tall dark and sooo sexy part one

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It started out like any other night the girls and I decided to go out. We all got together at my place to get ready, put on our makeup and have a few drinks to get ‘warmed up’. One of the girls that was comeing with us was in a snit, cuz her boyfriend insisted on tagging along. “Just cut him loose Tara!” I kept telling her, but she liked to string him along, and drive me crazy whining about how he got in the way and how she could have ALL these men if she tried and he wasn’t here. So I just started to ignore her and continued getting ready with Jodi.
Jodi was always a bigger girl, but she is absolutely stunning! Men flock to her, so it was never hard for us to meet some guys who were willing to entertain us for the night. I was quieter, and a little more reserved…most of the time.
We got to the club at about 11pm, it was already packed, the music thumping so loud you could feel it in your chest. The room smelled like smoke, sweat, and alcohol. Jodi and i walked in like we owned the place and made our way to the bar. “Tequila tonight ladies?” Jessie our favorite barmaid asked. “Hell yeah!” Jodi laughed. Tara and her puppy (aka Jason) walked up just as we were about to take our first shot. They were already argueing so i raised my shotglass to them “Cheers ladies! Lets Play!!!” I slammed it back and grabbed Jodis hand and headed for the dancefloor.
I was lost in the music, in my own world when a deep voice finally snapped me out of it. “Excuse me ladies”, he was about 5’10” average build, average looks, but had a fabulous smile. “Could my friend and i buy you each a drink?” I looked past him to his friend, I swear my heart skipped a beat. He was probably 6’2″ the darkest most chocolatey skin, he wasn’t the best looking black man i had ever seen, but he certainly had something that the others didn’t. I could feel myself blush, which i NEVER do, and I answered “sure!”. Jodi had already taken off with the other guy..she’s a sucker for smiles. They had made there way to the table Tara and Jason had found and were ordering from the waitress. He put his hand on the small of my back and led me over to the table. “I like watching you dance” he smiled. “Oh thanks” I stammered, “I love that song”. When we got to the table the waitress was gone. “I ordered you a paralizer, ok Coree?” Jodi asked. We all chatted for a bit, his name was Percy and they were there to play in a hockey tournament. Tara was getting more pissed by the second, Jason was getting on her nerves and she wanted Percy, she loves black men. She stood up and walked over to me, “Watch this” she whispered to me as she grabbed Percys hand and led him to the dance floor. He looked and me, shrugged and headed off with her. Jason lost it and grabbed his jacket and left.
“What the fuck is up with her?” Jodi asked “I dunno” I answered, “but she is fucked if she thinks i am putting up with this!, come with me Jodi!” We headed back out to the dance floor and started danceing really close, grinding our bodies together slowly, rythmically. Her hands slid up my side then across my stomachand up towards my breasts. She found the zipper on my tight red zip up top and pulled it down just a little, being sure to put us in a position that Percy would see. Then she bent down and kissed me softly. I was lost in the music and in the feelings her touches were leaving me with. She worked her way down my neck and then lightly rand her tounge across my breast. By this time she had maneuvered us closer to Tara and Percy, who by now had completly forgotten about her. Jodi grabbed Taras hand and led her back to the table, leaving me on the dance floor with Percy. “Damn girl!” he whispered in my ear as he pulled me close to him. I could feel his getting hard through his jeans, and i was beyond wet. We danced close together for what seemed like hours, my hands running across his shirt feeling the hard muscle underneath. “Babe, we gotta get outta here..” he breathed heavily in my ear. “Ok, let me tell Jodi”
We reluctantly let go of each other and headed to the table, Tara was pouting and Jodi was laughing with Percys friend, they seemed to really hit it off. I told her that we were heading back to his hotel room, his friend agreed to bring Jodi there when they were ready to leave, so i could catch a ride home.
When we got into his car, he pulled me close and kissed me hard. Then he looked in my eyes and said “Somebody up there must really like me, how old ARE you anyway”
“21” I answered. “Holy shit, are you sure an old guy like me can handle you?” he laughed. “You have handled me pretty good so far” I whispered, crawling accross the seat towards him. I unzipped my shirt a little further, letting one breast free. I head it carefully playing with the nipple, which was already rock hard. “You can make me cum just by sucking on them” I said coyly
“No way” he stammered. I reached down and started to caress the hardining cock in his pants. “Yup its true” I giggled, “And if you make me cum, I will take care of him for you” giving his cock a little squeeze.
He immediately put the car in reverse and backed out of the parking lot.

To be continued.

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