I Was Caught, And We Got Dirty

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Naisha hadn’t been laid for months, and she felt so horny. So she decided to go see a movie to get her mind off of her aching pussy. It was a romance that Naisha went to see. Halfway through the movie, Naisha’s pussy began dripping. Feeling she needed some relief, she headed to the back of the movie theatre to finger herself. It felt so wonderful as her soft, ebony fingers rubbed slowly back and forth across her needy clit. It was very hard to conceal her moans as she fingered herself into her first orgasm. Sensing someone was watching her, she swiftly turned her head from right to left. On the left side, Naisha spotted a sexy looking young white male, watching her sensually. Seductively, she scooted over the 3 seats and sat flirtatiously onm his long hard dick.
“Ooooh, someone’s a little hard,” Naisha cooned. “You want some of Mama’s stuff?” Greedily, the man tore open her shirt, and ripped off her bra, exposing her 36DD tits to the air condtitioned cold of the theatre. He hungrily sucked on her nipples as she groaned and moaned sofly in pleasure. Naisha sidled off his dick and pulled off his pants, revealing his 10″ dick. Naisha pulled off her pants and thong, and shoved her pussy into his mouth. Naisha moaned in pleasure as he ate her out to two orgasms. Wanting something up her pussy, Naisha eagerly got down onto the popcorn covered floor and waited to be fucked. Automatically, the man eased his long dick into her wanting, dripping pussy and pumped ferociously until he came inside her, with long shooting streams. Feeling great, Naisha thaned the man and left the theatere.

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