In the Park

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This is a story about a girl name Vineal. Vineal was a shy girl. She was on the chubby side with a cute face. She was a dark skin black girl weight about 175 pounds 5’6 with 39DD breast. She had an apartment with her friends Shuntie and Ben. Shuntie and Ben were hot. They always had company. They were both head turners;they had similar features both brown hair and blue eyes and both in very good physical shape. Shuntie had a very nice 36D rack and standing at 5’8; don’t leave Ben out he had a 8.5 inch cock he is 6’2.

Ben and Shuntie were gone for the week. She was enjoying having the apartment to herself. She loved walking around naked. She was up late one night and was restless. She decides to go for a walk she was hoping no one was out so she only had on a green dress with a bra on. She and her roommates would always go on walks like these late at night.

She decides to sit on a bench and look at the stars. She heard some guys coming they sounded drunk so she didn’t pay much attention to them. They spotted the cute black girl with the big tits sitting on the bench. There was 3 of them and two of them looked to weight over 285lbs. The biggest one had brown short hair and she couldn’t see much of his face. The other had long brown hair and the other was kind of sexy with a military cut with blonde hair. The other was very body builder large. They hopes she was up for some fun or why else would she be in the park at 2:30 in the morning. She thought they would pass her but the muscler one stood in front of her and the other two surrounded her on both sides.

She leaned forward to to get up but the fat guys grabbed her shoulders.

The one with the long hair said, “Nope sexy sit there we have a few surprises for you.”

She tried to move again but they didn’t let go.”Nope babe you’re not going anywhere until we get some of that chocolate pussy,” the body builder pauses as if in thought, “I’ve always wanted to be with a black girl and dam you sexy.”

The to big guys then lifted her by her arms ans pulled her behind the bench into the trees. They still had her surrounded and were pulling out there cocks. She couldn’t tell how big they were because there wasn’t much light. She was about to run when the one with the brown hair snatched her back by her hair. Then forced his dick into her mouth, ” Bitch suck and if you bite me I’ll kill you.” She began to suck and his dick was that big. His belly was kind of sitting on top of her head. Even though she was being force to do this she was still turned on. She felt someone hands on her hips. Pulling her hips back. She pulled her mouth off his dick to see the other fat guy pulling her ass apart, the long hair far guy then forced his 4 inch dick back into her mouth. She felt so gross to be about two fat dudes. Then she felt big boy tounge lick her asshole, god it felt good and her pussy was so wet. She felt his his fat finger slide into her pussy and she couldn’t help but moan. She decides she was going to make the best of being raped. Then fat boy cummed in her mouth and she spit it out.

“You should have swallowed,” he said as he moved away.

” And you should have had a bigger dick fat man,” that’s when the other fat man made her cum and she yelled. Then he moved to the front of her and she sucks his dick he was only about six inches.

The body builder comes up behind her and pushes his two fingers into her pussy Damn she was tight and wet. His cock was much bigger than his friend 8 inches long and 2 inches thick; she was in for a Suprise and he much enjoyed rough sex. He slapped her ass hard watching it giggle. He then put the tip of his mushrooms head into her tight pussy shoving it in hard dam she was so tight it hurt his cock some. She pulled the fat guy cock from her mouth.

“Oh fuck please you are hurting me,” she groaned as he shoved into her pussy hard again, “oh god to much stop please stop,” tears ran down her face it hurt so bad. He kept pounding then told the guy to put his dick back into her mouth.

She was hurting but her body came. He still didn’t stop fucking her after she came twice and he still hadn’t cum yet.

“I’m ready again I want to fuck that ass, Lue you can fuck her mouth again.”

She could not run if she wanted to her legs had turned into jelly.She had only had anal once and it hurt like hell. The long hair fat guy laid on his back in the grass his cock ready to push into her ass. She ask the guys not to do this to her. They straddled her I’ve him and pulled her dress completely off. The fat guy spread her ass apart forcing his cock into her wet puckered hole she yelled from the pain but felt her pussy get wetter. It felt like her ass was burning. She felt so grossed out telling the fat man belly against het back. Feeling her stomach ass trying to push him out. The body builder pushes her back and spread her legs telling her how good her pussy felt. He then enters her hard and fast, she feels so full and it hurts so much but feels good. The first fat guy pulls her bra down and starts sucking her nipples. She lover her nipples to be teased.

“Oh yes it feels so good, oh god this is wrong” the guys felt her pussy and ass clenching them.The fat guy with the brown hair then pushed his dick into her mouth and starts slapping her tits and pinching them hard. That,turned her on more. She suck his small dick wanting his cum in her mouthed. His belly rubbed against her head she felt his sweat. The guy under her was sweating hard and had cummed on her ass. The body builder was close and pounding her cunt her hard her tight pussy felt so good to him. It was still tight even after him pounding her so long. He finally came filling her cunt with his seed.

They dresssed her then left. Her pussy was dripping. cum when they left. The body builder knew if he ever found her again her along again he would rape her again. She sat there coming to terms with what had happened and she felt good. She went home and took a shower and dreamed of getting fucked like that again.

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