rabecca pushed Janice aside

“Hey, I wanna touch it.” She moaned as she took over from Janice.

Rebecca’s hands were more experienced, I could tell by the way she stroked my dick with the one hand and rubbed the head with the other.

“You like me wanking this big black dick, baby?” She moaned.

“I want you to suck it.” I whispered.

She stared at my dick for a minute and then got down on both knees. Amber and Janice knelt down besides her. She grabbed my dick and wrapped her pink lips around it; it felt so warm in her juicy mouth. I looked down and saw her blue eyes looking back at me. I noticed that Amber, on her knees was stroking her pussy through her panties and was staring at my dick as if it was a piece of meat. I pulled it out of Rebecca’s mouth and placed the head on Amber’s lips; she kissed it hungrily and then took it in her mouth. She sucked on it furiously as she pushed a finger in her pussy.IT felt sooooooo Good but as good as it was feeling I was determined to not blow my load before all 3 girls had had their fair share of the action. I plopped my dick out and turned to tiny Janice, she grabbed onto the shaft with both hands and stretched her little mouth to fit around my dick,she couldn’t get past the head but looking at her lips stretched round the tip of my dick was the sexiest thing ever, She pulled it out and stroked it

“Fuck, that’s a huge dick.” she said

She started licking the head; her tongue working its way down the full length of my dick, rabecca joined her, licking the other side. I looked down at these two sexy white chics sucking on my black dick and it was all just a little too over-whelming and I screamed out ” OH FUCK AM GONNA CUM”

Rebecca and Janice moved away as not to get the cum on them but Amber grabbed my dick and started sucking on the head whilst pumping the shaft. I grabbed onto the wall and tried to not be too loud as I felt my body shake from the intense orgasm I was having. I looked down and watched as Amber sucked every last bit of my sperm. She cleaned my entire dick and then kissed the head. It’s the first time I’ve ever been with a girl that ‘swallows’ so this was a big deal for me. I immediately lifted her to her feet, her panties were already pulled to the side because she’d been stroking her pussy.I squeezed her ass from underneath her skirt with my left hand and then with my right hand I rubbed her pussy lips, my fingers moved from left to right at the fastest speed I could possibly move them, she moved her hips in rhythm with my fingers, she bit my shoulder so she couldn’t scream and hugged me thick black fingers rubbing her wet pussy must have been good to look at because Janice and Rebecca were touching themselves as they watched, I continued to rub her pussy then I felt her whole body start to vibrate, she held me closer, her hands digging into my back, she bit into my ear lobe and went “OH…OH…F..F…FUCK….AM…AM…”

“Come on baby.Cum all over my fingers” I told her aggressively

Her eyes rolled back and I felt her pussy tighten round my fingers, then when it released she squirted all over my fingers, I slapped her ass with each spasm of her body. The other two girls were watching wide mouthed. When she was done spasming violently she clung on to me trembling and stuttered “that…t…th…that’s the f.fir…first time that’s ever happened.”

I lifted my hand up and licked her juices from my fingers then I pulled back. Zipped my pants up, buckled my belt and looked at the girls. Amber leaning against the wall trembling, Janice and Rebecca sitting down stroking their horny pussies and I smiled. “Gotta go ladies don’t wanna be late for my lesson, it IS my first day after all.”

As I walked away with a content smile on my face. I knew that this was only the beginning of my adventures

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