Facts re better than Fiction

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Facts are better than fantasies.
I live in a retirement village which is not where you would expect to find a lot of sexual activity but it is amazing what goes on with our Filipino care givers. I used to be the local peeping Tom trying to pluck up courage to join in the revelry.
Izaac is only in his early seventies but is in an advanced state of dementia. Fanny, who is in her 40’s looks after him on a 24 hour basis. She is married but her husband is back in the Philippines. It is difficult to know which of them needed sexual relief more, Izaac or Fanny.
As Izaac’s mental faculties weakened he also lost control of his bladder and Fanny had to wash his prick and dry it frequently. This handling of his 10″ prick would bring on a raging hard on and he would beg Fanny to wank him off. This she did willingly progressing to sucking him off. She acquired a taste for his cum and soon she was the initiator, relieving him several times each day (and night). The inevitable soon followed and one night in order to relieve her own desires she straddled Izaac and sinking down on his rock hard prick swallowed every inch of it in her hot dripping cunt. In his subconscious memory Izaac knew what to do and he began thrusting up and down filling Fanny’s dripping hole. She brought herself to the much-needed climax and screamed out in ecstasy after a few minutes. She tightened her cunt and in minute or so brought Izaac over the edge and he shot a huge wad of cum deep inside her, bathing the entrance to her womb.

Benny is very fit and doesn’t need looking after. He got involved with a 40 year old Rumanian care-giver out of an act of kindness on his part. Vera’s employer who hired her to look after her infirm mother who lives next door to Benny fired her on an unjust whim and told her to pack and get out immediately. In tears and in desperation she went next door to Benny and told him of her plight. He offered to put her up until she found another employer. That evening out of gratitude she stripped off and followed him into the shower. After washing him all over she sucked his circumcised knob deep into her throat. In seconds he was hard as a rock and she dried him off and lead him into his bedroom. She lay on the bed, raised her knees and opened her legs wide. She herself was wet from the sucking she had given him and within seconds Benny had thrust his entire cock right up her cunt and was fucking her as if there was no tomorrow. Already a month has passed but neither of them seems to be in a hurry to change the situation though to tell the truth, I am expecting an invitation to join them and remove some of the physical strain on Benny’s tired prick.
Perhaps a better name would be “Fucked is better than friction”! Well my wish came true. This morning I went over to Benny to pass on a magazine. I rang the bell and Vera the guest by circumstances opened the door. She was wearing a white T-shirt and a black thong and a sexy smile with what looked like cum leaking out of the corners of her mouth. She invited me in, saying that Benny was just getting up. It was obvious that Benny had just been getting up her. Benny was on the bed covered with a sheet that was draped over a very stiff tent pole. With no warning Vera snatched at the sheet and there was Benny stroking a huge erection which was highly lubricated with Vera’s juices. Vera sat on his face and he started to lick her cunt while she grabbed my own formidable cock and wanked me into a raging hard on. He slurped up her cum and spread it around and in her arse, getting it ready for his next exercise which was to slide her down his chest and to bury his prick deep in her bum. There was Vera on top of him with her dripping cunt fully exposed and waiting for me to complete the double penetration. As I am a very obliging sort of chap. What could I do? I was soon pumping away vigorously sliding my cock up and down with only a thin membrane of her cunt lining separating the two rock hard pricks racing each other to fill her with their sticky cum. Then Benny decided to join me inside her pussy and he slipped out of her bum and joined me in fucking her cunt. This was a first time for me and I couldn’t hold out very long. With a loud sigh, I squirted my load and was immediately followed by Benny who still had a lot of spunk left in his balls. Vera showed her appreciation with a loud scream and flooded both our cocks with a copious flood of her juices. She extracted herself from the sandwich and licked our pricks clean, going from cock to cock. All this was a few hours ago but I only just got home having fucked and sucked her cunt and bum hole several more times. I am sitting at my computer completely fucked out but I thought that you folks out there would appreciate a fresh up to date adventure. It is good that I am a one-handed typist as you can guess what my other hand is doing.
Most of the Filipino care-givers in our seniors community are young mothers who have left their homeland to earn the good wages paid here. I doubt if any of them are natural lesbians but many of them rely on each other to relieve their horniness through deprivation of regular hetro fucking.
Elma and Marie are such a pair. Their homes are next door to each other and opposite my house. Just about every evening after putting there senile patients to bed for the night, Elma goes next door to Marie’s bedroom and after a few minutes of kissing, they strip each other completely. By this time I have taken up my position outside the open window and am gently stroking my large fat cock. Both girls are oriental beauties with pert tits and they both shave each other’s cunt regularly. Elma usually takes the initiative in the progress of their sexual activities. On this particular night they sucked each other’s nipples until they were stiff and a bright crimson. Then they adjusted their positions and sucked each other’s cunt. After five or so minutes of hot tonguing and sucking Marie reached her first climax and came with a loud moan, soaking Elma’s face. This was followed a minute or so later with a scream from Elma who ground her soaking cunt into Marie’s slurping mouth. Then Elma and Marie forked their legs and slid their cunts together grinding their open dripping holes together and skillfully made friction with their clits. This soon brought them to a simultaneous climax with the two of them squirting copious amounts of their cum fluids onto and into the other’s cunt.
I, meanwhile was still slowly stroking my rampant and aching prick which was dripping with my pre-cum. Suddenly I got the shock of my life as Elma called my name and invited me to come inside and join them. In spite of my acute embarrassment, I joined them on Marie’s bed. They told me that they had known for several weeks that I had been watching their activities and that this had added some excitement to their love-making. They had decided that it would be even better if I were to join in and Elma had plucked up courage to call my name. Meanwhile they were both gently undressing me and when Marie finally pulled my boxer shorts down they both gasped at the size of my stiff weapon.
The red, circumcised crown, fascinated them both and they vied with each other to get my dripping cock into their hungry mouths. Alternately Elma would vigorously suck on the bulbous head. Then Marie would take over and swallow my prick right down to my aching balls. Much as I tried, I couldn’t hold back any longer and I shot wads of sticky cum all over their faces. They licked each other’s face clean and meanwhile I buried my face in Elma’s cunt and tongue fucked her as deeply as I could. She quickly came and rolled aside. Marie straddled me and in one movement slid her dripping cunt right down my rock hard prick and fucked the life out of me. It entered my mind that these young women would be at the peak of their fertility and here was I fucking them without a condom and I was sure that they would not be on the pill as heterosexual activity was not a part of their normal life these
days. I wondered if at my age I
could still enroll them in the pudding club but at this stage I didn’t care one way or the other. Marie was bouncing up and down but somehow Elma managed to suck her rigid swollen teats. She also got down and sucked my bursting balls into her hungry mouth. I knew that I couldn’t hold out much longer and as Marie screamed out her climax I flooded her womb with my cream which Elma scooped up with her probing tongue as my pistoning forced it out of Marie’s dripping cunt. I fell back exhausted but the two young women soon coaxed my prick back to its rigid readiness to repeat the action but this time with Elma.
It was Elma who explained their necessity for mutual gratification but how much better it was with a real live male to join in the action and how surprisingly virile I was for my many years. She also told me which of the other Filipinos had paired off in a similar way and it turned out later that she had become my public relations representative and in fact I now have frequent public relations of a highly sexual type. Can you girls who are reading my story, identify with the action.
Six months ago was a turning point in my sex life thanks to Elma’s recommendations, it didn’t take long to happen after the events recorded in the previous chapter. I was sitting under a lamp on a secluded bench in the public garden near my house and was reading the evening paper when two Filipino girls sat down on next to
me, one on each side. At first I noticed nothing unusual in their behaviour but when I felt a gentle hand stroking my cock and another one cupping my cum laden balls, I realised that Elma had kept her promise to tell another pair of her friends of our sex filled night the previous week. Within seconds I had a raging hardon that obviously impressed Margo, a very pretty mother of two who was somewhat overweight but very sexy. She opened my zip and thrust her hand inside and began a slow but regular up and down massage of my prick. She whispered something in their language to Lisa, the other Filipino girl who is very slim and sylphlike. Lisa leaned over me and slipped a hand down the front of Margo’s lightweight but ample trousers. Apparently she had thrust a couple of fingers into Lisa’s cunt and covered her palm with her copious cunt juices. She withdrew her dripping hand and took over from Lisa the task of wanking my, by now, monstrous prick. She stroked and squeezed me rapidly and as I began to tremble and moan, Lisa bent down and took the livid crown into her mouth and sucked my cock with all her strength, The obvious result was that in a few seconds I shot a huge flood of hot jism into the back of her throat but she didn’t swallow it. She leant over and passed the whole sticky mess into Lisa’s waiting mouth. Lisa then placed her dripping lips on mine and dribbled my own cum into my willing mouth. The three of us savoured my cum for a minute or so then we all got up from the bench and they followed me to my house for round two.

Margo and Lisa followed me into my house and bedroom and then began an entirely new experience for me. In more than 50 years of sexual activity I had learned to concentrate on gentle foreplay gradually bringing my partner up to boiling point and then ensuring that she achieves a full and satisfying orgasm either together with me or just before me. But with Margo and Lisa I had no chance to follow this practice. Before I could relax on my large bed they both jumped on me in a frenzy. Before I could gather my wits they had stripped me naked and were taking turns in sucking my by then huge stiff prick. They were both adept at deep throating and were able to swallow me until their mouths were full of the mat of curly hair surrounding the base of my cock. I gasped out that I was on the verge of cumming and Margo jumped up, straddled me and impaled herself on my raging erection. She contracted her cunt and tightened its grip on my cock. After two or three pulls of her cunt I shot my cum straight into her unprotected womb. Meanwhile Lisa was stroking my balls and whenever she had an opportunity sucked them into her mouth, enhancing the flow of my hot sticky seed into Margo’s cunt. Lisa didn’t wait for Margo to catch her breath, but shoved her off of me, letting my now limp prick flop down on my belly. Using her hands, mouth and tits she coaxed me very quickly into another erection, and emulating Margo, impaled herself completely on my standing ovation. While Lisa fucked herself up and down in rapid moves, Margo straddled my face and both Lisa and I duelled with our tongues to lick out my cum from Margo’s dripping fuck hole and swallow it. As Lisa felt herself climaxing she squeezed her cunt to successfully encourage me into cumming simultaneously. We did not use any condoms then or since on regularly repeated fucks and it is a miracle that neither of them presented me with a dusky son or daughter.

Today I had a titillating experience as I passed a group of Filipino girls sitting around their communal meeting table. They were giggling at the screen of a lap-top computer and they took care to hide the view from my inquisitive eyes. One of them mumbled a few words of which I understood just one; pornography. I smiled and continued on my way but the incident provided me with the possibility of achieving a wild dream that I have had for some time now.
Here is an opportunity to introduce the Filipino girls to my erotic writing and see where it leads to from there. The time has arrived to confess that in spite of the title of the story everything that I wrote was pure fantasy fired by wishful thinking. I’m not sure that I will have the courage to offer the manuscript to “A”, their leader and my favorite fantasy, but I will try and who knows what the outcome will be?

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