fallen for my sister inlaw.

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it was 0730 hrs when i got home from working
all nite.my wife had already left for her job and my sons where heading out for school.my sister inlaw whom i will call nene had been staying with us after she divorced and was looking for a job her self.

Nene was slim 5’4″ long black hair to the middle of back with shaply ass and great legs and small feet.her breast where not huge but still nice.her and i never really talked much to each other except hi or how are you,just normal small talk.any how this morning was different.i walked in the house and standing in the hall way to the living room nene was standing watching my boys get off for school as they rush out
to catch their bus.
I looked nene up and down from head to toe and i said wow nene you even look good
in the morning and we laughed.she was standing there in just this blue jean shirt i guess she used to sleep in.i asked her if she had found her job yet and she said she was looking later.then i relized she was in no hurry to head back to her room like normal and kept watching me and as i was heading past here to go to my room i said i needed to get out of these work clothes,she just smiled as i started past her but she wasnt moving to let me past.nene just looked up into my eyes as i got close to her and the next thing i knew i just leaned
into her and our lips meet like we longed for each other.

I broke our kiss and said i need to shower and change and she just smiled.so i went off to my room thinking of what had just happened as i showered i went to change but was so turned on i laid back on my bed thinking of nene,i started to stroke my self,as i laid there i closed my eyes and started to moan a little as i stroke my cock hard from thinking of nene i called her name and she must have heard me,cause she walked in my room and was standing in the door way watching me and touching her self. then she asked if i mind if she joined me as she walked over to the bed she droped her shirt and took my cock in to her hand,let me do that for you jon,and she leaned other and wraped her lips around my cock and licked it up and down.

next she slid her way up kissing and licking me up to my lips and our tungs met and she said you better eat me too,cause i am as horny as you.i looked her in the eye and said i always will as i started kissing my way down to her feet i licked her toes and slowly kissed and licked my way back up her legs and slid my tung deep into nenes pussy as she bucked and grabbed my head she tasted so good and sweet,then she begged me to fuck her,so i slid my 7″ cock deep into her till we both cum together.now i really love my sister in law.

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