Kelly gets what she wants from 2 guys at the gym

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Kelly is a High School student, a pretty good one at that, all B’s and one A. Kelly is also extremely flirtatious and loves to tease guys into fucking her. Kelly is about 5’4” tall, has blonde hair, perfectly tanned body even on her DD breasts, a perfect ass that leads into her shapely smooth thighs, and has a medium build, not skinny, but not fat either, and all the guys at her high school are after her, especialy after they see the sexy little vixen cheerleading. Well, on this particular day, shes after the cock again, and she goes to the gym for it, wearing some very short black cheer shorts and a white tank top, which shoes a ton of cleavage, so as to entice any guys she might be wantin to entice. As she walks into the gym, and notices two tall, muscular studs workin out, one black n one white. She sees the white guy (Ill call him WG) puttin his weights back on the rack and she goes next to him, bending over to pick something up next to him, her ass pushed up against his leg. Kelly giggles, saying ” sorry stud” , grinning up at him. “Its ok” he says, mesmerized by her ass, and then her tits as she stood up n faced him. “Well, if its ok, can you spot me really quickly?” WG asked, “sure” she replied. He lay down on the incline bench, where youre lies at a 45 degree angle, and she came and straddled him on it, knowing this would get her what she wanted. Too amazed to think, he just stared at her as she put her hands on his chest, moaning lightly, “That feels so good” she said to him and, after seeing that those two plus the black guy (BG) were alone in the gym, she slid his shorts off, and his cock sprung out at her, and she took it n started jerkin it off, as the black guy came behind her and started rubbin her hips and kissin her neck, makin her moan as she rubbed WG’s cock. BG pulled her tank top off, and started feelin her DD tits. Kelly turned around puttin her arms around BG’s neck, and WG came behind Kelly, pullin her shorts down, and started teasin her little cunt with it, finally slidin it in, as she moaned louder. kelly loved being the meat in this sandwhich, she kept moanin louder and louder as WG moved his cock in n out faster and faster as she made out with BG with her hands around his neck, while he fondled her breasts. “OOOHHHHHH god yea you big studs” She could tell she was gonna cum soon, and WG was gettin close as well. After a few more thrusts, there it went, her pussy juices spiled over onto his cock and that made him empty his load into her little cunt. WG slid his cock out, and without turnin around, she grinned at BG, and took hold of his cock after pullin his shorts down, and slid it into her pussy from the front, while she leaned back onto white man who was behind her wrappin her arms around his neck, letting BG fuck her little pussy, and fondle her boobs even more as she moaned louder and louder, her pussy tight around his big cock, then leanin forward puttin her arms around BG’s neck again, and lettin white man feel her ass and kiss all over her back and neck. She kept movin up n down as BG thrust his cock in and out, as her moans got louder and louder, finally gettin close to climax, she started kissin him again as she squirted all over his cock, and he cummed deep into her little pussy, her moanin into his mouth as they kissed, both guys feelin all over her hot little body as she orgasmed. They both wanted one more, so they all stodd next to each other, all facin the same direction, and Kelly in between them, she put a hand on each of their cocks, and started jerkin them off, lettin them feel all over her body as they pleased, and she moaned as they felt her her up together. “yeah big boys, give it to me, ohhhh, give it to me” she moaned to them. BG came first, squirtin all over her tits, and her thighs, as she moaned in pleasure at this, and WG came a second later, squirtin in the same area, and she moaned again louder, as they both pushed the last of it out onto her big tits and hot thighs and the rest of her body as they feel her ass n tits.
“OK, now get back to workin out boys” she giggles, sldin her shorts and tank top back on.

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