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One day my friends and I made a bet at a party. We had to guess how many cock this slutty blonde chick can stuff in her mouth. So she got on her knees with her shirt pulled over her round tits and opened her mouth. About 15 guy stood around her with their cocks out. I guessed she can fit 5 and my friends guess 3. If I lost the bet I had to be a girl for a month. (Fantasy, so I take over a girl’s body). My friend was drunk and had no idea that that was a fun deal. I agreed because it’s a win win. The girls got only two hard cocks it her mouth. As a punishment all the guys gang banged her. By the end of the party she was covered in cum.

This was going to be one of the best weeks of my life. There was this one Asian, Esther Liu, big titted, short girl. But the even hotter thing is, is that she has two pussies! Her ass was big and firm compared to her waist. And her tits weighed more than the rest of her tiny Asian body. She always wears a white V-neck and her cleavage was like the Grand Canyon. She sits next to me in my senior bio class and her tits are always up in my face. She’s really slutty too. She rubbed my dick inside my pants in class. She wears tight short shorts and tiny skirts that show the bottom half of her beautiful ass. She is only five feet tall but can suck six twelve inch dicks. Her tight waist is very sexy too. She let any decent guy fuck her. She had an orgy after Sadies. I don’t thinks God knows how many dicks have been in her Asian pussies, ass, and mouth.

When i thought of which girl I was going too take over, she was my first choice. The next morning after the party, I woke up in a pink bedroom and felt very hot in my bottom half. I got up and looked in the mirror. I was a whole foot shorter, had huge tits, and was Asian. I was her. I was topless and only had on a thong, but it had two dildos inside of it so she has a dick in each pussy all the time. It was 5:30 am, and I had to get ready for school. I went to the shower, but wasn’t really productive. The whole time in the water I fucked all three holes till I came from both pussies. I went to her closet and looked for the hottest thing to wear. I found a bikini top that showed everything except for her nipples and some short ass shorts without panties.It was kind of normal because the school was right next to the beach. I drove to my school, Sunset High. As soon as I walked in, people stared at my tits and ass. I just smiled. At my locker I saw one of Esther’s skanky friends, Jessica. She had a tight ass from volleyball. I gave her a hug and squeezed her ass and then gave her a kiss on her cheek. She looked confused. I go to Esther’s English class, which she is failing, even though she speaks perfectly well English. Her teacher is Ms. Lola. Tall sexy legs, great abs, and flawless face. I just sit through the whole period with my hands in her pants, playing with her clit.

The lunch bell rings and I get an idea. I can help her bring her grade up. Ms. Lola was in her car and I walked there. I bend over so Esther’s tits are in her face. “Hey Ms Lola, do you mind if I have lunch with you? I’m kind of lonely.” “Well, I’m actually on my way home. I don’y have anymore classes left.” “That’s fine. I just need someone to talk to.” “Well ok. Hop in.” I get in her 7 series BMW. “Thank you Ms. Lola.” I put my hand high on her thigh. Two min later we’re at her condo. It was really nice for a teacher’s salary. “So Ms. Lola, do you have any other job than teaching?” “I do some acting.” That explained it. We sit on the couch and I put my hand on her thigh again. “You’re so pretty and fit .” “I have to do that for my job.” “So I need to talk to you. Lately I’ve had a warm feeling in my pussy area in your class. I think it’s because of you.” “Mmm, I see.” “Can I show you what I’m talking about?” I stand up and turn my back to her. I start to take my shorts of leaning forward. I drop my shorts to the ground and expose Esther’s round ass and pussies to Ms. Lola. I spread Esther’s two pussies in her face. “Oh my goodness. I’ve never seen anything like that before. And I’ve seen a lot of pussy.” “What do you mean?” She reaches over to the side table and takes out a porno with her on the cover. “I’m a slut just like you.” “That’s hot.” I get on her lap facing her and we started to make out. Her lips were full and soft. Her tongue was powerful and agile. It wrapped around my tongue and sucked on it. I take my top off and Esther’s big Asian tits flop out. Ms. Lola started to bite the long hard nipple and pinched the other. She knew her way around some big tits. She got up and took my hand to her bedroom. She brought the DVD with her. She threw me on the bed and put the DVD on the big screen in front of the bed. “Lay back.” I did as she said. I rested my head on the pillows and relaxed. She took her suit off but left her white dress shirt on. She unbuttoned it to where her round firm breasts are exposed. Then she took off her skirt which showed her long, smooth legs. She was wearing a black lace thong.

I spread my legs and started to finger Esther’s two wet pussies to the orgy Ms. Lola is the victim of. She crawls onto the king size bed and puts her head between my legs. Her strong tongue strikes my clit and makes it extremely erect. She has so much experience, she was too good. Even though Esther had two pussies, Ms Lola was able to make both of them hot and wet. I then discovered a ability that made me love Esther’s body even more. Her pussies squirted out of both holes, spraying Ms Lola’s face with a gallon of pussy juice. My body was shaking and my toes curled with ecstasy. “Never in my career have I been squirted on by two pussies. Do you mind if I record this?” “I want to relive this memory forever as well.” She took out a camera as recorded all the cum on her face and the two pussies. Then she put it on the table. She went to her closet and took out a strap-on with a dildo on both sides. She stuck it in and put it on. She turned me around and pushed my face down and pushed my ass up. She positioned her hips to Esther’s ass. The dildo was atleast 10 inches long and very thick. She stuck it in with no warning. “Ahhh……” She thrust back and forth. I can hear the pussy splashing with every hump. “I need something to put in the other pussy. She went back to her closet and brought out a big vibrator. She flipped me around and fucked me missionary style. She put the big vibrator in the other pussy and kept it all the way in. We went at the this till we came 2 more times and she was covered Esther’s cum. She cleans the dildos by sucking on them and licked them clean. “Do you think you can raise my grade a bit after that performance. I promise I’ll cum on your face anytime you want.” “I think you deserve a high A.” I end the day with a nice warm bath, fingering Esther’s two wet pussies till they were sore. Then I moved to the asshole. The rest of the week I fucked almost every girl and guy Esther knew. When she gets her body back, she probably would still fuck 3 times a day.

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