My first Day

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The day before I had went to a job interview and the Ms.Anderson (Lisa) hired me on the spot. It was a secretarial position, at a big computer company. I was so excited I went and bought a new outfit so i would feel like a million bucks. I chose a skirt and a fitted blouse (red, my fav. color)to try on. I have a nice slim body with my 34C’s(not the typical asian breasts, but i guess I was blessed), and long black hair. The outfit fit nicely, eventhough I thought it was a little too tight and the skirt a little too short, but I decided that “hey i’m single, who cares”. Plus i saw other young women wearing fitted clothes too.

…So I woke up a half hour early so I can look perfect for my first day. I take a shower and get ready. I decided to do black underwear and thigh high’s today, it makes me feel sexy. “The way my black lace bra cups my breasts and my thong compliments my ass,” i thought to myself as i looked in the mirror and i realized i started feeling heat coming from thong. Realizing I have only 15 more mins to get ready I snap out of my fantasy and put my new outfit on. It seemed to be a little tighter and the skirt a little smaller then yesterday, but this is the outfit I really wanted to wear.

I jump in my car and go…for some reason there is no traffic this morning!!!

I finally get there with 5 minutes to spare. Ms. Anderson greets me as I get off the elevator on the 10th floor…

“Hello Annie, how are you doing today?”, she asks

“I’m good and yourself Ms. Anderson”, I replied

she laughs and says,”Please call me Lisa.”

“Oh, Ok, Im sorry abut that”, I said.

“No, don’t be sorry, but Ms. Anderson makes me feel like an old lady,” she said still giggling.

“Oh, but you don’t look old at all, you are a very pretty lady,” I responded and I looked at her firm butt walking in fron of me.

Ms. Anderson, Lisa, i mean was about 7 years older that me, great body, long blonde hair, slim figure, long legs, flawless face, and her breasts were nice and big (her best feature, i thought)

As she showed me my desk I realized I was right in front of her office.

“I didn’t realize I was going to be so close to you”, i stated

“Your my personal secretary,”she told me

“Oh, that makes sense now”, i responded

“I do all the interviewing for secretarial positions, but i dodn’t want to tell you because I liked you and I didn’t want to scare you off”, she replied

Looking a little confusedi just said,”Oh, that wouln’t have been a problem anyway.”

The whole morning Lisa showed me the daily duties I had to do, simple stuff like, answering her phone calls, filing in her office, setting her appts…you know the usual.

She asked if I wanted to go to lunch and i accepted. We just went to the deli downstairs and got somethng to eat and talked. I thought i had felt her feeling up my leg, but I just thought maybe she just accidentally kicked me. I didn’t think too much after all, Lisa is a business woman, right?

So that afternoon is when I realized something was a little strange but sexy about her. She asked me in her office:

“Do you have plans tonight?, Linda asked me.

“No not really, why” I asked

“Well, I’m taking a client out to eat and since your my new secretary I wanted you to meet her.” She explained

“Oh, well, i guess so, sure why not” I replied.

“Great, well, we’ll be going right after work, and Diana is going to meet us her so be ready about 6:00,k, oh by the way can you havd me that file folder”, she quickly added in.

I bent down in the pick it up realizing my skirt started to lift up, feeling like there were eyes on me.

“mmmm”, i heared in the background, but when i turned around she was writing on a piece of paper.

“that’s weired,” i thought to myself.

6:00 rolled around a lot quicker than I thought. All of a sudden this beautiful woman walks up to my desk and asks if Lisa was in her office. I said, “she is, and you are?”

“Hello, my name is Diana, I have a meeting with her, you must be Annie, you will be joing us, right” she asked.

“Umm yea.”i replied,”Lisa said you could just go back.”

“Thanks,” she said with the most beautiful smile in the world.

Diana was Spanish, tall with long curly locks, average breasts, a big ass, and a tiny waist. I couldn’t believe it, she looked like a model not a business woman.

As we’re walking to the elevator i notice we’re the only one’s left on the floor. It seemed unusually quiet.

the elveator door opens and i walk in and push 1.

As soon as the door closes Lisa jumps and pushes the stop button. I was so scared as i noticed that Lisa and Diana we’re looking at me oddly. i looked at them and said,”What’s going on”

Thewy laughed and Lisa said,”You don’t want us” slowly unbuttoning her blouse.

“huh?” i asked

“We want you,” DIana said as she ran her finger down under her skirt

“There’s camera’s on the elevator, and i’ve never been with a female,” i said shakingly.

“This is going to be funner than I thought,” Dian said to Lisa.

“Cameras make it more fun, sweety.” Lisa told me as she started to walk twords me.

I was stuck standing still. She walked me over in front of the camera and stood behind me. Brushing my harir on the left side she strted to kiss my neck.

“No, i don’t hink i want to this…please…i want to just go home.” i begged

Lisa didn’t pay any mind to wait i was saying, holding me by my arms in place. DIana walks in front of me and smiles and backs up. Pulling her skirt down slowly, and rubbing on her breasts. This is starting to actually turn me on I think. Linda starts to un button my shirt slowwly sliding it off to reveal me.

“Nice”, diana says, as her shirt comes unbutton, to reveal no bra. Her finger glides down breasts slightly pinching each nipple and disappearing into her panties, as she let’s out a little moan.

Lisa giggles as she unhooks my bra, rubbing on my breasts and kissing my back. She unzips my skirt and let’s it fall to the floor. My nipples start to harden and, i’m starting to get real wet. Lisa comes in front of me and kisses my so gently. At first I just stood there, and then just closed my eyes and kissed her back. SHe pulls back, “See honey we know you like this”, she says to me. I just lookat her and nod. Rubbing my left breast she then softly kisses my right, i feel like i could cum right there, letting out a moan. She looks up and says “No honey, not yet, and sarts to put my leg up on the railing along the elevator.

” Just let her cum, so I can with her too,” says didan as she pulls down her underwear and sticks 2 fingers in her pussy. Sliding down the wall of the elevator, she finger fuckes her self harder and harder, rubbing her tits in another, pinching and squeezing, rubbing, and twisting, then “ooooohhhhh, shit, i’mmmmmm cummmmmmming.”

That just makes me wetter, as Lisa unties my thong. Still kissing my breasts she feels my pussy my back archs “You shave, good girl,” she says. Rubbing my clitoris, she can feel juices dripping….Diana comes and strats to undress Lisa as she still rubbing my breast and clitoris. First the blouse, exposing 2 big breast so perfect, no bra. than sliding down her skirt, no underwear. Diana bend Lisa’s back as she now faces my pussy. Diana starts to finger Lisa, “Oh yes, sweetie, harder mami.” DIana stuck 2 more finers in and Lisa screamed she wanted more. Lisa lloks up at me panting ,”I want to cum with you.” SHe startes a slow like up
and down my pussy, 2 fingers are pushing deeply in and out, as i start to move my hips too. “I can’t take it any more I want to cum,” I begged. She ignored me and licked my hard pussy…juices we’re filling inside of
me and i was bout to burst, grabbing on diana’s breast surprisingly, my hips going up and down in sync with Lisa ‘s “Oooooooo shiiiiiitt, ooooooo, don’t stop, plaease, harder, harder, oooooo!” I
came on Lisa’s hand and she slurped ooff the other juices. My cumming must have turned her on as she begged Diana to go faster, all of a sudden she pulled my waist down and had me on my knees, she gave me a kiss and told me to eat her pussy , i didn’t know what to do, so I just at first tasted it, it was actually not bad, So I just did what i thought I should do, I licked it and went back and forth, you could feel she was about to cum, she kept having little jolts run through her body. Diana still haveing her bent over, I wnted to be far, so I started to finger diana, she was surprrised again, but it realy turned her on. fingeringer her with 2 fingers rubbing her clit with my thumb, and eating Lisa, i thought damn, i love these women…”ooooooo, oooo, yes, mammi, you know how i like it. DIana stuck her finger in Lisa’s ass as she strted to cum…yessssssss, mammmi, stickit in, i’m cumming, i’m cumming, i’m cummmmmmmmmmmming. I tried to get every drop around diana’s hand, as diana started to pull her finger out all the juices cames out. i finished eating Lisa out as she was coming down from her orgasam feeling on her breasts. I stand up and take my fnger out of diana. We stare at each other as I pull her to the ground. i lay down and tell her to kiss my breasts..She rubs each breast with such care. I stopped her. And I start rubbing my own breast as she watches she imitates my every move..slowly pinching, and cupping, a little slap to both of them, you hear her moan… I tell her to sit on my face.

“Oh she thinks she’s a pro now,” Lisa says in the background as she starts to finger herself. Diana sits and bounces as soon as i take the first lick, up and down, she says,”Sorry, sweetie, but I’m about to cum right now.” I slip 3 fingers in her soaking pussy….licking her clitoris, she had the sexiest moan, I begged her to cum on my face, “please mammi, i want your juices” that just turned her on more.

Lisa reaches her peak as she squeezed my left breast, Diana just bounces harder and harder, I stick my tounge up as far as I can in DIana, “Further, further, I’m cumming,oooooooooo,…..rubing her own breasts, diana screams, as her juices flow all in my mouth, I swallow and lick more, till there’s nothing to lick.

As we put out clothes on i realized the camera had been taping the whole thing.
“That’s for my personal use hunny,” Lisa said laughing.

i went on every meeting with Lisa from then on.

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  1. Mishivious

    You have very good talent hunny just let it out more let yerself go imagine yerself being the victim and im sure you could make a great novel

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  2. StrictLee

    Have you ever heard of spellchecker? Your spelling, punctuation and grammar are terrible but the basic story was fine.

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  3. anu yadav

    like yr lesbain stories. i am fond of les stories.

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  4. sexlady1

    Hey, Like your stories, keep it going…

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