Friends share, right?

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Friends share, right?
By: ladyfucksalot

About three weeks before my 21st birthday I went to what I thought was going to be a keg party with some friends and ended up behind a rather beautiful estate just outside of Austin, Texas. Already set on edge because we were so far from town I started to get angry that my ride Kevin was being so secretive and laughing at my discomfort. His girlfriend Peaches was a friend I had known since high school.
“What the hell is going on here?” I asked.
“Why so tense, brown sugar? Relax, this is going to be the most exciting “ride” of your life,” he said with a cocky smile that I didn’t want to lick off, or at least I told myself that.
I started to feel fidgety under his intense blue gaze and felt a moistness start to seep out between my legs, remembering what had happened, not a week ago.
One night when the three of us had gone out for a casual dinner, Peaches had suddenly started to feel a little queasy, so we called it a night and had driven home. After Kevin had brought her home he dropped me off at my place and suddenly grabbed me before I left the car. His hand had started to stroke my long black hair and he started professing a strong attraction to me that he said he couldn’t deny anymore.
“Do you know how gorgeous you are, sweetie,” he crooned.
Surprised by his attitude I started to back up on the passenger door, trying to put some distance between us. My eyes bugged out as I stared at this fine man drooling on me. He must have been at least 6′ 5′ with wavy brown hair, and dimples that made a woman want to sink her fingers in there just see how deep they went.
“They say once you go black you never go back. Do you want to prove that?”
Never having been with a white guy I must admit that I was intrigued by the idea, but I had to protest at least a little. Even if it was just to soothe my conscience about what I knew was going to happen.
“What are you talking about? Peaches is my best friend, I can’t do this to her,” I started to say even as he started to nuzzle my neck while stroking my breast through my silk blouse. I almost pushed him away just picturing my long time friend with her almost Shirley Temple like looks.
“Really? Let’s see if we can make you feel a little better about this than.”
Holding my eyes captive with his, he started to pay homage to my body.
He started murmuring words like chocolate and honey as he pulled down the cups of my bra.
I would have thought that was corny if I could have thought at all, but this man trying to jam his hand in my shirt was distracting.
“Do you taste as sweet as you look,” he asked, bringing his mouth to mine as I gasped at his daring.
Ummmmmm,” was all I could say as he pushed his thick tongue into my mouth while palming me.
Unable to control myself any more I started to pull his hand under my miniskirt.
Groaning at my encouragement he got the message and became more instant, pushing his fingers past my thong and into my pussy.
“Do you like that, baby? You are so fucking hot,” he panted.
“Fuck, yeah. Deeper, I want you to feel how wet you get me. I think pf you too.
For such a long time I wanted to fuck you in my bed. Feel you come inside of me,” I said grinding myself into his calloused hand.
“Oh shit. Let’s do it than,” he said as he started to reach for the door handle of his seat, obviously pleased at my true feelings
But at that point I couldn’t wait anymore. Taking advantage of his SUV’s spacious interior, I hiked my legs up to pull off the thong, pushed him back and climbed on top of him.
I pulled at his shirt collar, busting buttons and pulling at the waist of his trousers, while sticking my tongue just behind his ear, to play on his sensitive areas and sucking on his earlobe between licks.
He automatically started to palm my buttocks, occasionally sticking a finger passed them to play with my wetness.
Finally, getting a hold of his shorts, I pulled down and almost dropped my jaw. This man was hung! At least 8 inches of prime meat was staring at me. It stood at attention on his now exposed six-pack. On impulse, trying to get closer, I just spread me legs wider on his thighs and moved forward. I began to gyrate on his dick, my clit feeling like it was going to burst being rubbed on his hot shaft, while grabbing his upper body and pressing my breasts against his strong pecs.
“Oh shit, I can’t wait any more,” he moaned.
Toying with his seat recliner I managed to lower his position and pushed up to lower myself on his hot cock. I almost panicked, because I had never had such a big one in me before, but he just grabbed me and knowing what my reaction would be, soothed my panic, holding my gaze with an arrogant smile, almost daring me to move away. Damn, it was thicker than my wrist!
Working myself down, I was shocked to feel my orgasm so close. Fighting to hold it back, I just held still. Meanwhile, his eyes started to roll in the back of his head.
“You’re so fuckin’ tight. Oh, hold still. Yeah, just like that,” he said as he started to pull my shirt off the rest of the way. He flicked the light on in the car and smiled with appreciation at my 38C breasts standing at attention, with nipples that could cut glass.
Now, giddy with pleasure I started to bounce on him, enjoying his heavy breathing and the hands pulling at my nipples.
Suddenly I found myself being flipped over on the driver’s seat, which was lying in an almost completely horizontal position, being pinned by the huge pole between my legs.
“Harder. Yes, yes, yes,” I yelled, no longer able to hold back what was possibly the biggest orgasm ever.
Shoving his head against my chest and latching onto a nipple he pressed into me until I thought we would punch a whole into the bottom of his car.
Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh,” we just kept moaning as we came down from a sexual high that must have put acid trips to shame.
Waiting for the shame of betraying a best friend to set in was nerve wracking, but it never set in for me. Taking advantage of the free conscience I just kept stroking the back of the hotty lying on top of me, waiting for his next move.
What he said next made my pussy clench in anticipation.
“So what were you saying about your bed?”

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    Very good! You made it real.

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