The Delivery 2

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After Sarah had given Don the best blowjob in his life she began to lower her tight pussy onto his now 6inch cock. She knew it would get back to its normal fuckable size in a couple of seconds. Sarah let out a low moan of pleasure as she got Dons’ cock inside of her and began to slowly ride it, move up and down and rotating her hips slowly. Don laid his head on the head of the couch and let out low moans of pleasure as he felt Sarahs’ tight pussy come down hard onto his cock and that’s when he felt it, his cock got hard as a rock and back to its 9 inch length. Sarah felt this also and she let out a cry of pleasure and began to ride Dons’ cock faster and slamming down harder and harder, Dons’ balls were hitting Sarah’s thighs as she did this and it seemed to have increased her pleasure.
“OH, God you have a big cock, this is bigger then my husbands fuck me with your cock!” Sarah said in a semi scream.
Don picked Sarah up by holding onto her ass then turned around and lowered Sarah onto the couch he was sitting on. Sarah wrapped her legs around Dons’ waist and Don began thrusting his cock into her soaking wet cunt. Don grabbed both of Sarahs’ tits and pinched her erect nipples as he continued to thrust his cock into her cunt, his balls slapping just near her asshole which sent Sarah into pure ecstasy and let out loud moans of pleasure. It occurred to Sarah as she was getting her cunt beaten by Dons’ big cock that he was still wearing his delivery clothes so quickly she tore off his shirt which revealed his muscular caramel body and six pack. She ran her fingers down his chest and then let out a loud scream as she felt Don pull out then with all his might push his cock right back inside of her causing her to orgasm all over his dick.
“God, I’m about to cum!” Don shouted as he continued to thrust his cock in Sarahs’ pussy.
“Cum inside of me, do it do it now!”
And so he did, Don shot his warm load of sperm inside of Sarahs’ wet cunt and they slowly began to slow to a stop.
Don got dressed while Sarah just laid on the couch, naked, her pussy oozing out Dons’ sperm slowly. Sarah gave Don his money and he left.
“Did you get all of that?” Sarah asked her two friends.
“Yeah. Why didn’t you let us have a go at him?” said one of her friends.
“Hell no, that dick is mine. He was too good to give up.”
“Where does he work?” asked her other friend.
“Dominoes.” Sarah replied.
“What’s the number to that place?” asked both of her friends.

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