Not the maid, part four

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When they were finished, Massimo told me to show my gratitude. “Grazie Maestro, grazie Signore Luca”. Their smile was my reward and I, strangely enough, was proud of it. I was learning.
“Go to the bathroom, Slut, and tidy up, we’re not done yet”. Looking in the mirror it was hard to recognize myself. I was dressed like a slut. I had cum all over, on my face, in my hair and between my legs. I came to myself feeling profoundly dirty. I tried to wash it off, cleaned my private parts with toilet paper, but it was as if it burned on my skin. My exhilaration dwindled, my feelings were so disturbed, a weird mixture of pride and shame. Someone knocked at the bathroom door, I took a deep breath: we had to go.

We left the restaurant, it was painful. The men who had witnessed everything, whistled and cheered for Massimo, my Master. He led the way and I followed him in my outrageous outfit. We walked through the old town. Luckily most students had left for the holidays, some tourists were strolling around. The arcaded streets offered me relative shelter, I tried to walk in the dimly lit sideways. And yet people were watching me and men made lecherous remarks. Massimo once looked back, I saw he was annoyed by my behavior.

We entered some kind of pub, a club for expats. Massimo was greeted and I was watched. It made me feel uncomfortable. I tried to stand close to Massimo irrationally hoping he would protect me. But instead he said “Stay here, I ll come back for you”. He went to the bar and ordered a drink, just for himself. Again it felt a bit awkward. Several men came to talk to Massimo, I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but the way the men looked at my direction, convinced me it was about me. After a while he walked towards me, said as a matter-of-factish: “It’s time, Slut”, and summoned me to follow him.

We went to the back and entered a bathroom. Massimo opened the door of a booth and told me to get in. “Close the door, Slut, you know what to do”. As if I were hypnotized I obeyed. I closed the door and looked around me. There was a hole in the wall. Written on the wall it said: “Glory Hole. Suck here”. Silly arrows pointing the way, to… a white half erect cock! It was pushed through the hole. I’ld know what to do, Massimo said and I knew it. A bit clumsy I wrapped my hand around the cock, it hardened and the man on the other side of the wall groaned. That did it for me. I got on my knees and licked the cock, thrilled by the reaction. The stranger put his sack through the hole, he was clearly a redhead. I remembered a sturdy Irish- of Scotsman talking to Massimo. Oh my god, all those men he talked to, were to be serviced by me? “Go on”, the man said. I palmed the fat balls and licked them. “Oh yeah, baby”. I licked the long shaft, licked the purple head. Precum glistened on the head, I licked it off and sucked him. “That’s it, mmmm”. The man started to move in and out, I tried to keep him in, my mouth close to the hole. He bumped against the wall, his cock hit me deep in the throat. I withdrew, coughing, almost throwing up. “SUCK ME”, he yelled. I quickly took his cock back into my mouth and sucked him. Before he came, he ordered me not to swallow before he had seen his cum in my mouth. There was no time to think about the strange request, because immediately he came with a lot of noise and a lot of cum. It drooled all over my chin. As he had given me his load, he withdrew. I showed my open cum filled mouth at the hole. “Mmm baby, you’re hot, now swallow”. And yes, his cum tasted vaguely like a certain Irish brand. I thanked humbly him for granting me his cock.

As the hole was empty, I reached over for toilet tissue to wipe some cum off. But in a sec the next cock presented itself. Many cocks followed, I lost count of how many. All kinds of cocks, sizes, tastes, an array from bitter-sweet to salty, by the way all caucasian. Some guys told me to do different moves adding to Luca’s teachings and kind of making me an expert. Although the last ‘customer’ should have been the most satisfied, after all these men and their input to an empty stomach, my jaw ached and I was feeling really, really miserable and sick. After that last blowjob I threw up and fainted.
A hot shower made me regain consciousness. I found myself laying in a fetal position on the floor, water pouring over me. And suddenly I started weeping. My life was over, my reputation destroyed and I felt so abandoned. I sobbed, uncontrollably.
I was not aware of anyone’s presence, but when the shower was turned off, I looked up. It was Massimo standing next to me in his impeccable suit. He reached out and I cringed. But he didn’t chastise me, he didn’t say a word. No, he caressed me and lifted me up like a wet kitten. I was laid on a bed, he rubbed me down softly. I was still crying. He sat next to me, constantly caressing me, soothing me ever so tenderly. Gradually I calmed down and fell asleep.

The morning light woke me up. I enjoyed the early sun on my body. It was shining on me through the open doors of a balcony. I could see hills and vineyards. Where was I? This wasn’t my room. This wasn’t the city either as I started to remember the previous night. Was I sold into slavery? I pulled the sheet up for protection. I looked closer, it was a spacious room, the decoration was elegant yet manly. In a corner of the room stood a chair. Massimo must have been watching over me, still wearing yesterday’s clothes and sound asleep. I observed him. Though it looked as if he hadn’t slept, he was definitely handsome. I should despise him, I had every right to hate him, but I couldn’t. As I looked at him, I just wanted to be close to him. I got out of bed and wrapped the sheet around me like a kain panjang. But why? Why should I cover myself for him? Wasn’t I his own? I took it off and walked towards him. I sat on the floor next to him, cuddled up against his legs, took his hand and kissed it: “Good morning, Master”. He woke up, saw me sitting at his feet and his face lightened up, “Dewi! You’re okay?” “Yes, Master, Dewi is happy now”. He pulled me on his lap and kissed me.

We made love that morning, several times. ‘Made love’ is a good word, cause love grew firmer ever since. I still had to abide to the rules, but whatever pleased Massimo, pleased me.
Later that day we went to my parents. The word of my obscene behavior spread fast, I had brought shame on the family. In the eighties I as a girl was held responsible and had to take the blame. From now on I was to be considered damaged goods. Massimo presented himself as a knight in shining armour. He was willing to take me etc. etc. It was all a bit hypocrite of course but I played along. As long I was owned by the Master I had learned to respect and eventually to love.

Sincerely Yours,
definitely not the maid, but the Slut

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