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I worked at this place where I am the only female among all the workers. So everyone was always friendly to me but oneday business was knid of slow, so the boss took out some wine and liquor and we started drinking and tallking B.S just to pass time. After a few drinks I started getting tipsy and I had to use the ladies room but I didn’t realise that my boss followed me and when we got inside he locked the door and started kissing me. I tried to make him stop but I was also stared to get excited and horny. He just kept pinching my nipples and kissing me. Suddenly, he just carry me onto the sink and pull off my underwear and started to lick my pussy. I was getting very horny and I didn’t understand why. I just couldn’t wait for him to fuck me. I had to begged him to fuck me. He started smiling and said ” I guess the potion really works, it would make a slut out of a nun.” Now I realise that he must have slipped something into my drinks but it is too late since i really need to have cocks in me. He wanted me to begged for his cock. I had to say” I really need to be fuck, can you fuck me and fuck me hard.” Then he stick his cock in me and started slamming into my pussy. I just kept saying yeah! fuck me harder! harder! He then pushed me onto the floor and fuck me doggie style. suddenly he pulled out and stick his cock into my asshole. At first it really hurts but after a while i loved it. When I was almost closed to my orgasm he pulled out and dragged me to the main hall where all the other coworkers were still drinking. He told them everyone could join the party since I am a horny bitch. Soon i was being fucked in all the hole at the same time. It went on for hours but when it was over i was totally satisfied.

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