She Finally Tried Black

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We were at the nude beach and I had just had my wife shave most of her pussy hair so that her wonderful tight crack would be in full veiw for all to enjoy.
Well,a big (like 6’4′) guy sat down near us and kept staring at my wife and I said ,hey ,you have an admirer. She looked over and said,oh my look at the cock on him ! I saw that he had at least 8″ soft and as thick as my wrist. I said,boy I wonder how big he gets when it is errect ?
She said,bigger than I could ever handle. I laughted and said,but look at the fun you would have trying.
Well after Linda finished her 3rd vodka,she was feeling much more relaxed and I said,come on spread your legs so that he can get a good look. I was thrilled when she did and said,okay,now are you happy? I said ,I would be happy if we invited him over so that he can get a good look at you. She laughted and said okay with me.
I got up and walked over and introduced myself and asked him if he would like to join us for a drink. He said sure and we went back to my 1/2 drunk wife.She looked up and saw his big cock two ft from her face and smiled and said,hello my name is Linda.
Mike sat down and I made us all a drink and of course I made a double for my wife because I wanted her very relaxed..
By the time he finished his first drink and was on his second,he said,man Linda I just got to tell you that I sure do like that shaved pussy of yours.
I was thrilled when she said,thanks and I sure do like that big cock of yours ! I said,honey,do you think that you could handle all of it? She said,I do not know but right now I would sure like to try!
I smiled and said,well then why donn,t the both of you go into our sun tent,close it up and see if it can go all the way inside her pussy.
They got up and went inside the tent and zipped it up. I could hear my wife moan as his big cock got inside her.
Thirty minutes later,they came out,both of them exhausted, and I was thrilled when he said,man I can not belive that a woman only 4’11” could take every inch of me inside her!

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