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Carol and Janet decided they had enough of their parents with all their discipline, so they prepared to leave their home. They would do so next weekend when their parents went out of town for a friend’s wedding anniversary.
Finally the big day came – their D-day so to speak. They packed just a small travel bag since they figured they wanted to hitch hike light, that way it would sure be easier to be picked up than with big suitcases.
The first few cars passed by, all with families aboard; then came a small van with a friendly looking middle aged woman. She stopped and asked where they were going.
Looking at her sister, Carol said ‘out West’.
The woman was driving from Jacksonville to Orlando, so she said ‘ ok hop in’.
While driving she found out the kids did not have definite plans or no specific place to go, so she said
- why don’t you come to my place for the weekend, I have lots of room and maybe we can find some job for you girls?
- sounds good, answered Janet, why not?
1 hour later they arrived at this little cute cottage not too far from Orlando, a friendly German shepherd welcomed the lady home and did some tail wagging to the sisters.
Well, get yourselves comforatble and relax, the lady said, offering them a beer. Carol and Janet thought it was perfect right here.
Tonight my brother and his friend are coming over for supper, the lady continued, maybe you can go out together and have some fun after?
- Well, that’s a real nice idea, said Janet, who couldn’t believe the luck they had: no parents to bother with discipline, relax with a beer, and go out after supper ?!!!
Anyway, supper was about ready, and Mark arrived with his friend Joe. Both looked pretty handsome, in their mid-twenties, well built; happily surprised to see 2 young girls at his sisters place, Mark said “Hey, how nice of you to invite your 2 little friends here! You never told us about them!”
Of course not, I didnt know them, they were hitchhiking and I just picked them up, thinking of you, little bro.
.Excellent idea, honey sis, you know how good I take care of lil white girls.
Supper went fine with small talk. Joe seemed to be going to the bathroom a lot (too much beer, he said), and was talking on his cell a lot. He was calling this club he knew, and mentioning they would be coming in with 2 white chicks. His friend at the club understood and started gathering his little crowd of slavers. Tonight, he announced to his few select customers, the club would be closed for a special happening.
So after supper, the girls just went to wash up a little, and got ready for a little night out with Mark and Joe.
Little did they know…
They all took the van, and right after leaving the cottage, Mark stopped the van;
in a surprise move he and Joe took the sisters, faked to hug and kiss them, but instead cuffed the girls to their seats in the back.
“From now on, you little bitches will address us as Master Joe and Master Mark, ok?!”
Oh sure, you asshole, said Carol. That got her a slap across the face that she wasn t going to forget. OK, lil bitch, got it?
Yes, mmm master she stuttered.
Say it clearly, bitch!
Yes, mmaster.
OK, thats better.
Now whether you like it or not, you’re going to behave well or there will be a lot of pain, here, got it bitch?
Yes, master.
You will be our plaything for a while, and we’ll see what we do with you next.
Mark, undress them bitches, will you?
Joe was definitely the guy in charge here.
Mark opened the front of Carols blouse and just cut her bra with his sharp knife.A nice set of cup C tits popped out.
Janet was wearing a tank top so he just cut it open up front and her small titties popped out since she wasnt wearing a bra.
Both girls were wearing mini skirts so Mark didnt have a hard time ripping that light material open with his sharp pocket knife.
So far the only thing the girls had sais was
Oh please just let us go, we wont tell anybody, but please dont hurt us; meanwhile they were hiding their boobs with the one hand each of them still had uncuffed.
Then Joe barked ” Which one of you will go first, I only ask this once, otherwise I decide?!”
What do you mean, asked Janet?
So it will be you, bith.
OK, lets take her handcuff off, and take her in the back of the van.
Mark, take off her panties, will you, she wont be needing them anymore… he grinned.
The girl tried to kick Mark, but Joe took out a whip and hit her hard on her ass cheeks. Be still, bitch, you’re ours, dont start anything or you will regret it! She cried and sobbed while Mark just tore up her panties. She was now totally naked in the back of the van, her sister still on the middle chair with 1 hand cuffed couldnt help her.Mark and Joe just grabbed her wrists and cuffed her with her arms spread wide. Next second, Mark was staring at this beauty and saying ” I wonder if she has a tight pussy?”
Oh, maybe she does,answereed Joe, but that wont last, before the evening is over she will be well stretched out and leaking like a real slut.!
Saying so, he ordered “now spread them legs open wide, bitch, or else… ” Janet obeyed and sobbed “please dont do that I’ m not on the pill , please mmmaster ” Joe just laughed loud, opened his fly and out came this monster dick about 10 inches long and pretty wide, he was fully erect, didnt waste
any time, plunged 2 fingers into the girls cunt, and just replaced his fingers with his cock and started ramming like hell. The lil girl yelped and cried and painfully took a few inches of Joe,s big black dick inside
“Oh please stop now, master, it hurts, you re so huge
Your pussy is so fucking tight, bitch, but I promise you it will get used to being fucked and stretched…
After we are done with fucking you 2 girls, we take you to this club where we sell you to slavers; you will see, you ll get a royal treatment for a few weeks until you re ready to be sold for sex, and before you know it, you will be on a nice cruise ship servicing our Asian and Arabs friends.
to be continued…

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  1. hunterd909

    Good story, need grammar work and puncuation. Also don’t rush it. Other then that nice job.

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  2. dungeonmaster

    Loved the concept; white slave girls to black guys. It needed some editing though.

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