Used and taken by landlord and at work

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Used by landlord and at casting agency
Sandy was 18 when she decided to go live alone; she found a little apartment, she had a part-time job and hoped to find another job soon. Her boyfriend helped her a bit, since he was sleeping over quite often. But he was a student and had little money.It was crisis all over !
The 2nd month already she was late with the rent, but she pleaded with the landlord and could pay 1 week later.
Then her boyfriend left her; now it was even worse!
So the next month again she asked for some delay but the landlord,a kinda greasy guy in his forties, badly shaven and not smelling too good, refused.
It was winter, bitter cold in Michigan, and he told her to get out,to leave right away. Not knowing where to go, she pleaded and said she’ll do anything but please give her a chance to find a job.
The landlord answered he maybe knew a place where she could go for a job interview, he was gonna contact some people and inform her the following day.
Sandy thanked him.
At 8 am the next morning the landlord unlocked the door to her apartment, and just walked in; Sandy was still in bed.
He walked into her room, and said ‘I, ve made up my mind girl, its your lucky day, I got you a job interview at 10 o’clock, so you can stay and pay later, but meanwhile , I’ll just use you as my bitch.’
Brenda started sobbing, asking some pity.
The landlord just walked up to her bed and took the cover and bedsheet off.
Sandy was naked, as usual. She hid her boobs and pussy , and pleaded, no please, sir, but to no avail.
He unzipped and told her to suck his cock. ‘ And be sure
to do a good job, and to swallow, you little slut! Don’t you act like a little Virgin now !’
Sandy figured she had no choice, and she just hoped she would get off just by giving him his blowjob and then get her new job after the interview.
After about 10 minutes, the dirty landlord started grunting and he blew his load full of spunk down her throat.
Good girl, he told her, I see you’ve got lots of practice.
Now, suck me clean. Sandy obeyed, and as he was getting hard again, he said ‘ now spread them wide, let me feel that clean shaven pussy of yours, I’ll just drop a load in there. ‘ Brenda pleaded ‘no sir, please, but he wouldn’t listen.
You want to move out right away, or you wanna go get this nice job and stay in your nice little place?
Sandy again had no choice. The landlord was already on top of her, spreading her legs with his knees, when Sandy said, sobbing ‘Oh, please sir, you need a rubber, please I’m not on the pill';
but the bastard just laughed and answered
« Listen, you are to give me pleasure, slut. I ‘ll just pump and fill up your pussy, not a rubber! ». With Sandy sobbing, he forced his rock hard dick into her tight pussy, started banging her like she had not expérienced before. Soon, he filled her up with his slicky cum, and then put his dick in her mouth to clean it up.
He told her to thank him and get ready for the job interview.
Sandy took a long shower, got dressed and off she went.
It was for the position of receptionist in a casting agency, with possibly some acting too; and she had her landlord as a référence !

At 10 o’clock Sandy arrived at the agency
- Hi my name’s Sandy, I’ m here …
- Oh, yes, your landlord told me all about you, the director replied.
Follow me, dear ! Have a seat.
You know, because of the crisis, we must be very selective, we only want girls who accept all contracts we offer; anyway, the more you work the more you earn ! Understand?
- Yes, sir
- I only take good submissive girls; you do as you are told ! I give you 1 week training period, expenses paid, but no salary. With a solid training, you will get good contracts . Good contracts mean good money.
Understand ?
- Yes, sir
- Do you have a portfolio, Sandy?
- No, sir.
- OK first you go to the room at the end of the hall to make your portfolio: it’s better to have a photo and video shoot: it gives the potential customers a better view of your qualifications; the cost is normally 800 dollars, but you are lucky, you dont have to pay now.
I expect to see you when you’re done.
- Thank you, sir.
Moments later Sandy was in the middle of sexy lingerie
- Let’s pick a few bras and thongs, a man told her
After Sandy had chosen a few lingerie items, he then directed her into the room next door: he seemed to be one of the cameramen .
First couple of shots were taken in sexy outfits on a beach;
the men took a few shots, then ordered Sandy to change bra or thong;
after the scènes on the beach, photos were taken under a waterfall.
Then one of the men came over with a veil; he removed Sandy’s bra, they took more shots, the man then changed Sandys positions, then put the veil over her waist and legs, and removed the thong; more photos were taken; video was about to start.
Sandy was under the waterfall, then you could see a pair of white hands over the veil, then under the veil roaming all over, then a pair of black hands touching the girl all over: tits, nipples, inner thighs, pussy lips, clit;
Sandy was put in a number of érotique positions, showing off gorgeous tits and long legs
- You’re doing fine, just a natural, Mr White said
- Yes, she seems to like it, Mr Black added, laughing
Meanwhile both men got naked, black guy standing in front of the small bench where Sandy was sitting on all fours:
- Take a look at this nice piece of meat, you white girls dont see that too often , he claimed.
Sandy had never seen anything like it, her boyfriend had a 6 inch dick, her black landlord had a good 8 inch cock but this guy here !! Wow !!
- Come on , touch it, squeeze it, dont be shy !
Now stick out your tongue and lick my cock; look at me, good, now open your mouth wide, easy now, you’re doing fine, here we go, and he shoved his thick 10 inch cock deep in her mouth.
Sandy gagged, he pulled out to let her breathe a second, then pushed down her throat.

At the same time Mr White guy was slapping Sandy’s ass cheeks pretty hard, then opened her pussy lips with his 2 thumbs, showing nice pink to the cameras;
first he poked 2, then 3 fingers in her pussy, took em out and replaced them with his fully erect long white cock: he entered her with a hard thrust and pushed his dick all the way in, while Mr Black was deepthroating her!
This went on for a few minutes, Sandy started moaning as she had this ticklish feeling inside !
Then 1 of the cameramen said « ok; stool »
Sandy was now placed on her belly on a medium high stool, her head and legs dangling to the front and the back off the stool, her wrists being cuffed and tied to 2 posts on both sides of her: in this position Sandy knew she was completely helpless, but for camera it was perfect for multiple entry fucking.
First black and white switched positions: Mr White slapping his dick in Sandy’s face, then pulling her head up by the hair and putting his dick in her mouth;
Mr Black just took a look at Sandys long legs dangling in the air, he positioned himself between the legs, pulling them wide apart at the knees, and saw her pretty wet white pussy: it looked like so inviting!
Fortunately for Sandy she was now wet enough, Mr Black just pulled the pussy lips open to have a good look; he then positioned his giant cock at the entrance, with a first push he entered the head: Sandy let out a sharp scream, had tears in her eyes and tried to say «  oh no «   but immédiately Mr White filled her mouth and throat with his long dick, and Mr Black pushed his cock deep inside her with a wild thrust .
- That sure feels good in this tight pussy, Mr Black laughed; a bit tight the white bitch, but pretty soon she will get used to it; you hear, lil slut, you better like it, he laughed.
Both Mr White and Mr Black were pumping full speed now, Sandy couldn’t help it, sh
e had her first orgasm and howled like a bitch in heat. With a few more pumps Mr White unloaded his cock first « be sure to swallow it
all, lil bitch » he said !
Sandy did her best, but there was so much cum that a few drops leaked out of her mouth; Mr Black kept pumping hard .
She was short of breath as she reached her second orgasm, at the same time Mr Black got ready and shot wave after wave of hot cum inside Sandy; he rested a few seconds, then removed his cock making a plopping sound. He walked over to Sandy’s mouth and said loud « better make a good job of cleaning my tool, white slut » of course Sandy obeyed.
Camera now took a close-up of Sandy’s cunt, it was gaping and cum came dripping out.
So with Sandy licking Mr Black clean, another man walked up behind her, a great dane on a leash; the large dog sniffed the leaking pussy and started lapping with his rough tongue.
Sandy did not even réalise she was being licked by a dog.
But she sure realized she was being mounted when the great dane climbed on top of her and entered her; it was too late when the large dog had its knot in her cunt: no way to get away now, baby !
At this very moment the director walked in, saw the guys standing and cheering around Sandy who was being mounted by the large dog « good, you all seem to be enjoying the moment », he said, smiling at Debbie.
He then turned to his assistants: « how is she doing, guys? »
Mr Black had a big smile and replied
« fine;  she’ll be ready for the donkey before the week is over ! «   ; the director laughed and he walked out.

Both Black and White congratulated Sandy, saying she was a fast learner.
Her photo and videoshoot was over; training would start tomorrow.
Little did she know she was going to be used for a dozen videos during training, thus without being paid !!
Sandy was pretty sure she would get the job now.
Unfortunately, a few days and then a few weeks went by, but no phone call, no new job…
The landlord just took advantage of the situation, and since Sandy was not able to come up with the rent money,he brought in his friends, two or three every day, to fuck his slut in order to pay the rent. He only counted 20 dollars a fuck towards her rent, which means Sandy needed the rest of the month to get the rent paid.
And a new 1st of the month arrived, and Sandy just became this landlord’s slave. And yes, the following month she missed her period !

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