Daddy lil Princess gets what she wants

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A hot summer day on miami beach like this there got to be some fine black men willing to get paid today i thought to myself as i looked out my hotel window, when a knock at the door took me out of my trance. “Hello, Miss.Honey Lock its a pleasure to have you staying at The Grant Hotel, I am the manager Mr.Lassen You can come to me for anything that you need” I looked at him and said “Thank you, but im fine right now” and closed the door. I know what he came up for. To look at my soft ass i seen him drooling over in the lobby. little does he know i like black dick. I know he’s thinking What is this fine, rich, puerto rican and black beauty doing in my hotel with no man on her arm. So I thought the same thing, im going to put my bathing suite on and go out side and see who’s trying to fuck me right tonight. B4 i do that tho im going to call my friend Rachel and see if she knows im in town. Rachel is a ex girlfriend, the way she licks my fat pussy i just cant give that up, and she has this Big light brown ass i love to slap.
“Ring, Ring….Hello?”
“Hi Rachel, its Honey. How are you? and What are you doing?
“Im good im just relaxing at the house right now, might get into something”
“well, right now im in town and i’ve been thinking bout you and the way you eat my pussy-“
“Honey, where you at ive been wanting to fuck you for some time now. lets make it like old times. I got the perfect guy in mind and you wouldnt mind paying him…I know you”
“haha, well then Great. Im at the Grant meet me at 7pm. its 5 now.”
“okay what room?”
“776 okay talk too u when you get here bye”
so thats great dont have to go out and look for nothing tonight, and I trust rachel’s choice she wouldnt bring anyone ugly. as fine as she is. she got those big 36c. never could match my DD’s but she got the nice carmel candy ass. and that pussy ring is no joke. “oh damn, Im just wasting time thinking let me get in the shower” talking to myself.
Got to get my nice pink pussy clean and ready to be licked.
1 hour and 39 mins later; i hear a knock at the door. I open the door and its a gorgous bald big arm and by the looks of it big dick black man infront of me
about 6’4 and ready to give me the best night and rachel following behind him looking fine as ever.
as soon as i closed the door i couldnt help myself my hands was all over his body as i kissed her b4 i knew it. i was sucking his big black dick and she was eating my pretty pussy..Rachel had my going crazy cumming in her mouth i couldnt help but to suck the shit out of his dick. now i was ready for some big dick and to eat some pussy as he pounded my tiny pussy from the back i ate that pussy infront of me. “DAMN, HONEY…THIS PUSSY IS SOO GOOD” HE SAID TO ME. “THEN KEEP FUCKIN ME HARDER” I SCREAMED
and rachel’s pussy tasted like pinnapples had me wanting to cum all over his fat dick…”AWWWWWWWWWWW……FUCK ME IM BOUT TO CUMM”
so he stopped to let both of us suck on his cock. both of our tounges licking his big dick and balls. mmmm…he’s bout to cum on both of our faces….this is the biggest load ive ever recived and the 2,000 was worth his dick I wouldnt mind paying him again to make me cum Again and again.

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    I love dicks

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