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It was a really great exciting week I have had. The pleasure, the beauty of the moments is so memorable that I am tempted to share every bit of it with you. I basically belong to an orthodox, conservative “Brahmin” family from North India, married to an MNC executive. From my childhood I am shy and feel very nervous in the company of unknown men. But, after marriage, I had to face such moments frequently attending my hubby, Manish’s official parties. Manish, my hubby is good, loves me very much. But sometimes I am unable to understand him and his words. He told me that it’s very difficult to get promotion in his company. His female colleagues had to sleep with his boss and got promotion. His male colleagues did it through their wives. I was stunned to hear this.
Once in a party he introduced me to his boss, who is really handsome and sexy. I admitted to Manish what I thought about his boss. He jokingly told that then he is getting his promotion soon. I couldn’t get his point first, but when I could I gave him a big blow. After our marriage we’d not been to any vacation and I kept asking Manish for that. He told me that he is trying to get it and all depends on his boss. One day he proposed to invite his boss to dinner and I agreed. I didn’t know why I was extra cautious that day and prepared everything right from my dress to food very carefully. After the dinner we had a chat and Manish told his boss what I said about him. I blushed red and excused myself to the kitchen. But I felt flattered and had a different feeling as well. Finally Manish got his vacation with one condition that he’ll have to finish one official assignment in the hill station where we are to spend the vacation and his boss joining him at the later part to complete the work. I had no option but to agree to the arrangements.
It’s a beautiful hill station and we enjoyed our time. Manish would take some off time for his official work and we spend the rest of the time roaming, trekking. I wanted to ride a horse in a nearby horse-riding club. But Manish was not giving me company. Then we were to finish the vacation when Manish’s boss had to come to sign some contracts. He arrived and they were so busy for two days that I had to stay alone whole day in the company guesthouse. Manish’s boss apologized me for that and assured me of some break to Manish the next day. He invited us to dinner that day. While taking dinner he asked how was our vacation. I thanked him for giving the chance. Manish told him that I was interested in horse riding and that only he could not make happen. His boss proposed to offer us a complementary visit to the horse-riding club the next day. He asked me to take dresses so that I give a try to ride a horse. Because I never been to pants before that and always in either sarees or suits. I had a pair of pants Manish brought me sometime back but never tried it. Next day I took that dress on Manish’s request.
In the club we had a great time seeing the horses, their care and some flower gardens. It was situated on a plain with hills all around the site. Manish’s boss seemed to be there very often as the attendants had a great respect and attention to all of us. Manish’s boss asked me if I am ready to have a ride. I said I am afraid to take it alone and if Manish is with me then I will. But Manish declined and said he once had a fall and will not. Manish said to me “why don’t try it with Mr.Boss?. He told me “let my boss help you”. I refused but equally was interested to take the ride. Finally Manish’s boss also joined me helping me ride the horse. I was trembling, getting nervous, my face going red. Manish all while enjoyed my nervousness. Initially we had a light stroll. I was feeling something different, as I never was so closely seated with a man other than Manish. After some time I was little relaxed. Manish’s boss coming closer to me, I could smell his body, occasionally our hands touching each other. My back touching his chest, I could sense him fast breathing. I really enjoyed it. Even I once felt his bulging stuff pushing my back. It’s really great I thought.
Next day Manish left early in the morning to down city to receive the other party with whom they were to make the final deal. Whole day I planned to spend in my room, watching movie in VCD. Manish’s boss also left for the official site. I got up late and went to dining room for breakfast. I wondered why Manish’d not called me yet. I searched for my mobile but could not trace it. Oh my god! I left it in our car’s dashboard, which Manish took away. Shit! Now I cannot be in contact with Manish. Someone knocked the door. It was the guesthouse attendant who told me that there’s heavy rainfall in the down hills and the road is blocked. I enquired about Manish’s boss. He replied that he’d left long before. Now I am really unable to contact Manish, which I could have through his boss. I changed in my sleeping suits and started watching the movie. Then after some time the door was knocked.The door was open and I knew it was the attendant. I said “come inplease”. Oh! It was Manish’s boss. He said “sorry to disturb you madam. There’s one message for you.”
I asked him to take a seat.He was lokking at me, my sleeping suit was a tight one and my physique revealing through it.I felt something sensing his bright eyes. He told that Manish’s road is blocked and he is trying to contact me. Asked why I am not receiving his calls. I told my problem that the mobile set was left in Manish’s car. He gave me his set and said “you please contact him immediately.”
I contacted Manish and told him what’d happened. I felt sorry. He told that he’ll not be able to return that day as it’s still raining and the road is not cleared. He asked me not to be worried. Then his boss talked to him and offered to leave his mobile set with me so that Manish can keep in contact with me. Then the boss gave me his mobile set and said, “keep it with you.” I asked what happened to his tour. He said that after Manish contacted him about not getting any message from me he was very worried about me and cancelled his tour. “I am so sorry”, I said. “You had to bear for my carelessness.”
“No no madam.It’smy pleasure.” he said.
“But will you not need the mobile set for your message”, I asked him.
He smiled and said jokingly, “in that case you keep me with you too madam”.
I again blushed red and he seemed enjoyed this. I said sorry for disturbing his tour. He asked me what I have plan for the afternoon. Shall I watch the movie or any other plan. I said nothing like that. Then he proposed if we go for horse riding? I was excited and said OK if you please. He left with joy I saw in his eyes.
In the afternoon we went to the club and had our tea first. He started flirting and I slowly joined him. Then we started riding the horse. This time I was so relaxed. He too held me in my waist with one hand and the other in my hand. We chatted in between. He told me “madam I have had many women in my life,but never had such feelings before.” I just leaned my head to touch his shoulder and smiled. He then proposed me to have dinner together to which I agreed. He asked me if he can kiss me. I said”not now please. The attendant is looking at us. Let it be after the dinner.”
We had our dinner and about to leave. By the time the mobile rang and it was Manish. We both talked to him and I assured him that I am ok. He was fine too. Then Mr.Boss reminded me of my promise I made to give him a kiss. I asked him to come to my room so that I change my dress.
I took one pink coloured tight sleeveless nightie for change. With that I choose same coloured strapless bra and side knot bikini type panty. Once Manish brought this set for me which I never wore. He said that time that his boss liked this set very much who was also accompanying him in that tour. I loosely tied my hair and took light perfume. The door knocked. I was so excited. Slowly stepp
ed towards the door and open
ed it. There he was, in a blue suit. I welcomed him with a smile.He gazed at me and said “Wow, you look so gorgious. Actually I was with 34″-22″-34″ figure, my complexion wheatish and the side knots of my bikini panty showing through my tight nylon nightie. He came closer to me and touched my hand. I was feeling nervous. He pulled me and kissed my forehead. I placed my hands in his shoulders and leaned slightly towards him offering my leaps. He kissed my leaps. We both felt like some high voltage current passing through us. We had a passionate, long kiss. He closed the door and I helped him changing his dress.Now he was in his printed brief only lying in the bed. He pulled me in his arms and we again kissed. He loosened my nightie and I could see his glowing face and eyes seeing my body only in bra and panty. He started licking my ears. I moaned and gave gentle bite in his chik. He loosened my back knot of the bra. Now I am topless. I drew his brief down and threw it. He started licking my nipples and me his dick. Then the mobile rang. I received it. It was Manish. Oh my God! He asked me what I was doing. I said I was watching a movie and gave a naughty smile to his boss who was trying to mouth my breast. He asked about his boss. I said I met him in the afternoon and asked if I should call him or have any message.He said no. Then as usual Manish gave smoooch kiss over phone.Now it’smy turn to return it. I leaned and kissed his boss’s dick. Manish wanted one more. I gave one more smooching kiss in his boss’s dick and we said bye.” I really enjoyed the whole thing. It was really sensational. Rather now I suggest every wife should try this with their hubby while making love with others.
The boss also enjoyed it. He started to loosen my panty knot. I held his head in my breast and whispered in his ears”please do it with your teeth”. He opened his mouth and tried to loosen the knot. One he did and was struggling to do it other side. Finally he succeeded and it was there.My shoven pussy. He kissed it. and started licking. Trying to insert his toungue in it. I screamed and moaned. I clasped his hair and kissed, gave a bite in his shoulder. It was enough. I was wet already. I whispered “Dear please come.Have me.please”. I lied on my back and he slowly inserted his long, big stuffin my pussy. I helped him getting inside. He held me tight and me him. Started pumping and I groaned,moaned, screamed. “Oh, please.Comeon.”
We had finally come to a great climax. Whole night we made three times in different postures. The one in doggy style was really memorable and pleasing.
Next day Manish arrived and their deal finalized. We left for our place. Thank you all. Let me see what happens next that I can share with you.

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  1. Manisha

    The story is real great. You have enjoyed a real fun which very rarely anybody can get. 3 cheers for you and your courage.
    More of yours please

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