Melissa's Tales ch11

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Melissa woke up the next morning the guy were gone, she knew they were in the kitchen. She went there to see the guy in the kitchen talking to Bensen and his brother. Benson’s brother ,Lance was his twin, they looked just alike except for the hair. Lance hair was long with white blonde tips. All the girls must have been sleep, none of them were woke. Everyone was still nude except for Melissa, who only had on a robe. She went to the refrigerator getting a bottle of water.

Melissa felt sore, just a little, but well satisfied. She felt so good last night she still felt some of the cum still inside her. She had taken her bath before coming to the kitchen. She was enjoying looking at those cocks. She wondered when had she started liking dick so much.

Lance looked over at Melissa she was drinking a bottle of water. He could see her nipple. Bensen thought her nipples had gotten puffier since she had first came to the house. Her chocolate globes were really nice to look at, when she walked her ass and tits jiggled.

“Melissa could you give us an early morning start,”Bensen asked walking toward Melissa. He sucked her nipple into his mouth. He stroked her stomach.

“Yes come on guys I know the rest of you want to start,” Bensen started pinching her other nipple. Melissa stopped Bensen and got on her knees,”If I’m going to do all four of you someone has to give me oral,” Melissa leans over getting on her hands, spreading her knees wide.

“Don’t worry Melissa I got it,” Lance got behind Melissa sticking his fingers in her pussy,”Damn you already wet,” he move his fingers out spreading her ass. He see her pucker-hole, he licks it with his tongue, “You have fat ass,” He dived right back into licking her hole. He pushes his tongue into her pussy, getting a sweet flavor on his tongue. He licks more tasting more of the sweet nectar on his tongue. It so much juice flowing into his mouth he can tell that she’s cum. He fucking his tongue into her wet pussy.

“Oh yes Lance that feels so good,”Melissa is moaning,she can feel him fucking her with his tongue sliding in and out of her, her body is making her fuck his face she can’t control it.”Oh fuck yes I’m cumming I’m cumming.” Lance was going to work on her pussy, his tongue was very long she felt her juices running down her thighs already, “Come on Bensen I’ve never had twins fuck me put that cock in my mouth,”Lance got up ready to push his cock into Melissa’s pussy.

Melissa felt both guys enter her at the same time. Lance into her pussy Bensen into her mouth. She felt that cock push into her little pussy. She was sucking Bensen cock. He felt so slippery in her mouth. Her saliva had him so wet she felt it coming out from her lips. She slid the tip of his dick into her throat. She moan from both of the guys pumping into her. Bensen was fucking her face now his brother now speeding up. They could hear her moaning. She pulls her mouth off Bensen,”Oh fuck yes, ok I wannnnnnt both of you to cum in me,” she moaned again from Lance fucking her cunt,”Nicholas and Scott bring them cocks here and let me rub them,” Bensen pushed his dick back into her mouth. She could hear him moaning, she sucked his dick hard. Licking and sucking the head. She felt her hands being led to the cocks. She rubbed them and squeezed them feeling the soft hard texture. Bensen grabbed her head forcing his dick down her throat as she gagged her pussy tightened around Lance’s cock.

“Oh fuck how do y’all fuck this pussy its so tight,” He was groaning,”She is practically choking my dick,oh fuck oh fuck,” he tried to pull out,”He pussy won’t let me go,oh fuck yesssss,” he cummed in Melissa as she came with him Nicholas could see the cum squirting out onto Lance stomach as Melissa pussy finally let his cock came out.

Bensen came out of Melissa’s mouth ready to fuck her wet cunt. He sat on one of the Kitchen chair and had Melissa set on his cock, with her back to him. She bounce on his cock fucking him fast,”Oh yeah that right you like this pussy,” she was still bouncing, when he said nothing she tighten her pussy muscle stopping mid motion, he yell oh fuck yeah grabbing her hips fucking her pussy hard, she looked down seeing his cock going in and out of her. Oh yeah he was pounding that cunt. She felt someone pulling her head down to his dick. It was Scott. She took his cock slowly into her mouth pumping him with both hands. Nicholas was rubbing his dick around her nipple, she took one hand off and started rubbing Nicholas cock. She was cumming when Scott decided to force his cock down her throat choking her, she was cumming and couldn’t breath, the harder she choked the tighter her cunt got, Bensen was forcing his cock into her cunt she was cumming so hard. Scott pulled out of her mouth not wanting to cum.

“Hold on Bensen she got off him,” she pointed her ass in his face,”Ok Bensen put some cum on my ass then I want you to stick that cock in my tight ass hole,” Melissa stuck her finger in her cunt getting some cum on it and put it in her mouth,”I want all you to cum in my ass pussy or mouth, Iwant to fucking all of you at the same time,hold on let get on the floor,” Melissa got Bensen on the floor that hot pink cock aimed at her. Melissa got some cum from her pussy and rubbed it into her ass hole. She sat on Bensen’s cock her pussy boucing on him to get his cock back wet. She aim her ass over his cock. Nicholas watch the cum drop from Melissa’s pussy onto Bensen.

Bensen grabbed Melissa’s hips guiding her ass onto his super wet cock. Melissa ass was already wet from the cum running from her pussy. Bensen dick entered Melissa with a little pressure. She slid down him to the hilt,”Bensen when ever you ready fill my ass with cum,” She started sliding up and down his pole. Melissa lean back laying on Bensen. Melissa spread her legs touching her pussy again, she looked at the guys watching them play with their cocks she finger herself for a few minutes.”Okay scott come put that thing inside of me,” Scott slides his dick into her pussy feeling it massage his huge cock, she is so wet but so tight thanks to Bensen taking up space in her ass. She is tight like a glove. But her pussy is watering like a broken pipe she already had some cum in her, he was going to fill her up. He starts pumping into her cunt, her pussy muscle gripping him already. She was moaning and encouraging them to fuck her pussy and ass. Nicholas pushed his cock into her mouth. She sucked him like he was a lollipop. She felt a mouth on her tit knowing it was Lance.

He body was getting pleasured overtime. He ass was pulsing like it had a hard beat, Bensen in her ass making small movement with his hips. She had Scott fucking her pussy hard and fast, her pussy and ass was clenching both of the dick coking them to cum in her. Nicholas and fucking her mouth. He tits were feeling so good she was already cumming. She wanted them to cum in her so bad. She couldn’t beg she could only want on them to give her what she wants. Her pussy was cumming so many time and she still had Nicholas to go. He mouth, pussy and ass was getting it good. She was moaning so loud. She felt her tit making her orgasm from all the attention, it felt like half of Melissa’s left breast was in Lance’s mouth. She felt Nicholas fingers playing with her right tit. He was about to cum. He throat was contracting around Nicholas monster, she could feel his ball on her face. He came in her throat gripping her breast tight as his cum filled her mouth. Some leaked out of the corners. She was so glad Scott was about to cum she felt when he shot his loads into her pussy fulling her up.

When Nicholas and Lance moved off Melissa Scott slid his dick from Melissa warm cunt, Nicholas helped her ease off Bensen. ”You still got to give me some pussy and some ass,” Nicholas was back to being rock hard. Melissa was wobbly. He leaned her onto the table. The other guys sat on the other side of the table watching the show. They had all seen the cum dripping from her cunt already.

Nicholas spread Melissa legs wide. He positioned the tip of his dick at her entrance and pushed in gently. He slowly began fucking her, he pulled out going to her pucker hole. He pump into her ass feeling her hole gripping him tight. Alternates between both of her holes taking her to the edge.”Oh fuck come on Nick stop teasing me,” Melissa start moaning and pushing onto Nick’s dick, that was the first time she had ever did that with him being in her ass. Melissa breast were bumping against the table. Nick was so turned on her started fucking her fast,”That’s right fuck my ass show me who’s boss,”she started fingering herself,”oh fuck Nick you always know what I need fuck me, please I need that cum,” All the guys were standing up jacking off Melissa was fucking herself with three fingers,”Oh fuck yeah come on cum in my ass I’m I’m i’m i’m cumming” she felt Nick cum in her ass she felt some of it run out.

“I was wondering what was going on in here,” Serena said walking toward Melissa naked. “Girl cum is cumming all out of you,” Melissa is still bent over the table, Nick holding her up. Serena opens her ass cheeks seeing the cum it looks so good, “Melissa i’m going to clean your ass out,” Serena start sucking on Melissa asshole.”oh fuck Serena that feel so good,” Serena fingers Melissa feeling cum all around her finger, “You guys loaded her up i’m next when she go rest.”She goes back to sucking the cum from Melissa ass, Serena is so glad to get a belly of cum. He tongue is inside of Melissa’s ass slurping out the cum. It tastes so good she alternates to Melissa pussy to get some sweetness on her tongue. “oh girl they almost fucked you out you still arouse look at that clit just sticking out,” Serena licks making Melissa pussy squirt a stream of cum on the floor. “Melissa your ass is cleaned out.”

” You guys fucked me completely my pussy feels tired.” Now I want to watch you fuck Serena. Load her up like you did me.

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