Korean Bribe

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by Walter Stallion

Walter Stallion was the top agent for Interpol’s Undercover Asian Division. Although he was stationed in Hong Kong, he often traveled to exotic locations throughout Asia, working deep, very deep,
This mission took Stallion into the heart of South Korea, a seedy district in downtown Seoul. He was assigned to pose as a personnel manager to watch a man known as Hun. Most people knew Hun as an innocent bank manager who led a private but fulfilling single life. What they didn’t know was that Hun was a suspected killer for an underground crime syndicate in South Korea.
To get to Hun, Stallion had to find a way in, a way to get close to Hun. But how? He had a whole plan set up to summon Hun to the personnel office in the morning, but that night in Stallion’s hotel suite, his plans suddenly changed.
It was about 1:00 a.m. when Stallion heard a clicking noise at the door of his hotel room. It was dark in the room. Stallion liked to sleep in the nude, so he slipped from the bed, his big long
cock dangling low. He touched the thick shaft in the dark and moaned. It was still a little bit sensitive from the night before when Jen, an old friend in Seoul, had spent the night.
Suddenly there was another sound at the door. Someone was trying to get in unnoticed. Perhaps Jen had returned. Unlikely, Stallion thought. She had told him she was on her way to Paris the morning she left.
Quickly, he moved like a cat across the living room carpet and slid quietly close to the door.
Just then, the door opened a crack. Stallion waited silently behind the door and crouched like a tiger. He would have the advantage; his eyes were used to the dark. The outside hall was lit.
As soon as he saw a hand, he reached out and grabbed the wrist, wrenching it forcefully into the room. Immediately, Stallion recognized the body as female as she fell into the dark suite and dropped onto the carpet in the living room with Stallion’s large, athletic naked body straddling her.
The only light in the room was moonlight streeming in from the sliding glass windows leading to the balcony.
Stallion was surprised to find such a beautiful Korean face. She had gorgeous smooth Asian skin with high cheekbones and her face was dolled up in make up with ruby red lipstick. Her long jet black hair was parted slightly on the right and fell partly over the side of her left cheek. She smelled of some kind of flower perfume. Quickly, Stallion got a look at her body, at least the part he could see.
She was wearing a long black trenchcoat that had partially come open when she fell to the floor.
The woman was speechless and tried to catch her breath, not only because she had been so easily caught, but also because Stallion’s large naked body lay over her.
“Who are you?” Stallion demanded.
When she finally caught her breath, she replied, “My name is Sungyon. I am Hun’s girlfriend.”
Stallion was a bit taken aback at the mention of Hun.
She smiled. “You seem surprised, Mr. Stallion.”
It seemed that Hun knew more about Stallion than he had realized.
“Why did he send you?” Stallion questioned further. “To kill me?”
“To ask you to leave Korea,” she smiled simply. “And to offer myself as a bribe if you are unwilling to go.”
Her hands finally touched his powerful shoulders, sliding slowly down his sides, down to his round tight ass. “Oh, my,” she breathed. “Hun’s description of you didn’t do you justice.”
Stallion’s big, thick cock shaft began to get hard as she felt his ass cheeks. Perhaps, Stallion pondered, he could use this situation to his advantage. He could use her to get to Hun.
Stallion got up from on top of her and let her up. As soon as she got up, her trenchcoat opened fully to reveal a sexy red flyaway babydoll underneath. She let the coat drop to the floor. The babydoll was completed by see-through red panties and matching stockings. Through the panties, Stallion could see
her sexy black bush.
“Well,” Stallion relaxed, his cock becoming big and stiff in the moonlight. “I see Hun knows how
to pay a bribe.”
“In exchange,” she reminded him as she slid closer to him, feeling his massive hard banana boat. “For your promise to leave.”
“Oh, I promise,” Stallion lied as he wrapped his powerful muscular arms around Sungyon’s shorter body. In the dark living room, their hot tongues met like a flash of lightning, two passionate fires
colliding. As they kissed, Sungyon’s hand took Stallion’s long stiff shaft and began sliding up and down, making him so hot.
Stallion’s own hands undid the bow that held up the babydoll top and it slipped to the floor, revealing her nice round hard-nippled 36C breasts. Their tongues intertwined in a sea of saliva as Sungyon took both hands on Stallion’s massive cock and began jerking him up and down. His bell-shaped cockhead touched her soft stomach.
Stallion’s fingers slipped below her see-through panties to touch her hairy bush. As soon as his fingers touched her sensitive wet spot, Sungyon let out a loud “uh.”
“I want this cock!” she breathed fiercely.
In the moonlight, Stallion found the leather couch in the living room and slid down to his back. The leather felt cold on his ass, but his front was burning up as Sungyon continued her two-handed grip
on his long dick. As Stallion lay back, Sungyon took the bell-shaped cock head into her mouth, slurping it slowly. She continued slurping it, sucking and making slurp sounds, her saliva all over his cock head.
Stallion sat up, forcing himself to hold back cumming, as he grabbed Sungyon’s inner thigh.
“Get over here,” Stallion ordered, as he lifted her legs up over his head, her body sliding easily on top of him into the 69 position. Her soft breasts slid on his powerful abs as she still sucked his cock head, and as he began pulling her panties off.
With her wet pussy lips staring him in the face, he licked his tongue on it. It was soft and wet.
Sungyon moaned, saying nothing, but moaning loudly as she dropped her mouth down onto Stallion’s cock deeper. As his tongue penetrated her cunt lips, Sungyon’s moan increased in volume and intensity.
“Mmm,” she moaned as she sucked his cock. Finally, she couldn’t hold it in any longer and her mouth let go of his cock, coming up and letting out a huge cry, “Yes!!!! Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!” The next
words out of her mouth were not understandable. Something extremely loud in Korean.
“Cum, baby, cum,” Sungyon screamed, leaning back on Stallion’s face and jerking him off.
Finally with the pressure of holding it up to now, Stallion blew his loud of hot white cum all over Sungyon’s face as Sungyon convulsed in orgasmic spasms……………………………………….

It had been a long night of sex with Sungyon, the best Stallion had ever had in Korea. On his return to the office in Hong Kong, his boss asked him one question.
“What happened to Hun?”
“He disappeared,” Stallion lied.

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