Radio Room

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As I walk into the local radio station I see two young interns talking on the air. Sophie, a hot brunette with nice tits and a hot ass is talking to her friend Serena. Serena is a hot mexican girl with nice tits and a beautiful body. wrapping up their show they proceed to talk to me and Serena takes me by the hand and leads me to the control room. She pushes me onto the chair and starts to give me a lap dance. Sliding up and down on my cock which is now becoming as hard as a rock. Slowly, Serena strips to nothing but her bra and panties. She feels my cock and says she wants me in her mouth right now. I take out my 12” cock and she tells me how huge it is. She takes my cock in her hand and starts to lick my balls. Working from the bottom to she top she likes my shaft and moans in pleasure. Once she makes it to the head, she takes her tongue and swirls it around the head as she jacks me off. I cum in her mouth and she swallows it all like a pro. She straddles me tells me to fuck her as hard as I can. I take my cock and insert it slowly in to her wet pussy. Instantly she starts screaming my name and asks me to go faster and harder. I take off her bra and rub and lick her nipples as I slam her pussy. Suddenly Sophie walls in on us and sees my big cock ramming Serena’s pussy. Sophie takes a seat and the corner and strips eventually taking her fingers and finger fucking herself. I feel that Serena is about cum as her pussy tightens up and she screams “fuck me” as loud as she can. As she cums, Sophie comes closer and starts kissing Serena. Serena hops off and both Serena and Sophie suck my cock. Serena gets on her hands and knees and tells me to fuck her from behind. As I take my cock and plunge it deep into her pussy, Sophie has her pussy eaten by Serena. Serena eats Sophie’s pussy and enjoys me fucking her. In the heat of the moment I pull out of Serena and cum on both of their faces. They lick the hot cum off each others face and swallow it. Sophie eyes my cock and she walks over to me asks for me to pound her ass. I fuck her ass while Serena and Sophie are in a 69. Each time I penetrate Sophie my balls hit Serena’s face and occasionally she licks them as I enjoy Sophie’s ass Sophie cums at the same I jizz in her asshole. Serena licks it out and spits it on Sophie face. We clean up and return to entertaining our listeners. Nothing like a good radio bang!

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