Not the maid, part three

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Massimo pushed his chair back and spread his legs. “So you want starters? Beg for it”. There I stood in a restaurant, dressed like a whore and I had to beg? I hated the look on his face, so smug, so self assured. No warning came when he hit me hard. This sudden act of violence broke my defiance, I even didn’t cry. “Beg for my cock, you bitch, on your knees”. So those were the starters. I knelt down between his legs on the oak wooden floor and said the dreaded words: “Please Master, give it to me”. He slapped me again, “You can do it better than that”. I was mentally exhausted, “Please Master, I beg for your cock”, afraid of another blow I added “please give it to your slut”. He patted me on the head, “There, there, that’s a good girl. Help yourself, my sweet little slut and don’t spill your food”. Self service in Italy? Strangely enough I could smile at the idea, happy we weren’t at an overcrowded fast food restaurant. Massimo just sat there relaxed, waiting for me to get his penis out. I had no clue what to do. So I wanted to open his pants. He too my hand instead and made me rub him. I got it and I kept rubbing him. It stirred in his trousers, the bulge was getting hard. “Go on, release him!” I opened the buckle, the buttons, pulled down the zipper noticing Massimo’s reaction underneath as I touched his body. I opened the pants up, seeing the bulge clearly in his underpants and caressed it like before. He made a soft noise. “Go on, girl”. He lifted his hips a bit and I released his penis, it was the first time I could really see it. It was gross, veined and almost had the color of my skin. Massimo pushed my head down, “Now rub it and suck it”. And so I did, I had to please him. Maybe then this ordeal would end. I took his thing in my hand and rubbed him, he got even bigger. I tried to suck his head, but I was obviously no good. I guess it took too long. He put his hands on my head and pushed it up and down on his manhood. I wanted to vomit, to get him out of me, but he kept me in place and used me like a tool. I thought I was going to suffocate right there and then. When he suddenly pushed my head deep down, his pubic hair in my face and ejaculated in my throat with a loud grunt. All I could do was swallow and swallow his disgusting semen. I don’t know if I fought him any longer, I doubt it. He handed me a napkin and said: “That was the worst blowjob ever. You’ve got to learn a lot”. I silently wiped my face clean, tried to get his scent, his seed of me as good as possible, as secretly as possible, and just sat there. Massimo wiped his penis clean and fashioned himself.

I had forgotten about the restaurant, but behind me someone was standing. As he saluted Massimo, I recognized his voice, it was the chauffeur. “Buona sera, Signore Massimo, you are doing well I can tell”, and they both laughed. I blushed in shame. “How was the drive, Luca, did she behave?” “Alas, just like you predicted, Sir, an ill mannered woman, haughty, not knowing her place”. Ill mannered? What did I do to him? I had been even too embarrassed to look at him. Did he take that for arrogance? Oh, but I did show anger when I got out of the car… “Slut”, Massimo said, “you have insulted this fine young man, apologize to him”. I turned towards him, looking down, ashamed of my position, my attire, “I do beg your pardon, Sir”. Massimo grabbed me by the hair and made me look at him, “Not good enough, you must be taught to use your mouth better than that. Luca, what can you recommend her?”
“I can recommend Her Ladyship Saltimbocca alla romana”. Massimo burst out in laughter, “That it will be. Slut, beg for it”. Luca stood in front of me, waiting as I begged: “Mr Luca, would you be so kind as to give me this course”. Luca opened his pants and got his penis and his balls out, “Lick my cock”. As he towered above me, I closed my eyes and started to lick. I tried to think of nice things, of being at home. “Open your eyes, slut, and keep eye contact with me”, Luca snarled. I obeyed and look at the man. He was handsome, in his twenties, no match to Massimo, nor was his penis, thank goodness. “Lick the shaft and make it wet”. I licked along his shaft from his balls up, my saliva started to drool over him. “Lick around the head”. I felt him shiver, I saw the ecstasy on his face each time my tongue touched him and that turned me on. I had my first orgasm that day and moaned. “Well done, Luca, you made the cunt come”, Massimo cheered. It didn’t matter, I was focused on Luca, amazed by my power over him. “Open your mouth wide and mind your teeth”. He guided his cock head inside my mouth and I sucked it like a babe. No restraint left, I was hungry his reaction, and Luca didn’t disappoint me. His cock was throbbing and he withdrew to my disappointment. He knelt down on the floor, “Suck my balls”. I lowered myself and took a ball in my mouth, while I massaged his shaft. By now Massimo grabbed my hips, without any warning he shove his cock with a powerful thrust inside my pussy. I came instantly and gasped for air. Luca made me suck him again and both men pounded me. I sucked, wiggled my ass, becoming more and more anxious to please them. Luca held my head and made me bob on his cock. When he was almost there, he took his cock out and sprayed all over my face. I was startled. “Look at this bitch in heat now”, he laughed and caressed the back of my head. It didn’t take long for Massimo to come inside me. He slapped my ass, “She is learning”. Luca agreed.

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