Friends Share Right? Part 2

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“Wait, did I hear you right,” I exclaimed, a little incredulous that he could go again so soon.
“Yeah, I mean no offense to Peaches or anything, but I never thought it could be like this,” he said pulling back to stare down at where we were joined, with a grin. I had to hold back a smile, because I had spoken with his girl on several occasions and she had told me how disappointed she had been with her sexual experiences with Kevin.
“Yeah, me neither,” I said, trying not to make eye contact as I felt laughter well up inside of me.
“What? Why so shy all of a sudden? Don’t start acting like girls don’t talk. I know Peaches gossips and some of it is probably about me being a limp dick, right? ” He actually said this with a chuckle as he drew in and out playing with me. Shit, it wasn’t like he had anything to worry about. I already had the proof that he definitely had a functioning cock.
Feeling horny again I told him to get up so we could dress and leave the car.
Once we made our way into my cozy little apartment Kevin automatically pushed me up against a wall and started stroking my tonsils with his tongue. Even after the great sex we’d had in his car, I still couldn’t get over some of my shock. Even though I had been attracted to Kevin, I had always seen him as the gentle giant type; always so polite with his almost golden boy good looks.
“I think the only reason I wasn’t excited with Peaches, is because she’s like a sister to me now. I take care of her too much; it’s something that I’m tired of. Besides, she’s lacking certain physical attributes that I find are necessary for certain activities.”
“Oh, yeah? Like what,” I asked, already knowing what he was referring to.
“Like these,” he muffled into my neck as he worked his way down to my breasts. He grabbed my breast in one hand as he nursed me, until I could feel what was like a river between my legs. All of a sudden his left hand snaked its way to the clasp of my skirt, dropped it to the ground and firmly thrust two fingers up into me.
Deeper . . . please,” I whimpered as I whipped his dick out again now jerking at it.
His fingers were long, but they wouldn’t do the job and he knew it, so he picked me up and started to make his way to my bedroom, with some direction. Throwing me down on the bed he stripped me down and than took care of his own clothes.
I couldn’t help but feel proud at the way he looked at me. I had pretty nice tits, which I knew he liked, but I was really proud of my shape. I had been told it was like an hourglass and taking full advantage of his rapt attention I started to stroke my hands all over my body. My chestnut complexion looked great in the lights of my room. I mean he seriously looked fascinated. I had to ask, “Am I the first black girl you’ve ever been with?”
He actually blushed and muttered a little self consciously, “Is it that obvious?”
“Kind of. Was this some kind of goal to explore the unknown,” I asked, honestly curious, not really offended.
“Even though I was curious, we’ll just have to blame this on genuine attraction.”
“Good answer,” I praised.
Lying back again, I spread my legs and grabbed his hand, bringing the index finger of his left to my mouth. I sucked on it as he fingered my pussy with his other hand.
“Mmmm, yeah. That’s not all you’re going to be sucking on, is it,” he said hopefully.
“I think you already know that, baby,” I said even as I started to pull him closer to make good on my word.
“Nuh-uh, ladies first is what I always say,” he teased as he pulled back. Pulling me down the bed, he spread my legs even wider and had me babbling in seconds.
First he licked right outside of my completely bald pussy, laving the area where the thigh joins with the pelvis. He poked really lightly, making me giggle, then he suddenly swooped in to suck at my outer lips like a hoover. I thought something like that would be clumsy, but I was dead wrong. It felt like all the blood had left my head and came to where his lips were working. He kept that up for a few seconds and than spread me open with just his thumbs and did his vacuum on my clit. That had me on the verge of passing out. I came hard and fast from it and than he started soothing me with his tongue just laving up and down in and out, and did I mention how thick that thing was? And long. He started pushing in me deeper and deeper, ’til I was up the head board. The way he was wiggling it had me clenching down so hard I was shocked he wasn’t pulling back. It must have been at least twenty minutes and two orgasms before he came up.
Completely dazed, it took me a second to realize there was something stroking my cheek. Turning my head to kiss what I thought was his palm I was shocked to feel a blunt tip enter my mouth. Getting over my initial shock, I grabbed the base of it and started to show off my own tricks. Pushing him on his back I started off with the basic ins and outs with light sucking. After I was sucking on him long enough for him to rate me as a satisfactory head giver I let off a crazy deep throat that made him scream. “Oh, shit.”
See, I had always been the innocent one when hanging with friends, not really letting anyone think that I had much experience. Man, was he pleasantly surprised.
“Oh, you have tricks. . . well have fun,” he muttered as he looked down at me, stroking my hair, trying to push me further onto him, which to my surprise was actually possible.
Since deep throat was my specialty, I sure did. Pulling back whenever I knew he was about to come so as to draw the head I was giving him out for a long time.
When it finally happened I pulled back to watch him rain down on his beautiful abs. The pale golden hue of his skin was so attractive that all wanted to do was lick him all over. Not wanting to waste such a good idea I slid up and off his body, but not before I rubbed my snatch on his lips, which he tried grab at with his mouth again, and made my way to the kitchen, and grabbed a can of miracle whip from the fridge. Coming back with a devil’s grin on my deep pink lips and in my whiskey brown eyes, I leapt onto him and had a better dinner on his body than I ever had at a restaurant. When I was done, Kevin grabbed the can and had his own meal.
By the time we were done we were such a mess, we had to go jump into the shower, where he fucked me against the wall. Oh my god, he was so tireless and I was so grateful.
To finish off the night, we went into my living room and after setting up some cushions on the floor he took me doggy-style. Hearing him scream my name and grip my ass made me so wet I wondered if it was physically possible. I knew I was going to be as sore as hell the next morning anyway, so I worked extra hard on his dick. Pushing him back with my ass, I dropped him on the cushions, steadied myself with my hands on his chest and rode him so hard and deep I thought we would never manage to separate. The whole time he kept a tight grip on my ass, playing with my pert buns, alternating with strokes on my clit.

Now sitting in this car with him had all those memories rushing back.
“Kevin, I don’t feel right about doing this to Peaches. Let’s stop and forget anything ever happened,” I said sulkily.
“Now Lisa, you know as well as I do that’s not possible. Don’t worry, I had a talk with Peaches and we decided to break– ,” he broke off with shock.
I didn’t let him finish talking as I grabbed him from across the seat and made my birthday really special in the parking lot of the beautiful estate.

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