Master Cowart & Slave Girl Mallory

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Magnolia Plantation is nestled amongst tall pine trees and large oak trees in Southern Alabama. It is owned by Henry Cowart, the richest slave owner for miles around. Henry is 50 years old with salt and pepper hair, clear blue eyes, and around 6ft tall. He has large hands and broad shoulders. Henry has always had a fancy for his slave girls. He loved their dark brown and sometimes black nipples, curvy waists and large round bottoms. The showers for the slaves were set up right out front of the slave quarters which was right across the court yard. He would sit in his study in his comfy leather chair and watch his slave girls shower and wash the sweat from picking crops away. He was never shy about finding pleasure with his slaves. His favorite slave was Bethany. She was 25 years old and about 5’7 and 175lbs. She had a huge round ass and large breasts. He had been enjoying her for many years and even fathered a little girl named Mallory with her about 12 years ago. Mallory was very beautiful. She was 5ft tall and around 100lbs. She had long black curly hair, brown eyes, and a yellow complexion. One hot summer afternoon Master Cowart came in from the fields and sat down in his favorite yellow chair. Bethany poured him a glass of water and he sat for a spell to enjoy the view. Mallory walked over to the shower with her towel and soap. Although she was his daughter, she was raised amongst the rest of the slaves. She undressed and let the water fall onto her skin. Master Cowart was frozen and only his eyes moved. His eyes first darted to her chest. She had two little pancakes and Hershey’s chocolate kisses right in the center for nipples. She had a flat tummy and hairless little vagina. As she showered she turned and he got a glance and her round bottom. Master Cowart felt a bulge in his pants and he grabbed himself. Later that night the Cowart family sat down for supper. Mallory and Bethany served dinner. Master Cowart informed Mallory that she would need to stay behind to do some extra cleaning after supper in his study. After dinner Mallory followed Master Cowart into his study.
“What is that you need me to clean, Master Cowart” said Mallory.
Master Cowart got walked up very close to Mallory. He played with her hair and smiled in her face. Mallory had no clue what to think. Master Cowart had never played with her hair before. Master Cowart began to rub her shoulders and play with the lace on her dress.
“Mallory, today when I came in from the fields I sat in my favorite chair over there. I sat there and watched you undress and shower.”
Mallory was speechless and uncomfortable. Master Cowart began to unbutton Mallory’s dress. He put his finger over her mouth and told her to “Shh…” He completely undressed her and revealed her supple, young body. He sat her down on the couch. He began to kiss her sweet pink lips. He kissed her all over her neck and then her shoulders. He rubbed Mallory’s tiny little titties with his big, rough fingers. Her puffy brown nipples turned hard as rocks.
“Does that feel good to you, Mallory?”
“I don’t know”
“Don’t be afraid, sweet baby doll. This can feel good to you if you are a good little girl but if you are bad, it will hurt”
Master Cowart began to kiss Mallory’s little chest and flick his tongue across her little nipples. He spread her little thighs with his big hands and rubbed her hairless pussy lips. He spread her lips apart and rubbed her little pink clit with his fat fingers. She was sticky and wet.
“Mallory, you’re wet. That means this feels good to you”
He laid Mallory on her back and spread her thighs. He kissed her pussy lips and then spread them with his big fingers. He nibbled on her sweet clit and stuck his tongue inside of her. She lightly moaned. He stuck his fat, white finger inside of her pussy and slowly moved it in and out. Mallory continued to moan.
“That’s Master Cowart’s good little girl”
Master Cowart pulled his big white dick out of his pants and rubbed it up between her pussy lips to get it wet. He slowly put it inside of her tight, little pussy hole. Mallory screamed. He covered her mouth.
“Shhhh….girl you’ll wake everyone”
Mallory continued to scream and Master Cowart stroked in and out and this angered him.
“Mallory, I told you to shut your damn mouth!”
He slapped Mallory across the face and began to pound her young virgin pussy as hard as he could. As Master Cowart fucked Mallory hard he pinched her brown little nipples. He thought about how much enjoyed watching her wash her little body and how much he loved biting and sucking her sweet perky nipples. He pounded Mallory hard one last time and released his load inside of her. Master Cowart’s 30 year old son, Henry Jr., burst into the study.
“Daddy, what’s wro….”
Before Henry could even finish his question he looked and saw little Mallory naked and laying on the couch with his Dad’s dick inside of her.
“Master Henry, I’m so glad you’re here. Please help me.” Said Mallory.
“Come on in, Son. Your turn is next” said Master Cowart.

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