Jon and Amy

Jon and Amy have been boyfriend and girlfriend since their first year in middle school. They loved each other, sure they fought once in a while and would say they “broke up” but in a week you could see them walking through the hallways of the school, hand-in-hand. In the parking lot they would be making-out on Jon’s car for an hour.
Jon was told he was a hunk, sexy, cute, handsome e.t.c. He stood 6’0, wavy raven black hair, deep hazel colored eyes, a nice caramel complexion and a very well shaped athletic build.
Amy was told she was sexy, cute, pretty, beautiful e.t.c. She stood 5’7, long curly black hair, sea-green eyes, a tanned Asian complexion; a full, firm D cup chest and she had some muscle on her.
This was the couples last year in high school and Jon was looking forward to the summer, however, him and Amy had another fight about Amy and her reasons for being so distant with Jon for the past month. Jon’s friends told him that Amy had been hanging around Stephanie more often.
Stephanie was a lesbian and a bitch, everyone knew it. She was about Amy’s height, blonde hair, bright blue eyes, a serious face all the time, she was muscly as well and she had a C cup.
Stephanie had been a lesbian since middle school and hated men, she and Jon would fight a lot when they were paired into groups on a project and she had once told him that she would one day sleep with Amy, that was when he had back-handed her so hard she spat out blood, that was in their 11th year.
Jon didn’t believe his friends when they told him Amy had been hanging with Stephanie but as the days went on he noticed that Amy no longer came by his car so they could kiss, she no longer sat at the table with him nor did she even call him at night or look at him as she walked through the halls.
Today as Jon was in his last class; P.E. he noticed that Amy and Stephanie were talking to each other and this angered Jon so much that he dropped his baseball bat and walked across the green field toward the two. His friends were trying to hold him back but Jon was too strong, he walked through the field, through the basketball court and up to the doors where the female locker rooms were, he stopped a foot from the two, his face full of rage. Amy looked scared as she stared at Jon and Stephanie had a sly grin on her face.
“So you been hanging with this lesbo haven’t you?” Jon asked, trying to hold back his rage.
“Jon, p-please don’t b-be angry I-“
“She, is a lesbo now, she don’t like you boy. Now leave us alone.” Stephanie said.
“You shut up before I hit you like I did last year! Now tell me the truth Amy, are you a lesbian?”
Amy just nodded slowly, answering Jon’s question.
“I don’t believe this, Amy we are gonna talk.” Jon grabbed Amy by her arm and led her into the male locker room, Stephanie tried to follow but stopped when she reached the doors, Jon knew she wouldn’t enter the men locker room, she hated men THAT much.
Jon led Amy to his locker aisle and sat her on the bench as he stood up, looking down at her.
“So what’s the deal, why couldn’t you tell me?”
“I wasn’t sure if I was a pure lesbian. I was just walking home and she was walking behind me and before I knew it I was being strapped down to a chair and she was touching me. I told her to stop but she wouldn’t, her friends all had their turns and I tried to tell my parents but they weren’t around. When we were done Stephanie said if I told anyone she would kill you. They kept coming back for an entire month and I began to like it and so I stopped calling you and stuff and they kept coming back.”
Jon was over come with fury, he wanted to kill Stephanie for what she did but he remembered that he had a bunch of other girls waiting for him, half the cheerleading squad wanted to sleep with him and that sprung ideas into his head.
“Fine, you wanna be a lesbian whatever, don’t come to me if you get bored with it and lose my number.” He said finally as he walked out of his aisle.
“Wait, can we still be friends?”
“Tch, you lied to me and cheated on me, why the fuck would I want to be friends with a skank like you?”
“Please, Jon, I still love you-“
“Bullshit, you love Stephanie and her friends.”
As Jon walked towards the door Amy grabbed his arm and pulled him back towards her.
“Let me go!”
“No, I love you, please stay with me, I can leave her, I can leave them.”
“Stop talking, you lied to me once how do I know you aren’t doing it now?”
“I will do whatever it takes for you to believe me, I don’t like being with them, they are ruthless and mean and abusive, please.”
Jon looked at Amy and saw she began to cry, he never really liked seeing her cry and her face was too beautiful for it.
He got on his knees in front of her and began kissing her cheeks then her lips and she kissed back, her tears wiped off onto his face. As they kissed their tongues were wrestling with each other trying to figure out which one would be on top.
Jon slid his hands up Amy’s blue tank top and cupped her right breast with his right hand and squeezed it softly, playing with her nipple with his index finger. Jon heard Amy moan in his mouth as he did this and he stopped rubbing her breast and squeezed her nipple with his thumb and index finger.
Amy pulled away from the kiss and looked at Jon “Take me now; it’s been a long time before we have been together and all I’ve had were strap-ons and dildos which is not a good feeling because they are rubber and fake.”
Jon nodded as she said this and he picked her up off the floor and laid her down on the bench, he looked at his watch and saw that due to finals the younger classes were taking he and Amy had an hour before class was over, that was all the time he needed. Jon slid off Amy’s purple P.E. shorts and saw she was wearing the type of underwear that he liked her to wear, a bright orange g-string. Jon leaned his head close to Amy’s crotch area and grabbed the upper string of the g-string and pulled it down with his teeth, it came off all the way and he tossed it aside watching it land on the gray locker room floor. Jon looked at Amy’s pussy and saw she had grown some hair since their time apart.
“Why don’t you shave anymore?” He asked, looking at her slightly hairy pussy.
“Being with them, they wouldn’t allow me to shave so when I was alone, which was not really often, I shaved, thinking of you which made me wet and helped me shave.” She said.
Jon knew he wasn’t gonna eat her out at this exact moment; it wasn’t the proper time to do that. He pulled off his purple P.E. shorts and slid off his black and red boxers, his hard cock sprung out of its restraint and Amy let out a soft moan sound as she saw it in all of its hardness and glory.
“Wow, it’s been a long time since I have seen a real cock, I miss it.” She said.
Jon grabbed his cock and sat down between Amy’s spread legs and he rubbed her slit with the tip of his cock slowly, this caused her to let out another soft moan of pleasure as she felt the cock on her slit and she was begging for him to fill her with his thick cock.
“You want this?” he asked, teasingly.
“Yes, please, give it to me.”
“Why, you don’t deserve it, admit it.”
“I-I-I don’t deserve it, I know, but I want it sooo bad. Let me have it please. I will do anything for it, just once more.”
“I will tell you what you will do after we are done.”
Amy nodded and Jon grabbed his cock a little harder then he slid it inside of her, she tensed up a bit, her toes curling and Jon noticed her biting her lower lip as he slid inside of her. He only put 5 inches of his cock in her, letting her beg for the remaining 4 inches. Jon grabbed Amy’s hips and he felt her lock her legs around his waist, her feet resting on his back. He slid the rest of his cock inside of her and he saw her shut her eyes and let out more moans of pleasure, he slid out then pushed back inside of her. As he did this at his steady, gentle pace Amy’s pussy began to get wet and her wetness lubricated his cock which
allowed him to shove inside of her faster and harder, he put all of his cock in her pus
sy that his ball sack touched her cunt as well and got some of her juices on it.
Jon pulled out then he rammed his cock back inside of her pussy, making slopping sounds as he pulled out and pushed back in. Amy’s moans kept getting louder and louder with each push inside of her pussy. Jon pulled out of her and she unlocked her legs and got up off of the bench and put her back to the lockers, Jon walked up to her and she put her hands on his shoulders and jumped up he caught her by her legs and she wrapped them around his back once again, Jon held her tight by her legs as he slid his cock back inside of her pussy and began to thrust inside of her and barely pull out.
Amy arched her head back and let out loud moans in the locker room, Jon just gripped tighter on her legs and rammed his cock in her pussy.
“Oh God, I’m coming, I’m coming!” she said, her head still raised in the air.
Jon pushed harder inside of her and Amy’s moans became more rapid and louder then she screamed in pleasure as she came, her juices oozing out of her and onto Jon’s cock which lubricated it some more, making it easy to slide in and out of her.
A few minutes later Jon grunted and groaned then he shot his cum inside of Amy, she had her head held up by the support of the lockers and when she felt his warm cum enter her pussy she let out several small moans, feeling his warm cum enter her and make her feel warm all over.
A few short thrusts and Jon was spent, he slid out of her and set Amy down on her feet, the both of them could barely stand but they had to get changed and go back to class.
Jon and Amy put their clothes back on and they kissed passionately before they left the locker room, hand in hand. When they were at the doors Stephanie and three of her friends were there to greet them, Jon’s friends were standing near the doors as well.
“You two kiss and make up yet?” asked James, Jon’s best friend.
Jon and Amy looked at each other, “You could say that.” Jon said.
“Come on Amy.” Stephanie said.
Jon whispered something in Amy’s ear and she nodded then she walked up to Stephanie and to everyone’s surprise, except Jon’s, she slapped her hard across her face, using her long nails as claws as her skin connected to the lesbians face. When everyone looked at Stephanie’s face they saw four red lines across her face and blood seemed to trickle down her face.
“I hate you. And for your information, being a lesbian is not the best, I would rather be straight then go another day with you.”
“Why you little Asian slut…”
Stephanie grabbed a knife from her back shorts and raised it in the air and brought it down to enter the top of Amy’s skull but…
To Be Continued…

P.S. I very much like lesbians this is just a story.

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