underage part 2

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she spoke in her native tongue, as she sat on the edge of the bed, letting me see her ass hole. when she put the phone down, she just staired at my cock, before coming over to lick it once more. she explained that she would be back soon, and even appologised. her expert blow job relaxed me enough not to take too much notice, and as i drifted off to sleep, i thought i heard someone in the shower. as i slept, next thing i remember is the lights out, and someone licking my ear, while lips again clamped around my cock.

it was the same lady, fully naked, but this time, she had brought a young girl, who seemed eager to please their new guest. i didn’t know what to say, or what to ask- was this girl her daughter? the woman slowly sucked my nipples, and the girl sucked my cock, slowly. the womans knowing eyes said it all- she needs some prictice, i though i heard her say, as she moved the girl into the 69 possition. the woman rubbed her breasts in my face, and on the girls tight little ass. i honestly thought i was dreaming, until i felt my cock in her throat, and moaned with pleasure.

the woman parted the girls pussy, and invited my tongue inside, as she licked her ass. our tongues met, and the girl gasped as both our tongues now searched her bare little rump.
as the girl sat on my face, the woman took over the cock sucking, pushing my legs back to access my balls and ass. thhis woman knew what she was doing, as her tongues licked and sucked every inch, going deeper and faster each time. both of them were now down there licking, as i watched some cum come out of the girls tight pussy, licking it off and pushing a finger in. her breasts were just developing, and i felt them rubbing on me as she rocked back and forth, with her bottom up to reveal her opening pussy.

the woman simply opened her ass a little more, and my tongue went in with ease. she pushed the girl back onto my face, as the woman pushed down on my cock and came down to lick the girls open pussy. my cock was rock hard, as she fucked it, both our tongues licking and sometimes connecting with each other. after some more time, she pushed the girl down onto my cock, to lick and suck once more…

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