hubby's wife goes wild on bud

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my husband invited an old co-worker, Jason, to stay with us until his apartment was ready to be rented. Two weeks i had to deal with this guy i barely knew. I met him before two years ago at the firestation and i thought he was a cute young kid, but two years later, he developed into a hottie…we had a conversation over the phone that lasted for over two hours,. just talking about nothing,. he told me about his sex life and his sexual behaviors,. kinky sex, hair pulling, biting etc. all this was making me hot but i didn’t mention it,. i played along as though i thought he was crazy for telling me all this. Nights after we talked, i found it very difficult to sleep at night. i wanted him,. i had fantasies about us having the wildest sex we both ever had. I was five years older than him so i figured i knew alot more but the way he was talking the other night,. it sounded like we were even. Two days after we helped him move into his apartment,. my husband was working a 24 hour shift at the fire department and i decided to go visit Jason. He answered the door and asked me in,. his facial expression showed me that he was able to read what was on my mind. the apartment was cluttered with boxes, but one box caught my eye, it was filled with xxx videos. i said ” what do we have here?” so i helped my self to the dvd player and popped one in, just the thought of watching a fuck flick had my pussy all wet. I sat next to him on the couch and he cleared his throat. we both knew what was going to happen. i heard moaning on the television as i turned my head towards Jason and slowly worked my hands towards his thighs. He sat there waiting for me. the look in his eyes got me even wetter. I strattled him still in my jeans that hugged my ass so tight. He wrapped his hand over my ass squeezing as i was breathing on his neck making him feel how hot and horny i really was. Grinding my cunt on him, i felt his cock get harder. Slowly running my right hand to his cock,.i felt his tongue on my nipple… i could hear him and feel his hard breathing against my tits. he wanted me.. to be continued.

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