Hard Up Check Up

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In a hospital south of Tokyo, Walter Stallion had his usual check-up. As often as he came, the nurses would find that he was perfectly fit to go back to work, saving the world as the top agent for Interpol’s Asian Division. But on one occasion, Nurse Nao gave him an extra check-up.
She came into the room while Stallion was sitting in his boxers on the table. Stallion watched her as she came in. She was dressed in a cute little white sailor-style hat over a bun of short straight black hair, a white dress that dropped just past her upper thighs, and white stockings underneath.
“Please stand up,” she said, trying to cover with professionalism the fact that she was hotly attracted to him.
Nurse Nao admired his powerfully built athletic body and washboard stomach. “Oh, my, you certainly keep in shape, Mr. Stallion.”
“I try,” Stallion replied.
“Please take off your shorts and stand on the scale,” she said, trying not to reveal her lustful feelings.
Stallion slipped his boxers to the floor and as he did, he bent his tight ass towards Nao. Then he stepped on the scale, his massive long fat cock hanging low. Nao gasped slightly at its size.
She cleared her throat and scribbled on the clipboard. “Ok, you can get dressed and sit back down.”
“I’d rather stay like this,” Stallion said, turning to face her, his cock flopping to the right as he turned to face her. He smiled as he caught her staring at his cock. Stepping off the scale, he took her hand and put it on his cock. The feel of her hand on his cock made the thick floppy dick become a rock hard pole. As Stallion had suspected, Nao did not remove her hand. He guided her hand over his heavy balls and rock hard dick.
“You need to give me a thorough inspection, Nurse Nao,” Stallion said.
“Yes,” Nao breathed, “very thorough.” After Stallion had removed his hand from hers, Nao continued stroking the long thick shaft. Her other hand raked slowly down his strong pecs and rock hard abs until it came to rest on his cock. With both hands, she worked his pole up and down.
Then she slid to her knees, taking his fat cock head in her smooth velvety warm mouth. With every slippery suck, she took the cock into her mouth a little bit deeper. Stallion began breathing heavy as she sucked him. Slurp, splash, suck, she sucked and sucked for a long time, sucking, slurping, splashing with saliva, sucking again, sucking, lips smooth and warm up and down his long shaft. Keeping his cock in her mouth, she fondled his heavy balls, still sucking and slurping, sucking slurping, moaning, sucking, splashing, sucking.
Nurse Nao worked her tongue up and down the shaft, sucking, licking, slurping. Stallion hadn’t watched the clock, closing his eyes and playing with her hat and hair as she gave him the best blowjob he had ever had.
“Oh!” Stallion let out a very loud moan. He was close to cumming, but just as he was reaching his peak, there was a knock at the door. Nurse Nao let Stallion’s cock slip out of her mouth and she whirled around.
It was Nurse Namiko. Also dressed like Nao, Nurse Namiko could have been Nao’s sister. Namiko gasped when she saw Stallion’s rock hard cock dripping with saliva.
“Yes, Nurse Namiko?” asked Nao, her entire face flush as she wiped her mouth quickly.
Nurse Namiko replied with her head down. “I… I was just checking to see what was taking so long.”
“Please come in, nurse,” Stallion said to Namiko. “I think I need a second opinion.”

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