Good time with sister in law and her friend

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I am a happily married man living in India. I have two sisters in laws both of whom are yet to be married. The elder of the two sisters in law is the one that I have seduced and had a good time with.

Initially, I had never given second glance to my SIL. In the recent past, I started noticing her after she began wearing jeans and tight tops. She had huge boobs that moved as she spoke and bulging ass that jiggled as she moved.

I began spending time with her. I took her to movies and restaurants. Slowly she opened up to me. She would still hesitate to sit close to me while all the while I was tempted to caress her huge boobs and ass. I wanted to see her in the nude.

An opportunity presented itself one day. I was alone at home. It was a wet day with rains coming down from the previous night. I was awaiting the arrival of my SIL since she was supposed to stay with me and take care of my basic needs. I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door to find my SIL standing outside. She was wearing one of her tight jeans and tops. The jeans were completely wet, as she had to wade through a pool of water on the way. She kept her bag in the guest room and went to the bathroom to freshen up and change. She wore another pair of jeans with the same tops. She then went into the kitchen to prepare some snacks and tea.

All the while I was busy watching TV in the hall. Suddenly I noticed a dark patch of cloth lying on the floor. I bent down to pick it up and found that it was my SIL’s panty. It would have probably fallen while she was taking her clothes to be dried on the clothesline inside the house. I was aroused. I was a wearing loose shorts and a T Shirt at that time.

I picked up the panty and went into my room. I stripped my self and laid down myself on the bed. I held the panty close to my face and smelled the aroma of my SIL. I noticed a stain on the panty in the exact position where it would have touched her pubic hair. I was sure that it was her juices that had dried out. At the same time I was jacking myself off.

I was busy while suddenly I heard a gasp. I turned around to see my SIL staring at me in shock. She was totally red in face. She was staring at my rod, her panty and my face in turns. I was stunned to see her and in the confusion, my rod started making jerky movements in her direction. It was funny to see my rod fully erect and pointing at my SIL making those movements. She overcame her shock and started to giggle at my appearance.

This reaction somewhat mollified me and I began to apologize to her. She asked me to get ready and come since tea was ready. She took her panty and left the room.

I went to hall to find that she was pouring out tea in the cups. She offered a cup. We both kept silently sipping the tea when she suddenly asked me what was I doing with her panty.

I felt that I better come out clean since there is now nothing to hide. I told her that I fancied her. I always dreamt about caressing her boobs, sucking her cunt and fucking her. I told her that I saw her panty and could not control myself. I was masturbating when she came in.

She was both shocked and stunned to hear me talk like this. I also told her that I noticed some stains in her panty. She blushed on hearing that. I asked her what it was. She was blushing and finally on my insisting, she told me that she regularly climaxes when she wears jeans. The tight jeans rubbed and stimulated her while she walked.

Sensing her defenses coming down, I asked if she ever stroked herself or fantasized. She said that she wanted to but had not done it so far because she was shy. I offered to help her. I told her that since she knows everything about me and me about her it would not be a problem.

All the while I kept going back to the bedroom scene and my erection was growing. It was clearly visible through my shorts. I got up went near my SIL. I asked her to stand. There was fear and at the same time eagerness in her eyes and her body language conveyed the same.

I slowly took her into my embrace all the while holding her face in my hands. I locked my lips over her lips. She was unsure as to what should be done. I told her to relax and just follow my actions. I opened up her mouth and sucked her tongue. Slowly responding to my tongue movements, she repeated the same step to step.

I felt her relax to certain extent. I let my hand roam all over body starting from her back to her buttocks and back. She initially hesitated but then let her hands roam all over my body.

Meanwhile my erection was hard and was pressing into her lower abdomen.

As she relaxed further, I slowly unbuttoned her top and removed it. She was wearing a black transparent bra. I could see her nipples aroused and straining against the bra. Before she could be overcome with doubts, I quickly unhooked and removed her bra. She felt shy and immediately covered her boobs with her hands.

I resumed kissing her. After sometime she relaxed and let her hands down and allowed me to look at her size 36 boobs hanging like watermelons in full glory. I initially caressed her nipples with hands. I held the nipples between my fingers and alternately squeezed and released them.

She was reacting to my touch. She was arching her back and pushing her boobs towards me. I then bent down and took one nipple in the mouth and sucked. It brought out a gasp from her and she moaned in excitement. I repeated it with her other nipple and continued to alternate between them.

She was so engrossed in her own ecstasy that she did not realize that I had unbuttoned her jeans and dropped it to her ankles.

I was stunned to see that she was not wearing a panty. She explained that she was having only one spare and had kept it for the next day.

I was enjoying myself and looking at my SIL in her full glory. It was as I used to dream about. Her pubic area was a dark mass of thick curls. I could see that it was moist and the dampness was increasing in proportion to my caressing of her boobs.

She was moaning excitedly and was getting out control. Seeing her behavior excited me and my rod was straining to get out.

I asked to her sit down. I stood in front of her and removed my T-shirt. I then asked her to remove my shorts and brief. She felt shy. As I touched her boobs, she pulled down my shorts along with my brief. My rod, which was stuck inside, sprung up like a coil and smacked her face. She was taken aback. She kept staring my rod. I asked her to touch it. She touched it tentatively at first. She was lightly stroking it. Her actions were driving me mad. I asked her hold it properly and move the foreskin back. She gasped at the redness of the head and the size of the rod.

I asked her to kiss the rod and suck it. She was hesitant. I cajoled her into kissing and sucking my rod. My rod felt hot inside her warm mouth. I kept pushing and pulling my rod into and from my mouth. She soon got the hang of it and started sucking my rod. Simultaneously I made her lie down on the carpet. I positioned myself on her such a way that, my rod was in her mouth and my mouth was exactly in front of her pubic area. I could smell her juice that was coming out. I bent down and licked her cunt with my tongue. This movement of mine sent a shock through her body and she let out a small scream.

I kept licking her and stroking her cunt with my tongue. She was screaming in ecstasy. Suddenly she squeezed my head between her legs. She kept screaming at me “Faster, Faster” in between sucking my rod. I increased my tempo of sucking her as well as pumping my rod in and out of her sensuous mouth.

In a short while we both climaxed. My mouth was full of her juices while her mouth was full of my semen. I kept sucking her till every drop of her juice came out while she did the same for me.

I could see radiance coming into her face. She was lovingly handli
ng my rod, which was starting to become placid.

I told her that I wanted to enter her. She was no
t sure about it.

I placed my placid rod inside her mouth and asked her to suck it. My rod started growing in her mouth, which excited her. I started fingering her clitoris and again brought her to a point of excitement.

I turned myself in such a way that my rod was stroking her pubic area sending her into raptures. Soon she was begging me to enter her. I positioned my rod and slid it into her warm and moist cunt. It was a bit tight. I proceeded little by little bringing a gasp from her every time I went deeper. Finally I was able to slide my rod into her wet dampness. I began pumping her. SIL was a fast learner and soon she was moving her body and matching me stroke for stroke.

All the while I was kneading her boobs in my hands and kissing her. She also had lost all her inhibitions. Her hands were roaming all over my body and she was screaming out words like “suck, fuck, finger me”.

Soon I was ready to come and came in such a fashion that half of my semen overflowed from her cunt mixed along with her juices.

Fully tired, we lay down on the carpet and went to sleep. On waking up after a few hours, we made love again. We then freshened up.

My SIL then told me about her roommate. She wanted me to initiate her roommate also into the wonderful world of sex. Well that’s another story.

This was how I seduced my SIL.

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