Tall Dark and sooo sexy Part 2

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We walked into the room, with him behind me, his hands on my hips. He kicked the door shut behind him with his foot, and i turned around to face him. “I think we have some unfinished business” he breathed in my ear. “Oh really?” I answered. I kicked my shoes off and hopped onto the middle of the bed. I sat on my knees, with my hands between them, I bit my lower lip and looked up at him innocently “What are you going to do to me?” I flirted.
He let out a low growl and came towards me slowly. He wrapped his arms around me kissed me , one hand massaging my breast through my shirt, he kissed my neck, my eyes, my cheek, I moaned softly, when his other hand slid up my leg under my skirt and grasped my asscheek. I’m not skinny, I am like a woman should be..curvy in all the right places. And when he grabbed my ass he growled at me “I love a woman thats comfortable” I giggled at his choice of words, but just then he ripped the zipper on my shirt open. and my 40D breasts bounced out, still encased by the red lacy bra that held them. He growled again “Damn Damn girl!” He slid one out of its cup and began sucking the rock hard nipple. My head fell back and i moaned loudly. I could feel my pussy getting wetter. Before I knew it he had my shirt and bra off and i was laid out on the bed in just my flirty pleated miniskirt, and he was pulling my plain white cotton panties down my legs. “I feel like i am doing something illegal, you look so young” he said “Does that make you hot?” I asked “Hell yeah!” he answered. “Then pretend you are” I whispered. He took his shirt off and i let out a small sigh when i saw his beautiflly toned body, I couldn’t wait to lick every inch of that choclaty skin. Then he took off his pants, the first look i had of his cock actually scared me. I mean I am young, not sooo innocent, but he had the biggest most beautiful cock i had ever seen. He must have seen my shock, because he asked “You ok?” I let out a louder sigh and said “I don’t think you will have any trouble imagineing me to be younger than i am” I smiled and pointed to his rock hard cock. “well lets just see what happens ok” he laughed, “first i wanna see you cum” He bent down and began suckling and nuzzling my breasts. My head began to swirl, and I could feel his tounge on my nipples, sucking and nipping, and his rock hard cock pressing against my thigh. I was getting so frickin wet and i wanted to fuck him so bad. Thats when i felt it happen, I started to breath heavier and quicker. I felt his teeth bite down one last time and i let out a scream. My body shuddered beneath him. “Baby, baby girl” he whispered in my ear “I’ve never seen a woman do that before, just from playing with her titties” I laughed quietly and Snuggled next to him. I spent the next couple minutes coming back to earth, then started exploring this beautiful man. I reveled in the beauty of my white skin against his dark skin, and immediately felt myself getting wet again. I now understood Tara’s obbsession and made a point to apologize for robbing her of this experience…..not that i would give it up now for anything…but hey! I kissed and licked every inch of him sliding my body down his until I got near his pulsating cock. I hovered just above it, my hot breath engulfing it, I looked up at him, then slid down further and licked his inner thigh. “Oh God girl, don’t tease me like that” he moaned. I ran my tounge up the length of his cock. I swear it was at least 9 inches long, and THICK. Ususally i can take cock all the way in my mouth, but i knew i would have to pay extra special attention to this one. I licked the tip and moaned softly “It tastes good”. “Suck on it baby, i wanna see that pretty face suckin my cock.” His words were demanding and i loved it. I slid my lips gently arounf his cock, it was so thick that i could only take a few inches in my mouth at a time, so i tried to make up for it by using my hand at the base. He moaned loudly while I sucked and licked his cock. It wasn’t long when he asked “Can i cum on you baby?” “Ummhumm” I murmered, my mouth full of cock. I slid my lips up and down, swirling my tounge around as much of it as i could. Then he grabbed my long red hair and pulled me off him, he came all over my face, and breasts. “Mmmmm sorry i was rough baby” he sighed, “Come here” he pulled me up to him and cleaned my face up a little, “Gotta leave a bit, looks so damn sexy” he laughed I felt his fingers on my thigh “mmm yeah” I moaned And i felt his fingers flick accross my clit. “umm you are pretty wet little girl, are you ready for my cock already or can i lick that pretty pink pussy for a while?” He didn’t give me a chance to answer before he was between my legs licking my sopping wet pussy. I moaned loudly, tossing and twisitng on the bed. His tounge flicked accross my clit until i was so close to cumming that i nearly screamed. Then he stopped. “What….” I opened my eyes to see him manuvering over top of me. “Tell me you want it” he ordered My whole body shook in anticipation. “I want it” I whispered. He rubbed the head against my clit, causing me to moan again. “Louder” he barked.
“Fuck me, Fuck your little girl with that big black cock!” I said meaning every word.
“Lift up your legs”, “hold them by your head” he commanded, and I listened. He begain pressing his hard cock into me, i could feel it stretch my pussy until i thought it wouldn’t stretch any more. I moaned loudly “yeah baby, thats good” He pushed harder, “you are so damn tight little girl” “Ohhh GGOOODD!!” I moaned again as he started sliding in and out of me. He filled me completely and ech time he moved that rock hard cock rubbed against my clit. “Ohh Little girl little girl” he groaned. He fucked me slowly, rocking my body back and forth on the bed, while i clung to him breahting heavy and whispering ‘yes yes yes’ in his ear as he fucked me beautifully. I felt my cunt contract around his cock while i was thrown into an excrusitingly strong orgasm. He stoped only briefly to let me recover, then began to move again. He kissed me, my breasts and my neck whispering the whole time “Oh little girl, so damn tight” He made me come 3 times before he finally came inside me.
It wasn’t long afterwards Jodi called and woke us. She was downstairs and ready to go home. “Hey are you going out tomorrow too?” he asked. “Yeah probably” I answered.
“I will call you after the game and we can make plans to meet up ok?” he said
“Sure” I replyed writing my number on a piece of paper he handed me. Although I didn’t believe he would. He kissed me goodbye and i headed out to Jodi’s truck. “Well?” she asked “Awesome” I answered “Fucking awesome”

To be continued

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