The Homecoming

Lance was coming home for the holidays. His family were so proud to have him that they called all of his old friends, neighbors and relatives. Lance, who was in the marines, was only going to be home for Christmas, for one week. No one had seen him since he left for the marines at eighteen, by now he should be twenty-two.
The day he was coming home would be the twenty-third of December.
Around noon the house was bustling with live activity as everyone put up last minute decorations, made sure the Christmas lights were on, had food prepared and presents under the tree. Around six in the evening there was a knock at the door and it was Lances’ mother who answered it to stare at a 6’1, African-American male with short black hair, firm posture and wore a black t-shirt and camo pants.
“Yes? Can I help you with something?” the woman asked.
Lance smiled. “Mom, it’s me.”
His mothers’ eyes widened like silver dollars and as she let out a sharp scream she hugged him. He returned the hug and soon everybody was giving him a hug. Lances’ old high school friends were there, his little sister who was now seventeen and one of her friends, his mother, father and aunts and uncles were there as well.
“Hey Bumper.” A female voice said to him from the back of the crowd.
Lance looked up and stare at possibly the hottest girl he’d ever seen since coming home. She stood about 5’7 with long brown hair, caramel colored skin, hazel eyes and a large chest. She was wearing a pair of designer blue jeans and jean jacket.
“Hi.” Is all Lance could say.
“You don’t remember me do you? It’s me, Sandra.”
Sandra was the girl next door, she and Lance had grown up together , their mothers claimed to have pictures of the two of them naked when they were little babies. She was all grown up in all the right places.
For a good three hours everyone sat at the dinner table eating, talking and reminiscing. However Lance couldn’t help but take the occasional glance at Sandra who was talking to his father and uncle. When he’d left the two of them had gotten closer but his heart was in protecting his country. He had hoped she’d be here for him when he came back and here she was, across from the dinner table looking hotter then ever. If his math was right, which it was since he used math for his sniping missions in the military, she’d be 24 in two months, three days, nineteen hours.
After dinner some folks started to leave and Lance had requested to be excused from the table to sleep. He kissed his mother and sister on the cheeks goodnight, said goodnight to everyone else and went upstairs to his room which hadn’t changed. The walls were covered with posters of the US Army, motorcycles and three of them were porn stars. His bed, now a bit small for him, was the most comfortable thing he’d felt since coming home and it was there he went to sleep.
Lance woke up when he felt someone sitting on his chest. His senses were firing and he reached for something solid but felt soft lips on his mouth which stopped him from doing anything. He kissed this stranger for a few seconds then they pulled away and turned the lights on. Sandra smiled at him as she stood in his room wearing a long brown coat.
“What’re you doing here?” Lance asked in a whisper.
“Giving you your Christmas present.” Sandra said.
She opened the coat and immediately Lance got a hard-on. Sandra was wearing a very naughty Christmas outfit. The top pushed her already big breasts up, it hugged her slim hips and revealed her long smooth legs. She wore red stockings and red high-heels. To top off the rest of the outfit Sandra pulled out a Santa hat from the coat pocket and put it on.
“What do you think?” she asked.
Lance couldn’t talk, his mouth was dry and his tongue was thick but the only things going through his mind right now was sleeping with his best friend.
“Sit.” Sandra said.
Lance sat on the edge of his bed and watched Sandra get on her knees in between his legs and work on getting his cock out. When she finally did her eyes sparkled at it and she licked her lips then opened them wide and engulfed the monster sized cock and in a manner of seconds her head was moving back and forth. Lance watched as Sandra sucked on his dick, he felt like he was in heaven and the feeling got better as her mouth tightened around his cock and she started rubbing his balls in her hands.
“Oh fuck…” he said softly.
Sandra’s tongue rolled around his cock and when she pulled her mouth off she licked it up and down and all around occasionally flicking the tip of her tongue against the tip of his cock. Lance felt his muscles tighten and he tried to refrain from coming but he was on the verge until Sandra stopped.
“Why’d you stop?” he asked.
“I want you to fuck me and then come.” She said.
She got on all fours with the upper half of her body leaning on his bed. Without hesitation Lance quickly got behind Sandra and was getting ready to pull down her underwear when he saw she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Her top, which was like a corset, apparently had a really short-skirt so once the skirt was lifted he had access to her pussy and ass. Sanra had her clit pierced and Lance couldn’t help but give it a soft tug and when he heard her moan he tugged a bit harder.
She got wetter with each tug of the ring. Lance stopped tugging and grabbed the base of his dick and slowly slid it inside of her. She buried her face in his bed and let out a loud groan. Lance grabbed her hips firmly and his hips started moving back and forth going slowly at first but picking up speed with each second. Sandra had been fucked before but not by someone with a big a dick as Lance and the way his balls slapped against her clit ring sent her into intense waves of pleasure. If they could fuck every day she’d wish it’d be just like this.
Lance moved one hand from her hips to grab Sandra’s large breast and he squeezed firmly as he buried his cock as deep inside of her as it could go.
“I’m coming, I’m coming.” Sandra said softly as she felt her climax building.
His cock was hitting her g-spot with ease and she could feel quite possibly her biggest orgasm coming. Seconds later Lance pulled out and watched Sandra’s pussy juice squirt out of her and soak his carpet. There was so much juice, she just kept squirting and soon she made a large puddle. Lance quickly turned her around so she faced him and with a few quick jerks he shot his load all over her eager face. Her caramel toned face was now coated with thick white blobs of semen that was slowly dripping down towards her mouth but instead of wiping it away she licked it up eagerly.
“Wow, that was amazing.” Lance said.
“No problem soldier, you just keep fighting the good fight and next time you come home we can do this longer.” Sandra said.

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