“The King of New York” Spider-Man

New York City is the center of the universe and the city that never sleeps! The bright lights of Times Square and Broadway inspired big dreams! Crime and poverty usually shattered those big dreams! Everything goes down in New York that nothing surprised the average New Yorker. The citizens anticipate the unexpected! Any man that can make it big in this city can become a King!

It was a breezy evening in Manhattan. The energy inside the Cipriani for the fashion show was electrifying. The up-tempo rap music blared energetically! The rich and famous of New York and Hollywood attended the event. The range of celebrities was very well present in the front row: Russell Simmons, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Spike Lee,Halle Berry just to name a few, seemed impressed with the designs of the future. Many of them were witnessing a fashion show of dramatic proportion with a pantheon of exquisitely beautiful chocolate men and goddesses.

Shomari was not only one of the prominent models walking in the show, but the star. He was well over six feet tall and blessed with incredible looks. All of the women were crazy about him. The way Shomari worked the runway with his body movements; he was living art. His dark brown muscular physique made the women arouse and scream. Some can even be heard screaming, look at my future baby daddy! Look at my husband!

After the show, female admirers and designers praised Shomari backstage. Most of the male models were plainly envious of him, especially when hot R&B diva Rihanna decided to sit on his lap and kissed him on the cheek. Shomari took it upon himself to rub it into their faces and taunted them with his arrogance.

“The event was an extravaganza because of yours truly, ha-ha!” Shomari shouted.

“Oh, whatever, conceited,” Asia said. “You always have to say something stupid out your mouth.”

Asia was a tall woman with chocolate skin, jet-black hair, and deep brown eyes. She was attractive and one of the most spectacular young models on the scene. She and Shomari often clashed at social events. They crave for the spotlight and enjoy stealing the show at every event.

“Please baby, don’t hate me because I’m a God.” Shomari replied.

“Yeah, right,” Asia sucked her teeth.

“You thought the show was about you, ha! It was about me.” Shomari expressed. “If I’m not here, then the show doesn’t have a star.”

Harlem, U.S.A. The energy here whether it was negative or positive was something that separated this neighborhood from the rest in New York. Harlem was fast-paced, energetic, and soulful. Cruising’ in the dark sheets of Harlem in his silver Ferrari F430 Spider with 2pac’s All Eyez On Me CD blaring, Shomari was on his way to see a girlfriend. Shomari felt much like a king as he waved at people he knew from the streets. He loved the attention he received from everyone especially the haters standing on the street corners watching.

Shomari parked his car on the corner of 138th Street and Convent. He got out and sensed that someone was approaching him, but no one was in sight. Shomari stood for a few seconds looking both ways, and finally set the alarm on his car and began walking up the block. Two tall dark figures wearing ski masks emerged from the shadows.

At the last second, Shomari turned around and said, “Oh, shit!”

The figures fire shots at close range to Shomari. He felt the bullets igniting his body, but with the will to survive decided to fight for his life. One of the gunmen aimed his gun at Shomari’s forehead and pulled the trigger. POW! Shomari’s body fell to the cold, dirty concrete. The gunmen shot Shomari ten times, and ran off leaving him in a huge puddle of his dark blood. Blood poured down his brown smooth face. Shomari looked up at the silent dark sky and closed his eyes escaping into a deep sleep.

At Harlem Hospital, A 7-doctor team operated on Shomari. The ambience was intense inside the Trauma room as doctors moved around. They handed tools around to help resuscitate Shomari.

“We have to work fast; he lost a lot of blood.” A tall dark-skinned surgeon announced.

“Hang in there, brother.” A short light-skinned surgeon whispered.

“Wow, I haven’t seen anybody in this condition in my five-year professional career before.” A blonde-haired surgeon with glasses said.

“We’re going to have to give him a blood transfusion to save his life.” A medium-built Asian surgeon with bloody gloves expressed. “He lost so much blood!”

“Utilize the blood we drained from Peter Parker.” The tall dark-skinned surgeon suggested. “I know he’ll be delighted to know his blood help save a life.”

About three hours later, Shomari was out of surgery. A blond-haired doctor wheeled him to a small room where he can continue to heal privately. While he sat up in the bed, many thoughts roamed in his head, How did I survive that attack? I must have another purpose in life, because I am still here. At the same time, the evil side of his soul slowly consumed him. Revenge, a nice word little word in Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary embedded in his brain. The shooters’ faces were still fresh in his mind. Yes, they must pay for what they did. There was no way Shomari can get this out of his system unless he makes the shooters suffer.

The story of the shooting aired on CNN, major New York City newspapers and media. On the Daily News the headline read, “Supermodel Shomari Shot In Harlem.” Many fans stood outside the hospital and prayed for Shomari’s rapid recovery. Some young fans pulled out their cell phones and began calling or texting their friends. As the crowd at the hospital increased by the minute, police and security officers began blocking off entrances.

A few days later, Shomari discharged himself from the hospital. While riding in the yellow cab, he thought about his modeling career and his future. He was already a multimillionaire, seen much of the world, and dated some of the world’s finest women. Still, there was something missing. Whatever it was, Shomari promised himself he was going to find it before it was too late. As he sat motionless, brooding solitary in deep thought, the time seemed to fly. Finally, the dark-skinned Middle Eastern cab driver snapped Shomari back into the world.

“Sir, we’re here.” The cab driver announced. “That’s $20!”

“Oh, thanks.” Shomari said, as he paid his fare.

Inside his condominium, Shomari headed straight to the bedroom and looked at himself in the mirror. He stripped out of his apparel and stood there. The sight of his physique aroused him. No gunshot wounds or contusions were on his well-toned body.

“I still look good.” Shomari acknowledged. “I’m the hottest man in the tri-state area!”

Minutes later, his doorbell rang. Shomari opened the door, and it was one his girlfriend, Nina. She was a stunning 5’7 brown-haired woman. She had a beautiful youthful face, tanned complexion, and big, beautiful gray eyes.

“Thank God, you’re fine!” Nina said softly, as she hugged Shomari.

“Now you know, can’t anybody hold me down,” Shomari exclaimed. “I’m a soldier.”

After talking and hugging for a few more minutes, they began kissing. They were all hands, lips, and tongue. In Shomari’s eyes was a look of total sexual desire and Nina saw it, but she was not sure if they should go any further.

“Do you think this is a good idea, baby?” Nina asked with a smile. “You just got out of the hospital.”

“It’s definitely a good idea, my goddess!” Shomari agreed.

Shomari lifted Nina up and whisked her to his bedroom. Over the next two hours, they made passionate love. Exhausted, they just lay in each other’s arms.

When Nina left, Shomari was full of jubilation like any other man will be after having sex with a sexy woman. Dressed in his boxers, he leaped into the air. Shomari looked down to the floor expecting to fall, but he remained in the air. He began crawling fluidly and smoothly across the ceiling and walls like an oversize spider. Clinging by his fingertips and toes, Shomari smiled ear-to-ear at this uncanny experience. Even he had to admit, this was cool! No superstar athlete or any normal human being could do what he was demonstrating now. After a few more minutes of doing this, Shomari landed on his feet firmly.

“I can climb walls as easy as I can walk!” Shomari expressed. “This is crazy! No man can do this!”

Shomari put pressure on the palms of his hands and fluids discharged out of them. The spaghetti-like fluids hit the wall and stick. Looking at the bottom of his hands, Shomari did not see any openings on them. Shomari got a better look at the fluid. It looked like spider webs, but bigger than the average size —


Chapter 2: Scaling the heights

It was now June of 2008 in New York City. In Times Square, Shomari was changing into a black/red costume ready to do a stunt. The time was 11:22 in the morning and Shomari’s heart raced. He looked up at the New York Times Building and grinned under the mask. After doing a quick prayer, he leaped about twenty feet to the air and began climbing the building. A small crowd on West 41st Street assembled on the sidewalk watching him scaled the north face of the New York Times building. Most of the people witnessing this were gawking, pointing, and capturing this spectacle with their camera phones, video cameras, and digital cameras. Police officers were blocking off the sidewalk at the base of the building and asking the onlookers of the crowd to move along.

“Look how fast that guy is moving up.” A tall, well-dressed man continued. “He must be a pro at this.”

“He will be arrested.” A fat uniformed officer said. “This is nothing but a publicity stunt.”

Shomari felt somewhat excited and disappointed. Sure, he was getting an adrenaline rush from this, but the building was like a ladder. Shomari thought this stunt was a challenge for him. He looked over and saw construction workers on a building directly across from the Times building looking on cheering.

“Climb all the way to the top!” A burly construction worker with a hard hat shouted. “The world is watching you.”

Shomari reached the summit of the building, and he felt like a new person. He looked down and saw the construction workers and employees from buildings nearby clapping and snapping pictures. Shomari loved the attention he was receiving right now as he waved to the crowd and put a black fist in the air.

“Wow, it took me less than ten minutes to reach the top of this building! I am a star now. Look at me!” Shomari said.

As he stood firmly on the roof of the New York Times Building waving to the crowd below, a dozen police officers arrived on the roof ordering Shomari to come down. Shomari gazed down and dived off the roof like a gold-medalist Olympian swimmer. He spread his arms, and out came these small spider-web design glider wings, which made him glide smoothly through the daytime air. The police officers watched as Shomari disappeared from view, and the news choppers fly past to get one last shot of him. Television screens flooded with breaking news of this. One of the news reporters of the screen was Ebony beauty Sade Baderinwa.

“This is Sade Baderinwa from ABC News! High above Times Square, a ‘spider-man’ climbed the New York Times Building and glided off the roof before officers could apprehend him — ”

A few hours later, Shomari was in street clothes, walking in his apartment. He had KFC food in his hand, and looking very exhausted. After laying his nourishment on the table, he put on the TV. There was nonstop news coverage on the daredevil stunt he did on the New York Times Building. The media dubbed him ‘spider-man’.

“Spider-Man? There is already one in the city. Damn, couldn’t they come up with something more original?” Shomari lashed. “Well, let me eat and relax.”

As daytime faded away in the Empire State, the sunlight quickly began to dissolved. Blackness of the night eclipsed the city. On the lower West Side, Shomari felt great after working out at a new state-of-the-art gym. He decided to walk home instead of taking the subway.

Shomari stopped in his tracks as he saw four men with guns robbing a 24 Hours Check Cashed spot. When they ran out, he instantly recognized two faces wearing red shirts. One was a tall, slim dark-skinned thug and the other was a short brown-skinned fat thug. They were the robbers who shot him a few months ago and left him for dead in Harlem.

The robbers ran to a white van and headed downtown. Shomari, determined to capture the robbers, followed them leaping to building-to-building. Several blocks away, the van stopped at a deserted street, which looked more like an alley because how narrow it was. The robbers jumped out of the van and looked around to make sure they were not notice. Then they go inside a warehouse, which was two blocks away from theHudson River.

Descending upside down slowly on a sturdy spider’s web was Shomari on the side of the abandoned warehouse. He watched the familiar men through the glass celebrating their successful robbery. Anger began building up inside Shomari like an erupting volcano destroying a peaceful island. Flashes of him left for dead played slowly in his head. This was the right time for payback, no more waiting around.

Climbing from the shadows and moving fluidly through them, Shomari was like a ninja in the night approaching his targets. The robbers continued to celebrate as they tossed dollar bills in the air. The leader of the gang was a large, imposing figure with a lot of facial hair. Shomari smiled grimly under his mask. The adrenaline rush he was getting, felt too good.

“This is for the strippers!” The leader laughed, tossing money in the air.

Shomari swooped down from the shadows on a long cord of webbing and said, “Sorry to interrupt this celebration, but I have the need to kick some ass in here.”

He kicked the leader of the gang in the face and knocked him off his feet. The others of the gang pulled out their guns firing shots at Shomari. They were in awe how he dodged every bullet. This was not normal the robbers thought. They only saw a man moved like that in the movie like The Matrix.

“Don’t let him leave here alive!” The leader said, speaking over the gunfire. “Kill that bitch!”

“You cowards are not playing!” Shomari laughed.

Shomari dodged, swung from spider web to spider web, and kicked the robbers as he sailed. He snatched one of the robbers and snapped his neck in midair. The sound of that crack frightened the other robbers that they backed up. The firing stop and Shomari realized the robbers were out of bullets. He saw fear in their eyes as he had them trapped. The tall robber and the fat robber clad in red were his next targets. The leader, he was going to save for last.

“Get him!” The leader shouted to his goons.

Before they made a move, Shomari delivered a kick to the tall robber in the face and broke his nose. Then he tossed him through the skylight high above. The fat robber threw a punch and missed. Shomari elbowed him in the gut and lifted him off his feet by the neck. Looking up at him, Shomari listened to him beg for his life then he paralyzed him with a backbreaking maneuver.

The leader screamed for help. Shomari smiled devilishly and shot his spider webs. The webs tied around the leader’s ankles, which knocked him down. Shomari pulled off his mask, wanting the leader to see his face one last time before he punished him. He pulled the leader’s tongue out and wasted no time devouring him. Laying in a fetal position with his eyes poke out, the leader was on the cold bloody floor. Shomari stood over him feeling triumphant.

Police sirens blared outside. Shomari ignored it as if he did not find it important. Shomari slowly put his mask on and that moment a dozen police officers barged their way through the warehouse. Now his instinct took over, and he launched himself high above with his web and slithered into the night.

“Damn! He got away.” A tall police officer with blond hair said.

“Well, he saved us a lot of trouble.” A black undercover cop exclaimed. “This gang is known for shooting cops and torturing.”

“Yeah, we don’t have to worry about these clowns robbing anytime soon. We have to get them to a hospital.” Another blonde-haired police officer said.

The police officers walked around the warehouse collecting money, firearm, and other evidence. The masked man who got away puzzled them. They never had seen somebody move so fast like that with such ease.


Chapter 3: Facing the spider

Spider-Man was hot on Shomari’s trail. He thought Shomari was the vigilante that robbed several banks in Manhattana few days ago. The chase gave Shomari the needed adrenaline rush to move swiftly in the air.

“Come and get me, Spidey!” Shomari shouted. “I’m about to make you even more famous.”

There were no buildings to leap to but the black polluted Hudson River. As Shomari turned around, he was face-to-face with Spider-Man. There was no time for him to run or hide. The only option for him was to fight the hero in front of him. It was time to test his unique abilities against one of the greatest heroes ever, and proved he was no match for him. Like a flashing bullet with the target’s name on it, Shomari landed the first blow backing Spider-Man against the brick wall for an advantage. Then he threw punches, but they did not connect. Spider-Man utilized his incredible speed to dodged every punch. Then he landed a blow to Shomari’s face, knocking him off his feet. Shomari, somewhat shaken, wiped the blood from his mouth and gets up.

The two warriors were going all out; trading punches and kicks that were strong enough to kill the average person. Every blow that landed, a bone crushing sound pierced the air. Both warriors moved at a rapid pace, dodging, and weaving, looking to capitalized on the other’s crucial mistake.

As the fight continued, the two gladiators absorbed so much punishment, but the pain was not going to stop them. Shomari felt he was close to death with the beating he endured. He continued to fight with every fiber of his being. The only thing that kept him going was his amazing will and heart.

This was the first time in many years that Spider-Man fought a tough opponent who was not a super-villain. His web-shooters smashed up, and his body was badly beaten. Even he knew that his superhuman strength was not enough to defeat this young foe. The more he hammered on him, the more he kept on coming. It began to sink in that Spider-Man was too old for this. Shomari connected with a six-hit combo knocking Spider-Man out. He was in no condition of getting back up. Shomari, catching his breath, could not believe that he just defeated arguably the greatest hero in the modern era. He bended down and pulled Spider-Man’s mask off. He was so shock at the bruised and bloody face looking at him.

“Peter? No, it cannot be. All this time you was the hero called Spider-Man. I don’t believe this.”

“Yes, it’s me. Where do I know you from?” Peter Parker whispered.

Shomari unmasked himself and said, “Remember me?”

“Shomari? My blood saved your life. What is this all about?”

“Now, I know you’re responsible for turning me into a superhuman. I have read many news articles about you dominating Doc Ock, Rhino, Venom, the Kingpin and countless others. I considered you the king of the city! You’re old; don’t you think it’s my time to become the new king of New York?”

“I’ve been down that road before, and believe me you don’t want to walk it. When I discovered I had spider-like powers all I wanted to do was use them to make money and become the number one attraction in the world. After the death of my Uncle Ben, I soon learn that with great power comes great responsibility. It is your responsibility to use your power to save humanity, not use it for destruction or personal greed.”

“What are you, God?” Shomari shot back. “I didn’t do anything wrong but beat up the cowards that shot me a few months ago. They do not deserve to breathe! I thought the reason you were after me because you probably heard the cops on the radio reporting what I just did. Damn, you move fast!”

“Aren’t you the new vigilante in New York that robbed eight banks inManhattan?”

“No, I’m telling you I just finish pounding out a few cowards that tried to kill me inHarlem. I don’t know anything about a vigilante.”

“I believe you because the eyes don’t lie.” Peter Parker continued. “Shomari, you have the potential to be the greatest hero ever! The city needs somebody young like you to protect it. If you are ready to be my new protégé, then come with me. I have a special gift for you.”

“Well, after what I just been through, I hope its ice and a hot towel.”

The two costumed figures slipped through the back window of an old house in Forest Hills, Queens. The sweet scent of roses had emanated from the old, dark house. After putting on the lights, Spider-Man stripped off his costume and walked to the closet. Shomari observed Peter’s bedroom and noticed recent news clippings of Spider-Man and photos of the late supermodel Mary Jane. Peter pulled out the classic black and white spider costume he abandoned almost twenty years ago.

“Well, here is the black costume.” Peter smiled. “My deceased wife, Mary Jane, hated this costume because of my wars with Venom. I created this prototype costume a year ago. The utility belt enables you to cool off during the humid summers and heat up for the subzero winters. Here, try it on!”

“Yeah, let me see if this bad boy fits!” Shomari said, as he tried the costume on. The light, comfortable costume amazed Shomari. It felt like he was wearing a new pair of warm-ups. “It feels really good! However, I think this costume needs an upgrade to go with the times. This isn’t the 1980s anymore.”


Chapter 4: A new Spider-Man to the rescue

Summer arrived smoothly in New York City. The orange-gold sun shone above the city and the tropical-like breeze blew the flame-green trees. Colorful people both young and old, were all ready picnicking, riding bikes, and jogging in the public parks. Couples were holding hands showing public affection and pets around their owners.

In theSoho, Shomari was also out enjoying the nice weather. Looking fresh in his royal blue T-shirt, denim jeans, and gold designer shades, he looked very much like a runway model. After walking up a few deserted blocks, Shomari glanced around to make sure nobody was watching. Then he launched himself on the roof of a nearby building like a Hollywood stuntman. He ran and leapt to rooftops ahead, heading uptown with such speed. He jumped over three city blocks with one leap. Traveling in this fashion, Shomari never had to worry about people stopping in front of him or bugs flying in his cookie-brown eyes. For somebody this young and gifted, it was hard for him not to occasionally show off —

Now it was night. Leaving a lower Manhattan lounge, were two young-looking brown-skinned Hispanic women with long hair. They walked up the block strutting their stuff in their matching short white tops and denim skirts.

A red Hummer full of wild men clothed in red and gray urban clothes slowed down to get the women’s attention. The men in the van had drunk hard liquor and smoked marijuana as they whistled and slur nasty words. The Latin women ignored them as they continued to walk. Tired of the women ignoring him, the medium build man sitting in the passenger’s side with acne scars on his face hopped out of the van to get them.

“Go get those bitches, Marco!” One of the men in the van shouted.

The women ran up the street like track stars in their heels.  Marco was quickly catching up to them as he laughed and shouted at them. His Chicago Bulls cap fell off his head, but he did not care. The only thing on Marco’s mind was taking something precious from the women. The Hummer cut the women off and Marco’s friends jumped out. They forced the women into an alley. The women shrieked and it pierced the black night like a racing jetliner.

High above, the sudden sound stopped Shomari and he knew a crime was happening. Only he could save the women from the predators of the night. It was time for him to become New York’s most popular hero. He opened up his book bag and pulled out the shadow-black spider costume. With amazing speed, he changed to Spider-Man. The massive platinum spider emblem on his torso looked exquisite glistening off the moonlight. He leaped off the roof and raced to the source of the shrieks. The city was now his playground, and it was time to play another game with the forces of evil.

Back at the scene, the two young women were against the wall consoling one another. In their green eyes, was complete horror as Marco approached them wielding his knife and smiling devilishly.

“Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way. It is your choice, bitches. Either way, I’m getting what I want.” Marco insisted.

Marco’s friends chuckled, as they encouraged him to act a fool. Marco was about to put his dirty hands on the women, but a sticky spider web hit him in the face with such force and yanked him forward. Marco’s face hit the brick wall that knocked him out unconscious. His friends looked up and watched the shadowy figure land on his feet perfectly. It was a different Spider-Man facing them and not the friendly red & blue costumed Spider-Man.

The thugs surrounded Spider-Man. Utilizing his superhuman agility and speed, Spider-Man became a difficult target to hit. He made them pay with bone-cracking kicks and punches of his own. Spider-Man handled the thugs with such art and style, which impressed the young women. They were in awe! The thugs screamed in agony as they crawled back to the Hummer praying that this superhero let them go.

“Where are y’all going?” Spider-Man asked jokingly. “I thought y’all were real. I guess beating up on women is the only thing you can do.”

Spider-Man tied the thugs up like bootleg Christmas gifts with his spider webs. Police sirens were approaching the scene; he assumed one of the women used a cell phone to call 911. Out of the corner of his eye, Spider-Man saw the women run to the street so they can flag the police down. In the back of his mind, Spider-Man knew the police could handle it from here. Therefore, he leaped and swung into the shadow of the night.

As he swung away, Spider-Man felt very good that he once again prevented a rape from happening. It was always satisfying to him to save a life from being damage and destroy. Being a hero meant the world to him and he took it very seriously like real parents being role models to their kids.

A moment later, he was swinging across Times Square at an incredible speed. Pedestrians on the sidewalk stared in awe, shouting and waving. Many of them had digital cameras snapping pictures of Spider-Man. It was overwhelming for fellow New Yorkers and tourists to see New York’s number one hero swinging overhead. Spider-Man loved the attention. It was the best part of the job. The love of the city was something indescribable.

While Spider-Man swung across Central Park and headed to Riverside Drive, he mused about the day Peter Parker gave him the spider costume and told him the importance of being a great superhero.

Spider-Man stood on the roof of his residents on 60 Riverside Drive. He looked out at the Hudson River, the highway, and the people below. Spider-Man grinned under his mask as he pulled it off to smell the air.

“I am truly blessed! God gave me these amazing abilities for a reason, and I would not trade them for the world. I understand my duty is to protect the innocent no matter how crazy the demands are. I also know the sacrifices I must make to live up to the standards of being a great hero. One thing is for sure — I am the new Spider-Man. I am the King of New York!


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