Rick and Alicia chapter7

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Chapter 7

Alicia and Rick were having so much fun together, but they always had fun together. They had both volunteered for to help with the fun day in the park for the children. Rick frat had volunteer and since Alicia other friend were in sorority she decided to volunteer. Rick got it so that someway she was teamed up with him. They were watching the kids on the swings.

A good many college students were volunteering for today. There were many festivities. Kids were playing B-B-Q was on the grill smelling delicious. Rick and Alicia both were waiting to eat.

“Dang that food smelling good,” Alicia rubbed her belly. She patted her pockets remembering she had a pack of peanut-butter M&Ms. Alicia turned her back hoping Rick wouldn’t notice her smacking.

“Who you telling I’m hungry,” He turned around seeing Alicia munching on something. “Alicia what you eatin’?” Rick asked, he walked up behind her see her eating the M&Ms.

Alicia laughed,”I was going to share,” she handed him the rest of the M&Ms.

“oh really well why are most of them gone” Rick started eating the M&Ms,”shoot we about to eat soon, I see the kids parents coming.

The parent had arrived and Rick was right. The food was good, when the kid went to eat with their parents, all the volunteer sat in the parking lot and eat. Alicia and Rick sat together. Arlene was a few feet over mean-mugging Alicia.

Arlene was wondering why Rick hadn’t called her yet. She knew she was good, so why hadn’t he called. She looked over to see Rick take a rib from his pet maid plate. Alicia’s friend were around them laughing. Arlene had made up her mind she was going to find out why Rick hadn’t called her.

It was the end of the picnic, Arlene saw Rick he was by the monkey bars picking up trash. Rick was looking so sexy in his blue shorts and wife-beater. Arlene went over to him and started rubbing up and down his back. Rick turned around.

“Hey Rick,”Arlene looked Rick up then down stopping at his dick,”So you haven’t called me since that night we fucked huh?”

“I’ve been busy lately” he scanned around hoping Alicia wasn’t looking, he did not want to mess things up with her.

“Hey Arlene,”he heard Alicia say from behind him,”How are you doing wasn’t the picnic fun!”

Arlene ignored Alicia, going back to talking to Rick,”We should really get together and have some fun again soon.” Arlene leaned in to kiss Rick but Alicia stepped in front of him, Arlene knew when to stop. She rolled her eyes at Alicia, blew Rick a kiss then she left.

After finishing picking up trash Alicia and Rick headed home. They both took a shower getting ready to chill. Rick had rented movies the night before so they were ready for the weekend.

When Rick finished showering Alicia was sitting on the counter with only her bra and underwear on. Alicia tit looked like they were about to fall out of the bra. He could see her cunt lips through the underwear.

Rick walks over to Alicia standing in between her thighs. His dick had gotten hard just from looking her body. Rick put his fingers into Alicia’s pussy. Her pussy accepted his fingers with and invitation. Alicia was already wet for him he fingered her letting her juices run down his hand. He slid her panties off and told her to get on the floor. Alicia knew what Rick wanted to do and she did not mind one bit. She like when Rick would do things to her. She loved the way it hurt when he was in need of her really bad and didn’t go completely through foreplay. She wore stuff around him now to get him to want to fuck her.

Rick walked around Alicia, looking at her on her hands and knees. Her tits hanging, her legs spread wide with her ass in the air. He could see she still had cum dripping down her thigh. Rick picked up the blow pop she was just sucking on licking it. He walk to Alicia pussy and pushed the blow pop in. He fuck Alicia with the blow pop watching it slide in and out of her pussy. It was the sexiest thing he’d seen, when Alicia was cumming he let the blow pop go watching Alicia pussy actually swallow it, he could see her pussy pulling the blow pop inside. He grabbed end of the stick before it went completely in.

Rick was so ready to fuck that tight little pussy. Alicia heard Rick spit on his hand, she knew then he wiping it on his dick.

”Spread your legs,” he pushed them apart wider and had her push her ass in the air. He slapped her ass hard watching it jiggle. He slammed his cock into Alicia’s pussy hard. She yelled out feeling that cock slam into her. Oh fuck he was hurting her, oh shit he did it again forcing his way into her cunt, her legs hurt so bad for being spread open so far. But this had her arouse, her tits were getting stimulated from the carpet. He was being really rough today with her.

“Rick slow down it hurts,” Rick slapped her on the ass hard. He slammed into her harder. “Oh fuck oh fuck stop stop your dick Rick your dick,” Alicia was starting to hurt, she could feel him bumping her cervix. It hurt her pussy so bad, it was feeling so good for him banging her like a slut. He fucked her like her pussy was meant for this. She felt her body about to orgasm. “Oh Rick, Rick, Rick Oh Rick you feel so good my body loves you,” Alicia came feeling more cum run down her thigh. She felt Rick in her until the hilt. HE pulled from her pussy.

He picked Alicia up off the floor. He leaned her over the kitchen table with her tits pressed into the table. He gives her 10 smacks on the ass. He spreads her legs wide slapping her pussy. Her pussy got wet from the spankings. Rick licked his fingers tasting her honey. Rick pushed his dick back into Alicia pussy. She was still tight, that why he loved her pussy no matter what he did it was still so very tight. He pussy was dripping so much cum.

Rick started fucking Alicia hard again. He pussy was gripping and squeezing his dick so tight. She was moaning Rick’s name begging him to fuck her. He pussy just kept cumming. Rick was so close so close he was pounding that pussy with no problem. He feel that pussy pulling him in, he came all in Alicia womb. Shooting his cum into her.

Rick and Alicia both got on the couch. Alicia spread her legs draping one across Rick. “Look Rick ,” She pushes a finger into her pussy,”Look at what you put inside me,” she scoops some up putting it into her mouth,Rick see her pussy pushing some of the cum out watching it run into her asshole. That gave Rick an idea.

Rick got on the floor between Alicia legs. Alicia wondered what Rick was doing, but he told her to be still. Rick put his finger into Alicia pussy and began to finger her. His fingers was in the cum he had put into her, she was close to cumming quick. Her pussy clenching and griping is fingers. He pushed a finger from his other hand into her asshole. “oh fuck Rick what are you doing?” Rick just kept going fingering her holes. Alicia didn’t say anything she came so hard. Rick added another finger to ass. She had 2 in her pussy and 2 in her ass. Rick fingers were getting gripped by her pussy and ass oh it felt so good she squeeze her nipples so hard, she knew there would be marks.

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