The First Entry

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The first thrust

Meera and Ravi knew each other for two years now. They were in love. Meera, at twenty-four, looked stunningly beautiful. She was tall for an Indian woman – maybe 5’7″ and was voluptuous, with a lush body that matched her height. Her skin was cinnamon-brown and her complexion flawless.

Ravi was a hunk. He stood six feet tall and was athletic. A thick mop of neatly combed hair crowned his head.

Meera and Ravi were virgins. They had necked enough for the last year or so, but that’s where it stopped. Ravi often imagined how Meera would look like, naked and so did Meera about Ravi. “I’m going to enter her in an hour from now,” Ravi thought, stroking his eight-inch cock. It was erect and throbbing in anticipation. He made his bachelor pad as presentable as he could. He adjusted the lush green rug for the nth time. He wore a pair of loose lounge pyjamas and a bright yellow Crocodile tee. He wondered what Meera would wear, because she refused to tell him.

She had only told him that she would visit him, but would have to get back before eight in the evening.

It was 2 o’clock now.

Ravi went into the bedroom and pulled out a book that had pornographic pictures in it. The book was deceptively titled, “The Kamasutra.” He placed the book on the coffee table by the phone. He went to the fridge and checked the wine.

That’s when the doorbell went off. Ravi slammed the fridge door shut and rushed to open the door. Meera stood on the threshold in a gorgeous green sari and a blouse to match. So beautiful was she that Ravi did not know what to say to her.

“Won’t you ask me to come in?” Meera said softly.

Ravi stepped aside, closed the door and bolted it.

They both were slightly tense.

“Some wine Meera?” Ravi asked as Meera settled down on the cushioned chair beside the telephone.

“First some water and then wine.”

Ravi got her a glass of water. He then went back and poured the wine in two long thin-stemmed glasses. He came over and handed Meera a glass. They cheered. Meera’s gaze fell on the book on the table as she put her wine glass down. She picked it up and started to flip pages. She didn’t read the text at all, just looked at the pictures. She stopped at a photo where a voluptuous woman sat on top of a man, his cock buried deep inside her. Her breasts were firm and eyes closed in lust.
“Do you have lots of…these books?” Meera asked.
“Some…why not?” Ravi answered, almost belligerently.
“No, I’m just asking,” Meera said, flipping the pages, looking at couples fucking in different postures. Ravi sensed her breath quicken.

“Some more wine?”


Ravi went to the dining area and poured wine in the glasses, returned to the living room. Meera was still looking through the book, but her pallu was down, revealing her firm, young breasts. She closed the book and placed it back on the table. Ravi had seen her like this many times, but this time he gasped.

“Do you think of me when you see these pictures?” Meera asked.

“Yess…I do,” Ravi replied.

“What do you do…when you think of me?”

“I jerk off…”

Ravi felt: ‘I am being too shy. I must now take initiative.’ He gulped the wine in a swig, got up and lifted his tee off. He reached down and unhooked Meera’s blouse. He then untied the string of his pyjamas.

Ravi stood in front of Meera, clad only in his underwear.

“Like what you see?” he teased her. She had, by then, finished her wine. She stood up, faced him.

They kissed deeply, wetly. Ravi caressed Meera’s thighs and stomach in gentle strokes. Meera moaned, her tongue meeting Ravi’s. She held him in a tight embrace, still kissing. Her pallu was on the floor now, scraping the green carpet.

She disengaged after a while and whispered, “bedroom…”

Ravi led her to the bedroom, holding her hand. The bedroom was dark, with heavy solid blue curtains drawn.

“Do you mind going into the bathroom for a while?” Meera asked, he eyes downcast, shy.

Ravi went into the luxurious bathroom. He looked at his lithe body in the full-length mirror. His erection was poking out of his underwear. He started to stroke it when he heard Meera’s voice call him back. He ripped off the jockeys and went into the bedroom.

Meera was now clad in a black bra and black panties. The panties were so sheer that her pubic hair showed through. Her breasts were heaving, indicating her excitement. He walked toward her. She blushed. He held her by the shoulders gently, turned her around and unhooked her bra, and slid it off her slender shoulders. He flung it on the deep red satin bed cover. He hugged her from the back, caressed her nipples. They were erect. She turned, facing him. He kissed her nipples. He hugged her so close that his cock poked into her mound. He held her hand and guided it to his cock. Her long and slender fingers held it, encircled it.

Meera gasped. Ravi said nothing. His hand went to the hem of her panties, started to pull it down. She showed hesitation. “We shouldn’t…” she whispered.

“I love you…” he said, “I love you…”

“We’ll be married in a few months…” she said.

“Yesss” said Ravi.

“Take – off my –panties…” Meera whispered. He pulled them down. They fell to her ankles. She stepped out of them. She was still holding his cock. It felt nice, it felt secure, holding his member. She then kissed him violently. She looked beautiful, her eyes half-closed. Ravi’s hand went to Meera’s mound. His fingers touched her thatch.

He gasped, looking down.

Meera’s thatch was thick, extending up in a neatly trimmed triangle.

He withdrew from her and looked at her. The sight of her hair-covered mound made him pant with excitement. He was sweating. Meera recovered first, went to the air conditioner, switched it on.

“I want some more wine,” She said.

Ravi started to walk to the drawing room.

“You are not going like THAT?” Meera asked.

“Why not?” Ravi dared, exiting the room.

Meera walked to the full-length mirror, stood before it. She felt raw and raunchy. She ran her fingers through her mound and slid a finger into her cunt. She suppressed a moan as it touched her clitoris.

“Narcissist!” Ravi teased her, entering the room with the bottle of wine. Meera gestured to him to stop. She then walked towards him, her breasts swaying. Heavy, yet firm breasts… She stood facing him. He touched the tip of the wine bottle to her succulent lips, titled it. The wine spilled over from her lips onto her cleavage, her flat stomach and disappeared into her mound. Ravi poured some more wine on Meera’s breasts and licked it off. He put the bottle down and licked the dewdrops of wine from her thatch, and continued up, licking her stomach, her navel, and her cleavage.

“There is some more THERE,” Meera whispered.


“In my cunt…”

Ravi opened the folds of Meera’s cunt and licked deeply. She was dripping wet- from wine and her own juices. His tongue felt hot, between the folds, as it explored her secrets. She instinctively parted her thighs and pushed his head against her cunt. With the other hand she drew some saliva, wet her nipples, each in turn and rubbed them.

She moaned loudly.

Ravi stopped licking her and stood up. His face was smeared in her juices. He was panting. He then held Meera by her shoulders and sat her on the bed while he lay down.

“Meera…sit on my thighs and masturbate me!”

She sat on his strong thighs. Her buttocks were soft against his thighs.

“I don’t know how…” she whispered.

“Look at me,” Ravi said. He then held his erection in his palm and started to masturbate himself. “This is how it’s done.”

Meera spat a gob of saliva into her palm and lubricated Ravi’s cock and started stroking it. Slowly at first and then faster and faster.

“Meraaaa…” Ravi moaned, massaging her breasts roughly.

“Squeeze the
m!” Meera yelled, “squeeze my breasts Ravi…they are yours…” He squeezed them roughly. She stroked him even faster. Ravi slid his finger into Meera’s cunt and stroked her clit. She moaned again.

Then Ravi came. Thick spurts of his cumm shot up, wetting Meera’s breasts, her cleavage and her stomach. Meera’s hand stopped stroking as she looked at the semi-white liquid that dripped down her breasts and torso. Dripping all the way to her proud pubic mound. Meera stared at the stream of semen, mesmerized. She then rubbed it all over her breasts.

By now, Ravi’s finger was deep inside Meera’s cunt. He was finger-fucking her.

“Aaaaah!” “More!” Meera screamed. “More…”

He increased the speed.

“How does it feel?” he teased her.

“Too slender…more fingers!”

Ravi inserted three of his fingers, splitting her cunt open.

As Meera rubbed Ravi’s cumm all over her, he fucked her with his fingers, making her come.

She threw her head back and screamed in pleasure.

By and by, she became calm.

“I want the real thing…” she said.

“You said we’ll wait until we are married..” Ravi teased.

“I want you to fuck me Ravi. With your cock. NOW!” Meera said emphatically.

She kissed him, as her cum-smeared breasts rubbed against Ravi’s chest. “What if I tell you that I am bisexual?” she asked, looking at him.

(Mmmm…to be continued)

The First Thrust

“Are you?” Ravi asked.


“Who’s your girlfriend?”

“My colleague, Nisha.”

“Is she bisexual too?” Ravi asked mischievously.

“Mmmm…she is.”

“Describe her,” Ravi said stroking Meera’s inner thighs. Meera rubbed his cock that started to get erect again.

“She’s shorter to me by an inch, but bustier…”

“Really big?”

“Her figure is 36C-28-36…”

“Mmmm.” Said Ravi, caressing Meera’s bush.

“She’s chocolate-brown in colour with a thick thatch that she never trims.” Meera’s own breath quickened. “She has rich hair that reaches down to her buttocks and large aureole….”

Ravi was erect.

“Her juice tastes slightly salty…. mmm….”

“God…does she have a boyfriend?”

“Poor thing broke up recently…. she wants a cock badly…Ravi, will you give it to her?”

“Is she a virgin?”

“Mmmmm…yes…and so tight…such a tight cunt. You must see us…in action…”

Meera started to masturbate Ravi again. Ravi moaned, squeezing Meera’s breasts.

“But she may mind…” Ravi said.

“She loves showing off…so do I”

“Do you?”


“Show me how.”

Meera got up from the bed, walked away, a little distance from Ravi. Her breasts jiggled as she walked. Meera picked up the panty from the bed.

“Look at me,” she said, “and don’t touch yourself…okay?”

“Okay,” Ravi said breathing heavily.

“Imagine this is Nisha’s panty, ” Meera said. She parted her thighs a bit, rubbed the panty to her wet cunt, took the garment to her nipples and rubbed the juices on them. She rubbed the panty again to her wet cunt and this time licked the panty.

“Wow!” Ravi said, stroking his cock.

“Don’t touch yourself! That’s the rule of the game! Okay?”

Ravi stopped.

“Nisha just watches me when I masturbate, ” said Meera, rubbing her cunt juice on her breasts. She then threw away the panty, licked her lips and started stroking her cunt. Her breasts were heaving. She spread her thighs further apart, strumming herself, thrusting her hips in a rocking motion.
She gasped, “Lick my breasts Ravi…”

Ravi got up and started to lick her breasts. And then, moaning, Meera reached the peak. She rubbed her glistening, juice-covered fingers on her thatch, pushing Ravi away.

Ravi looked at her lasciviously. “I want to see you and Nisha.”



“Get dressed then,” Meera said, picking up the cordless punching numbers.

Ravi got into his pyjamas and tee.

“Nish?” Meera whispered into the phone. “I’m with Ravi…Wanna come here?”

Ravi stared at Meera’s beautiful, naked body.

“You know the apartments, right? The number is 308.”

She absently stroked her bush. “What? Fifteen minutes. Okay?”

She disconnected the phone.

“She’s going to be here in fifteen minutes.”

“So I heard.”

“Ravi…doesn’t this put you off?”

“No way! I love you more than before…”

Meera kissed Ravi tenderly on the lips.

“I was scared you’d not marry me.”

Its double treat honey…”Ravi said, stroking Meera’s ass.

“Mmmm…not now. Let me have a shower.”

“Can I watch?”

“No. Fix some black coffee and get some more wine.”

Ravi exited the room.

Meera had a quick bath and wore her sari. She left her hair loose. By the time she entered Ravi’s living room, he was sipping wine.
“Gimme some.”

Ravi poured the wine into his glass and gave it to Meera who gulped it all in one swig.

“Hmmm…nice feeling.”

“Yeah…its close to half-an-hour…where is your friend?”

“Must be on the way. Do you have ice on the fridge?”

“Yes. Why?”

“We love rubbing our cunts with ice cubes.”



The doorbell went off.

“Open the door.”

Ravi rose from the chair and walked to the door. His erection was poking through his pyjamas.

Ravi opened the door and Nisha walked in. she was stunningly sexy in jeans and a shirt. She headed straight to Meera, kissed her on the lips deeply.

“Hi, Ravi!” she said mischievously, looking at his erection. Nisha was wearing a very low cut shirt that showed off her cleavage.

“Hi Nisha!” Ravi said, staring at her big breasts. “Some wine?”

“Later. We’ve been waiting for this for so long,” Nisha said, looking at Meera.

“Lets go to the bedroom” Meera said.

The three of them went in.

“Never saw two women making it, did you Ravi?” Nisha asked, taking off her shirt, throwing it on the bed. Her hands then went to her jeans, unbuttoned them. She slipped out of them and kicked them under the bed.

“Meera, my bra please…”

Meera went behind Nisha, unhooked the bra. Nisha’s heavy breasts sagged just a bit, but were firm. Meera took the bra off her arms.

“What about you?” taunted Nisha.

Meera undid her sari, folded it neatly, and placed it on the bed. She stripped her blouse and bra too.

The women stood in their panties. Nisha’s lips were quivering. Ravi ripped his pyjamas and tee off.

“Mmmm…I like what I see,” said Nisha, looking at Ravi. “Help me out of my panties please.”

Ravi kneeled and slipped Nisha’s panties off slowly, teasingly. He gasped at Nisha’s bush. Meera, too, got out of her panties.

“Don’t you ever trim, Nisha?”

“Never! Love it wild.”

She invited Meera onto the bed. Meera sat on Nisha’s soft thighs.

“Look Ravi!” Nisha said.

Meera opened Nisha’s cunt lips and rubbed her clit. Nisha moaned. She beckoned Ravi to come close. She held his cock.

“Mmmm…so thick…”

Meera opened Nisha’s cunt lips further, shoved two fingers in and started to masturbate her. Meanwhile Nisha stroked Ravi’s huge erection. She was gasping. Ravi placed his cock near Nisha’s face. Nisha took his cock into her mouth and started to suck it.

“Mmmm…I love this…more fingers Meera…”

Meera inserted three fingers into Nisha’s cunt and started to finger-fuck her seriously. As Meera fingered her, Nisha started to stroke Meera’s breasts with her saliva.
She circled the aureole with her fingers and then started to massage the breasts.

“Aaah,” Meera moaned. “Aaaaaaaah”

Nisha kept sucking Ravi’s cock. She then parted Meera’s cunt lips and stroked Meera’s clit.

“Ahhaaaa…” Meera screamed in pleasure.

The scent of sex pervaded the room.

Soon, Nisha started to come. Her moaning increased. She started to thrust her hips at Meera. Her cunt made
wet, squishy sound as she got fingered. Nisha opened Meera’s lips and inserted three of her fingers and started to stroke. Meanwhile Ravi squeezed Nisha’s breasts, making her shudder in pleasure. Ravi dropped a gob of saliva onto Nisha’s breasts and massaged the greasy mounds.

Arching her hips Nisha came, moaning loudly. Her fingers, inside Meera’s cunt were working faster now. In a while, Meera came, too, moaning.

Both the women’s thighs were soaked in their juices.

They lay there, Meera on top of Nisha, panting, recovering.

After a while, Meera slid off her lesbian partner.

“Liked it Ravi?”

Ravi was busy stroking his cock.

“Poor man needs a hole,” Nisha said, sitting up.

“No, I just want to come all over you two.”

“Mmmmm…” The women said together.

They lay on the bed again.

Ravi stood at the edge of the bed and started to masturbate. Roughly. His strokes were really fast. The women’s faces were toward the edge of the bed. They were looking at his incredible tool, the redness of its tip.

Soon Ravi came. His thick sperm hit Nisha’s face and then her breasts, and then Meera’s face and breasts. He was still coming. He directed his cum onto the women’s breasts and tummies. They screamed in delight. Slowly, the spasms reduced. So did the flow.

Then, as he watched, drained but in lust still, Nisha licked his come off Meera, in slow strokes of her tongue. Starting with her face, she then went to her breasts, licking the come slowly, savouring each drop. Then down and down, to her flat stomach. She licked it all off.

It was Meera’s turn. She asked Nisha to stand. Nisha stood, a proud and sexy woman. Meera kissed her first and then started to lick her face. Her tongue then went to Nisha’s cleavage, which she licked slowly, taking her time. Then she turned her attention to Nisha’s breasts. She licked them, slowly, tenderly.

“Ravi really has a load in his balls…” Nisha said, looking at Meera’s face on her breasts. Meera bent down further and licked off whatever semen of Ravi was left, on Nisha’s body. She stopped at Nisha’s bush, licked it.

“Aaaahhh…stop it now. I need some rest,” Nisha said.
“We all need some rest,” Meera said, and naked went into Ravi’s drawing room.

Ravi opened a fresh bottle of wine and they toasted, exhausted and satiated and naked.


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